Saturday, April 30, 2011

The agony of Bengal red

Risha Chatterjee makes fun of eavesdroppers who could hang in the cafeteria. She is angry and cries. His two friends nod and sip fruit juice. There, in the heart of the Presidency College, Calcutta (West Bengal), August colonial architecture faculty at the faded by the years and the monsoon, the three young Bengali say their ras-le-bol of the local Communist government.

They want to finish these thirty-four years of uninterrupted fashion Bengali communism. Risha Chatterjee cites bulk "Corruption," exploitation of the poor, "" violent methods of the student union subservient to the party, "" the decline of education, "" the exodus of young people "... When we know that the Presidency College was the birthplace of the extreme left in the 1960 and 1970, nursery of a generation of revolutionaries rallied some even armed Maoist rebellions, we measure the progress.

Iraq suicide attack leaves 19 wounded

At least eight people were killed and 19 wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up at an Iraqi checkpoint near a market in the northern city of Mosul, police and hospital sources said. The attacks against the army and police of Iraq are increasing as they get ready to take full responsibility for the security of the country before a full withdrawal of U.S.

troops on December 31, more than eight years after the US-led invasion together. "Eight dead, 19 wounded. Killed five soldiers and three civilians and two soldiers were among the injured," police Lt. Nineveh province, Colonel Mahmoud al-Jibouri. A hospital source confirmed the number of dead and injured and said the attack had taken place in a crowded market in eastern Mosul, 390 kilometers north of Baghdad.

Dehiba "shells even fell on the city"

Isabelle Mandraud, Special Envoy of the World in Tunisia, is in the clinic Dehiba, the city, 5 kilometers from the Libyan border post taken by the rebel anti-Gaddafi, Thursday, April 28. "The conflict between pro-and anti-Qaddafi has shifted for the first time on Tunisian soil" she says. "Some shells fell on the same town on Friday earlier in the morning." Listen! Le Monde.


Yemen's political coalition faces obstacles

The agreement to end the political crisis in Yemen found obstacles to the emergence of doubts about whether President Ali Abdullah Saleh signed the document that would strip the power within a month. However, the main opposition coalition said it still had hopes that the rich Persian Gulf states that negotiated the agreement are able to ensure the signing of Saleh, a political survivor for three months has faced protests seeking his ouster.

No honeymoon ... for now

Prince William and Kate, the new Duke of Cambridge, left on Saturday by helicopter to Buckingham Palace, although not hiciceron bound for their honeymoon, they will enjoy later, according to an official statement. British television chains have offered pictures of the newlyweds walking down the hall of the palace before getting on the helicopter which tried to prevent the persecution of journalists.

UN representative complaint: "Soldiers Libyan stuffed Viagra mass rapes"

The troops of Colonel Gaddafi are operating a continuous mass rape. Terrible violence supported by massive doses of Viagra that Saddam has deployed his troops. This denunciation of the United States representative to the United Nations Susan Rice made during a closed meeting of the UN Security Council.

Rice's speech was reported by diplomats who wanted to remain anonymous. The allegations have not been officially confirmed at the meeting and it seems that no one has responded to statements, but he said a diplomat who had a comment in the debate on the coalition of countries intervened in Libya, a country where there would be an opponent who does something reprehensible.

The United States imposes sanctions against Syrian officials

After the bloody suppression of demonstrations in Syria that left at least 300 deaths since March 15 according to Human Rights Watch, the U.S. president, Barack Obama, has imposed economic sanctions against several officials and administrative entities Syrian regime. These sanctions, decided because of "violations of human rights in Syria," are the younger brother of President Bashar Al-Assad Maher, a Syrian army officer, and Ali Mamlouk, head of intelligence services , and Atef Najib, described as the former intelligence chief for the province of Deraa, the epicenter of protest against the system located in the south.

More Syrian tanks enter Dera

The Syrian government ordered the entry of more tanks in Dera, where they could hear heavy gunfire as security forces tried to quell a revolt against President Bashar al-Assad, residents said. Army troops and tanks first entered in Dera on Monday to end the protests for democracy that has spread through the country of 20 million inhabitants, the main challenge to Assad has led Western powers to impose sanctions.

