Saturday, February 5, 2011

Governance of the euro area: a response "global" that is slow to come

Brussels, European Bureau - Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy were present Friday, February 4, at the European Council in Brussels on an outline for a "pact of competitiveness" supposed to give substance to the economic governance of the Union money. Largely inspired by the German Chancellor, in consultation with the French president, this initiative is the latest attempt to turn the page on the sovereign debt crisis.

Two ISAF soldiers die in Afghanistan explosion

.- Two soldiers from the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) of NATO were killed in separate explosions in southern Afghanistan, the military organization in a statement. The soldiers were killed in two roadside bomb explosions in some areas which did not require the note. "The ISAF policy is put in the hands of national authorities the identification procedures," recalled the organization, without giving further details.

Egyptian Crisis drives surge in fuel and food

.- The crisis in Egypt and uncertainty about its outcome are causing shock waves in the world, with increases in fuel and food prices and fear of its spreading to their neighbors, who control much of the global supply oil. How far will the protests?, Does it disrupt oil supplies?, "Will decrease U.S.

influence will increase while that of Iran and other Islamic regimes in the region? For the moment, they are all open questions. However, there is no doubt that the crisis has created new risks for economies that have not fully recovered from the global crisis and a cloud hanging over financial markets.

Relive the events of the day

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Four people killed by a car bomb in a Pakistan tribal area

.- At least four people were killed and two wounded by the explosion of a car bomb in Pakistan's Khyber tribal area bordering Afghanistan, said a police source told Efe. The attack happened in Bara district when a vehicle was passing the area, but the source could not determine whether those killed were civilians or members of the security forces.

Bara is the scene of frequent clashes between fundamentalists and criminal factions competing for control of the strategic Khyber Pass, the main road link between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The fighting between the army and insurgent groups are constant both in the mountainous tribal areas and in the adjacent province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Mubarak makes 'trap' with his cabinet

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak met Saturday with his cabinet to discuss an emergency plan designed to revive the economy of the country, met 12 days of protests demanding the president's departure. In the midst of a huge political tension, Mubarak met with the chief of the economy in the country in a move aimed at demonstrating the return to normality of the usual tasks of government.

The meeting was attended by Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, the Finance, Samir Radwan, the head of Energy and Petroleum, Hassan Younes, Minister of Trade and Industry Rachid Mohamed Rachid, and Central Bank Governor Farouk El Okdah. The Egyptian economy has been virtually paralyzed since the protests began on 25 January, with losses estimated at three thousand 100 million dollars, according to some analysts.

Columbine against new U.S. senator wants to bring weapons on campus

Weapons in the American campuses. The bill comes from Jeff Wentworth, Republican Senator of the State of Texas. Currently, the law prohibits possession of firearms in "places dedicated to higher education" but already seven other states have joined the debate under way in Texas. The idea, a bit 'unusual, it is proposed to avoid the massacres that have bloodied in recent years at schools in the United States.

Nepal elects a new prime minister, after seven months of crisis

The Nepalese parliament voted on Thursday 3 February, new Prime Minister Jhalanath Khanal, ending seven months of political uncertainty in Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world, prey to a serious economic crisis. Mr. Khanal, 60, president of the United Marxist-Leninist (UML), was elected after getting the support of the Maoists, who with 236 seats out of 601 parliamentary seats are the largest group of such meeting.

Attack on Mohammed cartoonist: court convicts Somalis to nine years in prison

He attacked the Danish Mohammed cartoonist Kurt Westergaard with an ax - for his attack has a 29-year-old Somali, nine years in prison. The court in Aarhus also ordered the subsequent deportation of the man. Copenhagen - feels really guilty of the 29-year-old Somali who attacked on New Year's Day 2010, the Danish Mohammed cartoonist Kurt Westergaard with an ax, apparently not.

He was the cartoonist "missed a lesson," the Somalis said in a court in Aarhus. The judges saw it differently: They condemned the man to nine years in prison. The court also ordered that the offender will be deported after serving the sentence. On Thursday, the Somalis had already been a terrorist act and attempted manslaughter spoken guilty.

