Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake in Washington and Congress and the Pentagon Evacuated Ny

The fear of the earthquake is to evacuate the Pentagon and Congress in the shadow of the bomb and which returns Sept. 11. People are afraid to go down the street from Washington to New York. The epicenter is 150 km of the capital, Virginia, but is felt even in Martha's Vineyard, the island on which Barack Obama is on vacation and while the shock traverses half the country is playing golf.

Fear in the street in New York The show is surreal: the people down the streets, the Big Apple is not considered an area with a particular earthquake risk, but the traffic is blocked, employees leave the skyscrapers where the higher floors you can dance. They take phone calls to emergency numbers, panic and great fear falls in Brooklyn, where an old chimney.

The magnitude is 5.8, very strong, up 6 from an earthquake could cause a catastrophe, the epicenter is in Mineral, Virginia, including Charlottesville and Richmond. But the shock was so strong that you felt up in Toronto, Canada. At the Pentagon, people thought he suffered an attack, the evacuation was taken immediately to the strong tremor, came only after the assurance of the earthquake.

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