Argentine writer Ernesto dies Sabato

BUENOS AIRES, April 30. The writer Ernesto Sabato died this morning at the age of 99 at his home in Holy Places (Department of Tres de Febrero, north of the country), as confirmed by his late wife, Elvira González Fraga. "For fifteen days he had bronchitis and that his age is terrible," said the woman on the radio picked up by Argentina's Todo Noticias.

The writer, a literary figure in the Argentina, emerged as a national hero with his criticism of the now defunct dictatorship in Argentina and, later, with his work as head of the Conadep (National Commission on Disappeared Persons). His figure continued to gain momentum as the voice of concentrated values in youth: "Only those who can embody the utopia he said will be eligible for the decisive battle, that of recovering much of humanity we have lost," according to the obituary of the agency Telam news.

Japan approves emergency budget of 32,000 million euros

The Japanese lower house of Parliament today approved an initial emergency budget to start rebuilding the country needed after the devastation caused by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on 11 March. The approved amount is EUR 32,700 million (48,500 million dollars) for the manufacture of temporary housing for people during the strong quake homeless, in addition to debris removal.

It is the first batch of several aid packages, while the total damage caused by the disaster are estimated at EUR 200,000 million (300,000 million). This will be the largest effort facing Japan's economy in the last 60 years. Following approval of the Congress today, on Monday this item must be ratified by the Senate.

Gaddafi: "With Italy is open war" but calling for an end to NATO raids

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi will reappear on television. Calls on NATO to stop the raid negotiations and threatens to bring the war in Italy. That "he killed our children in 1911, at the time of colonization, and now does it again in 2011. The Italian Government today implementing the same policy of colonial times and fascist occupation, "Saddam said in one of the passages of the speech this morning to the issuer of the State in which Berlusconi denounced the government's decision to give the green light Italian bombing.

Taliban announce the beginning of spring offensive

The Taliban declared the start of their spring offensive in Afghanistan and warned that planned to attack foreign troops and local officials in a wave of violence include suicide bombings. In a statement, the radical Islamists warned Afghan civilians to stay away from public meetings, military bases and convoys and Afghan government centers, since these would be the target of attacks.

The Taliban statement was issued a day after senior military officials and Western diplomats warned they expect an increase in militant attacks since Sunday. "Leaders of the Council of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wish to declare the beginning of military operations spring called" Badar "against the American invaders and their foreign allies and domestic supporters, the rebels said in a statement sent by email.

Taiwan protest against nuclear energy use

About 10 thousand people took to the streets of Taipei and three other cities on the island to protest against the use of nuclear energy and urged the Taiwan government to put more efforts in developing alternatives. Amid the anti-nuclear sentiment has grown following the crisis in Japan, thousands of Taiwanese activists carried banners with slogans sunflowers and against the nuclear industry.

Libyan Rebels reject ceasefire proposal by Gadhafi

Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi said he is ready for a ceasefire and negotiations, if and when NATO "stop their aircraft," but refused to cede power as required by the rebels and the Western powers. However, the rebels and NATO rejected the offer of the Libyan colonel, saying it lacked credibility. A spokesman for the insurgents said the timing of engagement was over and the Western alliance said that air strikes would continue as long as civilians are threatened.

Chile/Argentina.- Arancibia Clavel's family feel "devastated" by the killing of exoficial

BUENOS AIRES, Oct 29. Families of Enrique Arancibia Clavel, Intelligence exoficial regime of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990), have confessed to feeling "devastated" by her assassination and announced that no further statements will not set a public position on this. Arancibia Clavel's body was found by a friend at his office in Buenos Aires with about 20 stab wounds.

The exoficial of the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA) was on parole after being sentenced to life imprisonment in 2004 for the murder of Chilean General Carlos Prats and his wife, Sofia Cuthbert. "We will not comment. As a family we are devastated and shocked and we're not going to comment at this time," said Patricia Arancibia Clavel, a sister of the deceased exagente of DINA, who is in Buenos Aires.

The bubble burst in popular jbilo

The British monarchy experienced yesterday finding the best party I could have imagined. To 2,200 million television viewers worldwide and thousands in the streets of London, William of England, second in line of succession to the throne, he married Catherine Middleton, which has been his girlfriend for a decade and his bride six months.

Never a wedding was so held in the palaces and streets, because with her marriage crisis aims to close the crown past and look to the future. The architect of this was William, son of Diana of Wales, whose death led to Isabel II to its popular low hours and in which all hopes are set to be the king of the XXI century, which combines tradition with proximity and modernity.