Border dispute: firefight between Thailand and Cambodia

On the border between Thailand and Cambodia provide the soldiers of both countries a firefight. The clashes had begun a few hours and were still in progress, reported the Thai Lieutenant General Thawatchai Samutsakorn, commander in the region. There were no reports of injuries. Cause of the dispute is a simmering controversy for years to the area on Cambodian territory.

In the center of the area is Prasat Preah Vihear, a 900 year old Hindu temple of the Khmer. Both Southeast Asian countries claim the Terroritorium.

Protests in Jordan: Downthe government! Long live to the King!

The Arab revolt is spreading to Jordan. In several cities, people are demonstrating for more freedom, more money, against corruption - and demand a new government. Only one has nothing to fear: King Abdullah is regarded as irreplaceable. Mohammed Sneider is on a roundabout in the center of Irbid, a small town an hour's drive north of Jordan's capital Amman, and holding a sign: we want change.

Death in the prison camp: Guantanamo detainee dies after sport

An Afghan detainee in the prison camp at Guantanamo, Cuba, collapsed and died after the sport. The U.S. Army is based on a natural cause of death. All attempts at resuscitation were unsuccessful: in the U.S. prison camp in Guantanamo is a 48-year-old inmate from Afghanistan collapsed and died after the sport.

The prisoner Awal Gul tipped to Pentagon figures as the Ministry of Defense in Washington on Thursday at after training at a sports equipment in the shower. The U.S. army came from a natural cause of death. The exact reason for the death of the prisoner will now clarify an autopsy. Gul was in Guantanamo since 2002.

Egypt Crisis: How long can Hosni Mubarak hold on?

 According to the press and agency reports, the Egyptian autocrat loses the support of his key allies: the U.S. government is working on a plan for his immediate replacement. On Friday to continue the protests in Cairo. The U.S. government is reportedly in cooperation with Egyptian government officials for ways to make the controversial President Hosni Mubarak to sell quickly.

11 people die when falling dam in China bus

.- At least 11 people died after the minibus in which they were traveling in fell into a pond Shaowu City in southeast China's Fujian Province, local authorities reported today. The vehicle was traveling between Shaowu Yong'an and fell to the dam of the hydroelectric station Qianling, apparently when the driver tried to avoid a motorcyclist, reported China's Xinhua news agency.

Among the dead included a child and a baby, according to municipal government officials of Nanping, adding that nine passengers were rescued. About 200 police and rescue workers were still searching for the driver is still missing, while authorities progress in research on the causes of the accident.

451 bibliotecheche go away

At 451 degrees Fahrenheit paper books go to spontaneous combustion. What would a world without books, Ray Bradbury was asked in 1953, assuming a future where the written word would have deserved the condemnation by a government despotic and illiberal. Today, February 5, 2011, one day in the distant future envisioned by Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451, Great Britain is mobilized in an effort to keep open its libraries, launching the National Library Action Day.

The U.S. side to the new Egyptian

Barack Obama has finally decided: while the riots in Egypt lasted for several days already, Wednesday, February 2nd, the White House officially condemned the action of Hosni Mubarak, his longtime ally. Washington has strongly demanded the immediate implementation of a peaceful transition. Decisive, this position is also fraught with consequences for U.S.

diplomacy. The overseas press and hold back the new paradigm that may arise. If Sunday some analysts blamed Barack Obama too soon to condemn the Egyptian regime, repeating, according to Slate. com, past mistakes, a few days later, it is clear that the U.S. led the dance (Subscribers link) within the international community.

In a pipeline explosion in Egypt's Sinai peninsula

.- A bomb exploded today in one of the main pipelines of the city of Al Arish, in northern Egypt's Sinai peninsula, said official sources told Efe. The sources could not confirm reports that Egyptian public television that indicated the possibility of sabotage is involved in an incident that has left no casualties.

