Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In Chile, the students stopped their activities and march for a better education system

Thousands of Chilean students and teachers conducted a work stoppage today to demand better education, and have been released back to the streets of Santiago in places where protesters have clashed with police. Authorities said six people have been arrested for participating in roadblocks hours before the big march that has begun in the Chilean capital.

The police have cleared barricades emblematic areas of Santiago and La Alameda, walk where thousands of students Tuesday in what will be the fourth major demonstration for a quality public education in Chile. The officers have also used water jets and tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.

NATO air raid in Zliten leaves at least 85 dead

At least 85 people were killed in a raid by fighter jets from NATO at dawn today in Zliten, east of Tripoli, according to the official news agency Jana. The agency, quoting military sources, said that most victims are women and children and is an operation of "collective extermination." The airstrike was launched against the popular district of Majer, where besides the dead several dozen people suffered injuries of varying degrees, according to sources.

S & P downgrades several giants of the U.S. financial system

In the aftermath of the sovereign rating of the United States, the main agencies of the U.S. financial system and five insurance companies have lost on Monday "triple A" they enjoyed to date with the Standard & Poor's. Standard and Poor's announced Monday, 8 August, it lowered the rating of parastatals refinancing of mortgages Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac a notch, from "AAA" to "AA +" and the note of various banks and insurers.

The revolt infecting other cities Cameron falls from vacation

Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Bristol. From London the uprising triggered by the killing by police of a young black extends to other British cities. In three days, 35 officers were injured, 334 people, including a boy of 11 years, were arrested and taken to 69 is the indictment. For the third consecutive night the British capital was the scene of a real guerrilla war with buildings and vehicles burned, riots and looting.

The ultimatum from Turkey to Damascus "Stop violence or actions will support the UN"

The diplomacy tightens the circle around the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad. The day after the new sentence of Obama and Berlusconi, and especially after the breaking of any delay on the part of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain, with the recall of its ambassador from Damascus as an extreme form of protest against the nearly five months of bloody repression implemented by the Syrian government against the popular demonstrations in support of a process of democratization of society, the initiative now goes to Turkey.

The massacre of the Navy Seals "A Taliban trap"

NEW YORK - It is perhaps fallen into a trap of the Taliban shot down the helicopter of NATO in Afghanistan in the night between Friday and Saturday with thirty-eight soldiers on board, including 30 Americans? It may have been a vendetta against the Navy Seals, the special units of the U.S. Navy who murdered Osama Bin Laden and who now, in one fell swoop, have lost twenty-two of their super-Rambo? The Pentagon denies any such hypotheses.

16,000 policemen to secure London

David Cameron has returned from vacation a hurry - and threatens the rampaging youths in London tough penalties. The number of police officers allows the Premier to increase massively, from 6,000 to 16,000. Because of the fighting could now work even decrease the water pressure in some neighborhoods.

London - There will be no mercy for the young criminals who make unsafe for days with severe riots, the British capital. Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron threatened severe punishment to the perpetrators: "You will feel the force of law," Cameron said on Tuesday in a brief statement.

died a young man shot during the riots in London

The riots that have brought chaos to various parts of London and other UK cities have claimed their first fatality: a 26 years old. As reported by the Metropolitan Police, was shot dead in a car during the riots last night in London and died of wounds, but has not been informed about who shot him. Like wildfire, the London street violence has spread to other parts of the UK in the last 24 hours.