Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cameron: "Do not allow the culture of fear is installed in the streets"

The violence, far from abating, has spread to other parts of the UK. British Prime Minister, David Cameron, said today that given the current wave of street violence, will not allow the "culture of fear 'prevails in the streets. "Shot, all offenders will be identified and arrested," Cameron has said.

"We needed an answer and have answered firmly," he added. For the second consecutive day, Cameron has presided over a meeting in Downing Street crisis of his Cabinet to assess the response to the looting and rioting, which led in practice four days has been 768 arrests in London. In this sense, the British prime minister has said he has been "the worst" and "or best" country in reference to "criminals" that the cause and the police who fight against it.

"Those arrested for participating in the riots will be sent to prison," the premier stressed. In this situation, Cameron and the Metropolitan Police have authorized the use of rubber bullets and water cannons to repel looters and rioters in London and other British cities hit by the wave of violence.

"There is a moral problem," said Cameron, who has stressed the images showed groups of young vandals smashing windows with attitude and wanted to help the injured to rob them later. "We are facing something entirely new but is a persistent problem," he ruled. Since Saturday, 770 people have been arrested in London and across the country 1.337en.

Violence continues in recent times has done what was feared. With London on high alert, with police advising restaurant owners to close their doors, with a massive deployment of police to what is customary in London, who spent a relatively calm night after three days of riots Wednesday the violence spread to several cities in England.

The hooded men are not waiting to attack at night. In Manchester, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Salford and West Bromwich riots lavished on daylight. Some 2,000 youths clashed with police in Manchester, the first riots in this city in northern England. The riots took place in one of the main streets downtown, where local fire and hundreds of rioters entered a shopping center and attacked several shops.

Riots that have caused the bus company National Express has suspended Rutan operating in Birmingham (the station in this town has been closed), Wolverhampton and Manchester waiting for "future news", as recorded by the BBC. Another of the main stages of two incidents this morning has also been Liverpool.

Some 200 petrol bombs have been launched in the southern city in the area Toxterh, causing disturbances and damage to buildings and shops in the area as well as cars set ablaze, according to information from the police has made 44 arrests the area since Monday night, as recorded in your Twitter profile.

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