According to Egyptian television, a "spoiler" blew up the major international gas plant that connects Al Arish to Jordan, but the country where the gas is a source of confusion. While official sources corroborated that the pipeline connects with Jordan, broadcasters Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera reported that the tube connects with Israel.

Palestine mon amour

I am skeptical of the blog now to register and why it seems to me the impetus to facilitate free nonsense. But the enemy can not defeat is the case try to become allies (Sun Tzu, or so). Extensive preamble to alleviate the belief that in the end - or even before - this fall of the Sphinxes in the Middle East, the Palestinian cause will be little or nothing.

The popular protest Arab bury the emergence of the infinite "brave Palestinian people" and unveil the semisecolare excuse of Middle Eastern regimes: all united against Israel and the liberation of the Palestinian people. Now that the various peoples of the Middle East have awakened at the urging of daily necessity and freedom, the cause of the "brothers" seem absolutely a deception of ideological and political regimes and solidarity to the people without a state will be our prerogative , West, and total burden of the global era.

How Al-Jazeera shows the Egyptian revolt

Brief arrest of six of its reporters in Cairo, satellite truck attacked by demonstrators Sunnis in Tripoli, Lebanon, the fury of the Palestinian Authority after the publication of "Palestine Papers revealed by Wikileaks ... The Qatari information continuously Al-Jazeera mind, and since the fall of the regime of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia - it was intensely covered despite the difficulties on the ground (see our article on monitoring the Revolution Tunisian Al-Jazeera) - scares many Arab regimes.

Italian kidnapped, smugglers may continue the research behind each other

ALGIERS - There was no claim of kidnapping Sandra Maria Mariani, the Florentine tourist kidnapped Wednesday night in the deep south of Algeria in the Sahara near the oasis of Djanet (2000 km south-east of Algiers). Meanwhile, continue the research and make assumptions on the charge of kidnapping. According to a local source, requested by the Algerian newspaper 'En-Nahar', there would be the smugglers and the terrorists of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb behind the story, though perhaps she could then have been transferred to other groups in exchange for money .

Egypt: "Nobody knows how it will end"

Mexicans returning from Egypt 11 after riots

Eleven Mexicans came to the country from Egypt, including Miguel Ramirez, who once was beaten by a mob and saved by the Egyptian Army. Ramirez, who was traveling in a taxi with an Argentine friend, was taken off the car by a group of youths armed with sticks, one of which hit him with a golf club. Miguel was the first to arrive in Mexico and was received by diplomatic authorities, including the general director Protection Mexicans Abroad Foreign Ministry, Daniel Hernández Joseph.

"Errors such as Egypt with Iran," Obama on the specter of Carter

There is a specter that hovers in the White House: his name is Jimmy Carter. It is the face of the man who embodied painfully the limits of good intentions. Any time that drips away without a happy ending in Egypt, Obama has to walk in the dark, thanks to the intelligence services once again fallen asleep and taken by surprise, as in Russia after the Brezhnev, as the Shah in Iran, as in ' Egypt's Mubarak, the very thin wire stretched between the pressure to change his friend yesterday and the feeling that America wants to sew a custom post-regime, knowing that there are no military options to release the Cairo regime change by force.

Inglese Defence League in Luton, the police fear riots

The streets of the English town of Luton, north London, is today the biggest event of the extreme right English, organized by the controversial group Inglese Defence League (EDL), which could take part in various other groups sympathetic to come from the rest of Europe . Two years after the founding of the group, the EDL back on the streets of Luton to demonstrate against what he calls "the Islamization of the United Kingdom" and to defend British values against the Islamic fundamentalist drift.

Egypt: risk of camera in Cairo

According to state television on the eve of a day of demonstrations in Egypt, Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik, asked the interior minister, Thursday, February 3 at night, not to hinder the peaceful marches of Friday, that protesters called "day of departure." The organizers of the event, a group named "Youth of the revolution," hope to gather one million people in the streets of Cairo, and called on protesters to converge on Tahrir Square, the buildings of the official television and those Parliament in downtown Cairo.

