Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nearly 100 Kurdish rebels killed by Turkish aircraft strikes in Iraq

The Turkish air strikes in northern Iraq have "neutralized" between 90 and 100 Kurdish rebels and wounding 80 others, announced Tuesday, August 23 the Turkish army on its website. The military uses the term "neutralized" to refer to the rebels killed. Turkey took over the August 17 air strike Kurdish rebel positions in the mountains of Iraq, a process which she had not used for over a year.

The renewed fighting followed an attack by members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in south-eastern Turkey, bordering Iraq that killed nine members of its security services. Turkey estimates that about 2000 the number of rebels holed up in the area under Iraqi Kurdish administration.

The Turkish military statement said that 14 facilities, eight depots of food, another of ammunition, nine anti-aircraft guns, 18 caves and 79 caches were hit during operations that targeted a total of 132 targets "carefully determined advance through a meticulous analyst to spare civilian settlements." The army said that it is a provisional report obtained after reconnaissance flights over the areas pounded. She added that the airstrikes will continue if necessary. The PKK, meanwhile, said Monday that three of its fighters were killed in Turkish operations which, according to Kurdish authorities in the region, killing seven civilians in the village of Kortek.

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