Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In Brazil, about 4,000 people occupy the Treasury to demand agrarian reform

About 4,000 people belonging to the Movement of Landless Workers (MST) have occupied for seven hours the Minister of Finance of Brazil to demand land reform accelerated. The protest began around 7.00 am on Tuesday morning (local time) at Nilson Nelson Stadium, located in downtown Brasilia.

However, upon arrival at the ministry, the protesters decided to occupy the seat, so that has lasted until the early afternoon. Finally, the protesters agreed to leave the ministry after agreeing to a meeting Wednesday with the owner of this portfolio, Guido Mantega, in the Planalto Palace - seat of the presidency - as reported by the Joint National Secretary of Social Paulo Malden, the Agencia Brasil.

At this meeting, the MST will ask the minister to speed up land reform. Specifically, we pose the most pressing issues: the revision of the farmers' debt - valued at 30,000 million reais - and the families settled in the territories for cultivation, representing an increase of 129 percent of the surface land.
At a secondary level, the protesters hope to get government tax breaks to produce food without pesticides.

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