Repress Iraqis who were demanding better living conditions

Repressed Iraqi police shot thousands of people in the southern Iraqi city of Al Diwaniya, demonstrating in the streets to demand better living conditions and job opportunities, causing one death and at least four wounded. The facts were registered in the district of Al-Hamza, Al Diwaniya, 180 km south of Baghdad, after police tried to stop the advance of the protesters who threw stones and outraged other objects at the police.

Mubarak refuses to listen to a crowd that''farewell''

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Egypt in a new series of protests, this time dubbed "Game Day" which coincided with the day of Muslim prayer, hoping to force the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak. In Cairo, a crowd of about 200,000 people, only in Tahrir Square (Liberation), where opponents, dug from the January 25, resisted an eviction attempt by Mubarak's supporters, in a pitched battle that left eight dead.

Corr-Unasur Unasur .- Ministers will meet in February to seek consensus on a successor to Nestor Kirchner

(((THIS NOTICE IN LIEU OF THE ABOVE ITEM ON THE SAME FOR AN ERROR IN THE FIRST PARRADO))) MONTEVIDEO, 4 (World Daily Buzz) Foreign ministers of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) will meet on Feb. 15 an attempt to achieve consensus on a successor to former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner, as announced on Friday the Foreign Minister of Uruguay, Luis Almagro.

Nestor Kirchner served as secretary general of UNASUR since May 4, 2010 until his untimely death in Argentina on 27 October. Several names have emerged as possible successors to Kirchner. In this regard, Almagro said that so far only been nominated former Colombian Minister Maria Emma Mejia and former Venezuelan Minister Ali Rodriguez Araque.

Egypt, in the square shouting "From here we go"

CAIRO - It is an obsession. He is gone. Leaves. Will go away. The guy with the phone glued to ear, let out a yell of satisfaction. You made it! If it goes! Accompanies the words with a gesture, I wrap the shoulders with his bare arm and sweaty to express joy. I am a guide, says that to protect me, and wants to share her happiness.

I am grateful. The crowd flows on the bridge of Kasr el-Nil direct to Tahrir Square. You people ordered at the most cheerful in anger. Nobody takes seriously the proclamation of the boy. Mubarak is gone. Everybody knows that. The boy is not a delusion, it is a hope, driven by enthusiasm.

Egypt, the twelfth day of protesteEsplosione in gas pipeline in the Sinai

After the protests of recent days which is in Egypt also has the shadow of the attacks. Hit a pipeline that crosses the northern Sinai to bring gas Isreaele. A large explosion has blown up the terminal and the conduct of El Arish, in the Sheikh Zuwayed, 10 kilometers from the Gaza Strip. The Egyptian army has suspended the flow of gas and is trying to control fires.

There are various hypotheses on the responsibility of the gesture. At first the Egyptian TV has spoken of "unknown saboteurs." Shortly after an Egyptian government source, quoted by Arab TV, al Jazeera, has suggested an "act of sabotage carried out by" foreign hands ". Finally, the Egyptian state television has reported about "a terrorist operation." Protests.

Palestinian Prime Minister received in Paris

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad toured France on Thursday 3 and Friday, February 4. His program includes meetings with President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the chairmen of both chambers. Fayyad was also attending Thursday night at a dinner followed by the Paris donors conference for the future Palestinian state whose three-year cycle, launched December 17, 2007, concluded there is a little over a months.

Jordanian king demands a parliamentary government

A thousand people gathered in the Jordanian capital to demand political reforms in this realm and express their support for the mobilization of the Egyptian people against their president. The demonstration, organized by the main opposition, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), with the support of leftist parties, was initiated after the Friday prayers in mosques.

They also shouted their "full support to the great Egyptian people calling for the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, but the Islamist IAF has found that, contrary to what happens in Egypt, his training does not require a change of regime in Jordan, but political reforms. Islamic group leaders of Jordan King Abdullah II called for the adoption of political reforms leading to the formation of a "parliamentary government." In a statement, the Muslim Brotherhood informed the meeting that the monarch held on Thursday with the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamam Said, and the secretary general of its political arm, the FAI, Hamzeh Mansour, and other political leaders.