I hate them, the Nazis of Alberta

One of the Libertarian candidate, a Marxist-Maoist Leninsta, a Communist, a Canadian Action, one of the Progressive Canadians, more than the usual candidates of major parties: Liberals, Conservatives, Social Democrats and Greens. If votaste Canadian election in the constituency of Hamilton, Vancouver (British Columbia), your ballot will propose a very varied selection, in the face of those who argue that the majoritarian electoral systems, dry forces to a partition of the political spectrum.

Gaddafi will not accept the surrender or exile, according to a former regime sided with the insurgents

Brussels, European Bureau - General Abdel Fattah Younis, commander of the rebellion Jamahiriya, met Thursday, April 28, in Brussels, NATO officials and European Union for their claim of heavy weapons, antitank missiles , helicopter gunships and naval weapons. The former No. 2 officer Gaddafi regime, rallied in March in the insurgent cause, told his interlocutors that he believed the Libyan president will not accept the surrender or exile.

Israel launches campaign against inter-Palestinian agreement

Israel used the reconciliation agreement between the Palestinian Authority and the Islamist movement Hamas, which rules Gaza and does not recognize the Israeli state, to torpedo the campaign for recognition of a Palestinian state by the UN in September. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to launch a campaign to not recognize any Palestinian unity government that includes members of Hamas, said on Friday, a government source.

NATO attacks Libyan government complex

The NATO bombings were hit by the Libyan government compound before dawn Saturday and damaged two buildings just as Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi called for a ceasefire and the start of negotiations with allied forces during a live speech through state television. The complex attack is the building of state television, and a Libyan government official said the bombings were intended to kill Gaddafi.

Morocco, after the attack in Marrakesh at risk the reforms promised by the king

From Casablanca to Rabat via Tangier, Agadir and Fes. Since February thousands of people peacefully took to the streets to demand reforms and fighting corruption. In short, more rights. It is the Moroccan version of the Arab Spring. That, although there was turned into a raging river Tunisian, Egyptian, Libyan and Syrian, in terms of innovative features not lacking anything.

Today, before the remains of the coffee Argana Jamaa F'naa in Marrakech, many fear that all this be overshadowed, the monarchy opt for a new system of police and that the period of reforms initiated in recent weeks end pulverized under the terrorist threat. Before the pressure of the square, the government has recently established a Human Rights Council and the King Mohamed VI has pardoned more than 100 prisoners for political reasons.

Obama formalizes reshuffle his team's defense and intelligence

President Barack Obama announced Thursday, April 28 the overhaul of his team of defense and intelligence, especially confident these new officers the task of managing the transition in Afghanistan. At a ceremony at the White House, the President confirmed that he was replacing the defense secretary Robert Gates by the current CIA director Leon Panetta (read his portrait edition subscribers).

Israel launches campaign against inter-Palestinian agreement

.- Israel will use the reconciliation agreement between the Palestinian Authority and the Islamist movement Hamas, which rules Gaza and does not recognize the Israeli state, to torpedo the campaign for recognition of a Palestinian state by the UN in September. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to launch a campaign to not recognize any Palestinian unity government that includes members of Hamas, said on Friday, a government source.

Syria, Friday protestePolizia new fire on the crowds in Daraa, 83 victims

New 'Friday the rage' in Syria, where they were organized nationwide demonstrations against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. In Damascus, witnesses told of trucks equipped with machine guns and soldiers in battle dress. Tear gas was used to disperse the protesters, gathered in protest after Friday prayers.

Four soldiers were killed and two captured by a group of armed militiamen, according to the complaint, the Syrian state television. Thousands of citizens are also in place in the coastal cities of Latakia and Banias. In the latter, activists report that several shots of gunfire exploded in the district Slaebah.

Reporter Lara Logan tells the assault she suffered Tahrir Square

A major foreign correspondent of CBS News, Lara Logan, told the New York sexual Timesl'agression which she suffered in Cairo on February 11, in an interview published Thursday. "For a very long time, they raped me with their hands," he told the newspaper reporter who believes that the assault lasted about forty minutes and was conducted by a group of two to three hundred men.

CBS had at the time of the facts stated that the journalist was rescued "by a group of about twenty women and Egyptian soldiers." Lara Logan, who was hospitalized after his repatriation to the United States and returned to work this month, will recount the horror she experienced in the next edition of the show "60 Minutes" Sunday.