Saturday, July 16, 2011

Obama announced that will see the Dalai Lama, China protests: "Cancel the decision"

China has called on President Barack Obama to cancel his decision to receive the Dalai Lama and urged him not to "interfere in China's internal affairs." The spokesman said the Foreign Ministry of China, Hong Lei. The Chinese reaction was swift and not a few minutes after the announcement of the White House that the President of the United States would meet the Tibetan spiritual leader from Beijing departed immediately warnings to American diplomacy.

U.S. Financial Crisis: Revenge of the Republican frchten Whler

The dispute over the U.S. debt ceiling divides America, long pushed the Republican Barack Obama ahead of him. But now they're nervous: The party is torn between moderates and radical right. The electorate does not like that - it could benefit the president.  For days, on Thursday afternoon, meet the leading Democrats and Republicans to reach an agreement in the dispute over America's debt ceiling to reach.

Japan could ban Fukushima beef

While the Japanese have discovered that cattle were contaminated, the sale of cattle in the prefecture of Fukushima, where a nuclear incident occurred four months ago, could be banned, says the 'Friday, July 15 Kyodo. According to the authorities of the prefecture of Fukushima, 42 cattle raised on a farm Asakawa, about sixty miles from the rugged Central, were transported and sold to Tokyo and other cities of Japan in recent months, although they consumed food highly radioactive.

Nearly thirty protesters killed in Syria

Over a million people demonstrated against the regime in Syria, a prey for four months to a protest movement unprecedented that the security forces continue to repress and killed Friday twenty-eight demonstrators, according to activists. "This is an important development and a message to the authorities to say that the amplified events" across the country, said Rami Abdel Rahman, President of Syrian Observatory of Human Rights.

Murdoch retreats

They say that Rupert Murdoch has the soul of tabloid newspapers, can smell blood miles away. And yesterday proved that it is: Murdoch smelled blood, his own and began to retreat. The great global information magnate appears to have reached the conclusion that the crisis is beginning to reach a dangerous tipping point and it's time to save the ship.

Therefore delivered first thing in the morning yesterday the head of Rebekah Brooks, CEO of News International (the branch of British media group), which wants a daughter and very few shows as their qualities. And so today British newspapers today published a letter of apology from Murdoch entitled "Sorry." The text says: "We apologize for the serious mistakes.