Mubarak turns a deaf ear to hundreds of thousands demanding his resignation

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered on Friday in Egypt during a new round of protests dubbed the "Day out", called to force the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, who was deaf to domestic and international claims. In Cairo, a crowd gathered in the central Tahrir Square (of release), where opponents, dug from the January 25, resisted the attempt Wednesday to a violent eviction carried out by supporters of Mubarak, in a pitched battle that left eight dead.

Unasur Unasur .- Ministers will meet in February to seek consensus on a successor to Nestor Kirchner

MONTEVIDEO, 4 Feb. The foreign ministers of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) will meet Feb. 17 in an attempt to achieve consensus on a successor to former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner, as announced Friday by Foreign Minister Uruguay, Luis Almagro. Nestor Kirchner served as secretary general of UNASUR since May 4, 2010 until his untimely death in Argentina on 27 October.

Several names have emerged as possible successors to Kirchner. In this regard, Almagro said that so far only been nominated former Colombian Minister Maria Emma Mejia and former Venezuelan Minister Ali Rodriguez Araque. On 3 December, during the XX Latin American Summit of Presidents held in the town of Mar del Plata, Argentina, the foreign ministers of Unasur not reach agreement on this issue.

Merkel considers errneo hasty elections held in Egypt

Call an election in Egypt at the beginning of democratic reform process would not be very successful, according to today warned German Chancellor Angela Merkel. "An election precipitated the beginning of the democratization process is probably the wrong approach" since the forced departure of Mubarak could cause a power vacuum dangerous, warned Merkel at the 47 th Security Summit in Munich, referring to the revolt antigovernment Egypt.

Giffords's husband back in space

WASHINGTON - The recall of the space is too strong. So, astronaut Mark Kelly will return to fly, more comfortable because the conditions of his wife, as he said himself, "improving day by day." His wife Gabrielle Giffords, Member of the Arizona seriously wounded by a bullet that has reached the head of 8 shooting in January in Tucson.

Now, is in a rehabilitation center. While her husband, astronaut, April 19 will board the shuttle to drive the last mission of space shuttle Endeavour, which will go on even Italian Roberto Vittori. "The conditions of my wife's improving day by day - he stresses - neurosurgeons and neurologists who follow me say it is a good sign, the speed of progress is very important." For this reason, he decided: "I can not wait to rejoin my crew of STS-134.

London, the Pope's visit was paid for with public funds to aid the Third World

Benedict XVI's visit to Britain, last September, cost the subjects of Elizabeth over 10 million pounds. Now, after a few months, we find that funds with which it was funded the visit of the pope were diverted to other expenditures, and a new controversy rages. Let's see where they were taken money. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth is that which has invested less, only 750 thousand pounds.

The two French hostages did not die under bullets French

The Paris prosecutor confirmed Thursday, February 3, Vincent Delory, one of two French hostages kidnapped in Niger and found dead in January, has been killed in a fire and not by gunfire. The circumstances of the death of a young man, so far unclear, could be determined by expert medical technology and ballistics.

"The expertise showed that his death was not associated with wounds caused by firearms but was put on the account of thermal effects generated by a fire," the prosecutor Jean-Claude Marin said in a statement. Toxics in the car in which he was to be the cause of this fatal fire. The body of Anthony and Vincent Delory Léocour, the upper bound, were discovered after a violent clash between the kidnappers in Mali, who were also prisoners of the Nigerian police, special forces and French.

Egyptian journalist dies

An Egyptian journalist who was injured by sniper fire on Jan. 28 died today in Cairo, according to the media for whom he worked. Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud, 36, employee of a news publication of the conglomerate Al Ahram, was wounded by sniper fire near Tahrir Square while covering a clash between police and demonstrators.

The digital edition of government daily Al Ahram, to make known the journalist's death, said Mahmud went into a coma in a hospital on 28 January but died today from wounds received. This is the first journalist to die in Egypt in recent days during protests against the regime of Hosni Mubarak, which has resulted in over one hundred deaths in the country and some five thousand injured.

