Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The revolt infecting other cities Cameron falls from vacation

Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Bristol. From London the uprising triggered by the killing by police of a young black extends to other British cities. In three days, 35 officers were injured, 334 people, including a boy of 11 years, were arrested and taken to 69 is the indictment. For the third consecutive night the British capital was the scene of a real guerrilla war with buildings and vehicles burned, riots and looting.

The tam-tam, and runs on the network in different districts of the capital of violence are increasing, from north to south, Peckham, Croydon, Clapham, Hackney, Ealing, Camden and Notting Hill. Three people were arrested on charges of attempted murder in connection with the wounding of two policemen.

In London the police have mobilized 1,700 other agents. But is controversy on the effectiveness of the intervention of law enforcement: the TV satellite channel Sky News showed the area of Clapham Junction is completely in the hands of gangs of youths, who attacked all the shops (an agency of betting, a fast food and a beauty salon) who found even without meeting a policeman on their way.

Daily Star, Daily Mail and Sun have explicitly mentioned in their opening credits of anarchy. In Manchester "several cars were damaged," while in Bristol, "a group of about 150 young" clashed with police. Vehicles set on fire and vandalism also in Liverpool. In Birmingham several shops were looted by kids with their faces covered.

Prime Minister David Cameron interrupted a holiday in Tuscany stops and is back in London this morning where he will chair an emergency meeting. The same thing has been the owner of the Interior, Theresa May.

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