The WTO estimates that there are about 100 thousand foreign tourists in Egypt

.- The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) said today that about 100 000 foreign tourists stay in Egypt, although their number is declining steadily since the start of popular uprising in the Arab country for over a week. According to the data handled by the WTO, no problems at major airports or even with the departures and arrivals of flights, so the general secretary of that organization, Taleb Rifai, said that tourists still in Egypt may leave the country without hindrance as they wish.

Interpol stops in Argentina to a member of the Hells Angels gang

BUENOS AIRES, 4 Feb. Interpol in Argentina have arrested a gang member of the Hells Angels (Hell's Angels), considered one of the 15 most wanted fugitives by the FBI since 2004, briefed the delegation on Friday that international police Buenos Aires. The detainee was identified as Paul Eischeid Erle, 39 years, but used a false identity.

He was arrested at his home in the town of San Isidro in the province of Buenos Aires, where he lived with his girlfriend a national of Argentina. U.S. justice accused of kidnapping, premeditated murder, extortion, blackmail and membership of a criminal organization, among other crimes, local media need.

France resumed for the fourth time finding the black box flight from Paris to Rio de Air France

PARIS, 4 Feb. The work of finding the black boxes of the Air France plane that hit the Atlantic on June 1, 2009 off the coast of Brazil will resume for the fourth time from March 20, a new campaign which will run until July, said Friday the Office of Research and Analysis for the Safety of Civil Aviation (BEA) of France.

The new deal will be financed equally by Airbus and Air France for a total of $ 12.5 million (9.2 million euros). In the crash of Flight AF447, an Air France A330, killed 228 of 32 different nationalities, including 61 French and 58 Brazilians. The director of the BEA has met with the families of the victims to explain the details of the new search will be divided into two phases, the location of the remains and the most expensive, pumping, to be funded by the state.

The Arab democracy in Turkey envy

Telenovelas and TV series dazzle Turkish Arabs who dream of cosmopolitan Istanbul as a destination for a honeymoon. But the Arab world also envy the economic progress and freedom from the Turks. Two out of three citizens from eight Middle Eastern countries believe that Turkey is the political model for the region and the one that best reconciles Islam with democracy.

A survey has just been presented in Ankara by the Turkish Economic and Social Research (http://www. TESEV. Org. Tr) shows that 66% of the inhabitants of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq and the Palestinian territories as a look favorably on Turkey's political system refers to the region, and a similar proportion considered "the best synthesis of democracy and Islam." Among the 2267 people questioned in the survey, conducted between August and September 2010, the Islamic tradition of Turkey is the most prominent factor in 15% of cases, followed by economic strength (12%), its democratic system (11 %) and their attitude in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (10%), to name the four responses with the highest percentage.

Prayers, protests and hunting Suleiman reporters: "President Mubarak's pro-forma"

CAIRO - They called it the "Friday of departure." The anti-Mubarak protesters filled the streets today in the country. It is hoped that Saddam, discouraged by his people, go away. Two million Egyptians in Cairo and Alexandria, have returned to demonstrate. A large number of army and police checks on them and also about who - a few actually - Mubarak defends.

Close in the press. Some of them were arrested, interrogated and eventually released. And among journalists there is the first victim in the case of Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmad, who worked for the newspaper Al-Tàawun, was shot in the head by a sniper in the area of Qasr al-Aini, close to Tahrir Square, the January 28.

Revolt in Tunisia and Egypt, the weak EU position: "Too many interests at stake"

While Tunisia by the revolutionary wave has hit Egypt, the European Union can not get beyond tepid statements. Too many, moreover, the interests at stake in the Mediterranean because Brussels may raise their voices against what threatens to become a real massacre. Even before the riots in Egypt, Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (Emhtn) denounced in no uncertain terms the "closeness" of some EU states with the Tunisian regime.

The violence has taken place Tahrir between pro and anti-Mubarak