Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The spectrum of the disaster, ubiquitous in manga

Fist of the North, Akira, Neon Genesis Evangelion. The Apocalypse, whatever its form, is a major theme of the manga, the Japanese cartoon ever popular and vibrant amazing. The spectrum of the tsunami, or earthquake, appears in many series, where she can drive the plot, the backdrop for a story in rose water, playground or point remote start justifying the existence of a post-apocalyptic world.

Reactor explodes and fear for radioactive leak

Nuclear Security Agency of Japan reported that the reactor number three in the Fukushima nuclear plant exploded due to hydrogen combustion, while a false alarm that warned of a new tsunami in the same province. The NHK showed footage where white smoke coming out of the complex, which is located 250 kilometers from Tokyo, and reported that the blast knocked down a wall of the building that houses the reactor.

Evo Morales Bolivia .- auction a Leo Messi shirt to raise funds for the victims in Bolivia

LA PAZ, 15 Mar. Bolivian President Evo Morales, will auction a T-FC Barcelona's Argentine striker, Messi, to raise funds to be allocated to respond to the thousands affected by heavy rains and flooding in the South American nation . The Barca shirt with the traditional 10 to back belonged to the collection of local club's technical director Bolívar, the Argentinean Guillermo Angel Hoyos, who coached in the lower divisions Messi of Barcelona.

Dishonest and inappropriate policy according to European citizens

The global economic crisis has played a key role in the downfall of the image of European leaders which, according to a representative sample of citizens of five of the most populous EU countries are the real culprits of the decline, not only economic, democracy on the continent . Mistrust, fear and disillusionment are the most common feelings among the population to the idea that governments are able to ferry down their country out of crisis.

The nuclear debate revived in Europe

Reported finding about two thousand bodies after quake

- About two thousand bodies were found today in the east coast of Miyagi (northeastern Japan) three days after the earthquake, although the official account of the tragedy remains so far in nearly $ 600 more than a thousand dead and 400 missing. A thousand dead bodies were found in the Ojika peninsula and another thousand in the city appeared Minamisanriku in Miyagi province, according to Kyodo.

Clinton expressed U.S. support in Thar plaza

The U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said his country's support to Egypt's transition to democracy since the same Cairo's Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the Egyptian revolution. In a press conference in a government palace in Tahrir, Clinton expressed "solidarity" from EU to Egypt and said it will continue to support "a new future where the Egyptians to take control of their own destiny." The U.S.

The output of multiple video game canceled

A major earthquake affecting a large city and a hero to survive by managing food, water, and especially avoiding the pitfalls of the devastated city become hostile territory ... Such was the scenario Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 4: Summer Memories (Disaster Report 4 West), set out initially to urban survival on PlayStation 3 10 March 2011, the day before the earthquake and tsunami that hit the Japanese archipelago.

New explosion nuclear growing alarm the EU: "apocalypse, everything is out of control"

TOKYO - "In Japan we talk of apocalypse now. Almost everything is out of control, do not rule out the worst in the hours and days that are" are the words of Gunther Oettinger, European Commissioner for Energy, to set the tone for the day while the alarm continues to grow around the nuclear power plant nuclear Fukushima, salt and the fear that the situation continues to degenerate, evoking the specter of Chernobyl.

India is the largest arms purchaser in the world

.- India has become the largest importer of weapons, essentially buying from Russia, according to data released Monday by the Institute for Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) for the period 2006-10. SIPRI also shows that Libya has been in recent years, "an excellent illustration of competition between major suppliers such as France, Italy, Russia and the United States", even though, according to the institute, its conventional arms orders have been limited.

Santander Latin America .- The Bank provides 18,000 scholarships for university students and young teachers and researchers

MADRID, 15 Mar. Banco Santander has called the program "Latin American Scholarship Santander Universities' offering 15,000 scholarships for undergraduate students and 3,000 teachers and scholarships for young researchers for training in universities in ten Latin American countries. This initiative aims to help the "construction of knowledge Ibero socially responsible" and has a funding of 60 million euros over the next five years, as reported by the bank.

The north-eastern Japan devastated

Logged Japanese nuclear plant explosion

.- A hydrogen explosion occurred Monday in the Unit 3 nuclear plant Fukushima Dai-ichi of Japan, but did not damage the container of reactor number three of the plant, said the Cabinet Secretary. Eleven people were injured in the blast. Among the wounded military at least one Self-Defense Forces (army) of Japan, with fractures of various bones, while others suffer minor injuries, according to figures released by the local agency Kyodo.

Gadhafi threatened to join al Qaeda if the West attacks the country

Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi said he felt betrayed by their former European allies and warned that if the West attacks his country could join forces with the Al Qaeda to declare a holy war''.'' In interviews with European media from Tripoli, the Libyan colonel reiterated its position on the popular uprising faced since last February 16 and has tried to repress, provoking international condemnation and sanctions.

Requiem for a nation

Woe to the country that has no heroes. The country unwillingly received the American Commodore Perry in 1853. Who had previously considered a blessing for the tsunami wiped out the Chinese invaders. Where the first Shogun, the military governor under the emperor divine only in the seventeenth century, outlawed the wheel to prevent the movement of people and institutions made the caste system.

Chat - French Diplomacy: "reboot" or paralysis?

Alarm persists in Japanese nuclear plant

.- The Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, acknowledged today that the Fukushima nuclear plant, where at least two of the six reactors suffer from overheating problems, still in an "alarming" after the earthquake on Friday. The radiation level at the plant this morning again exceeded the legal limit, it was announced early in the morning the operator, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), according to Kyodo.

Iraq: Many dead in attack on army headquarters

A suicide bomber in the northern Iraqi town of Kanaan pulled at least ten soldiers to their deaths. 25 other people suffered injuries, the police confirmed in the provincial capital Baquba.
The attacker and his vehicle was forcibly overcome the barriers in front of the base and then rammed the main building on the site.

Jimnez Syria says that in every Arab country "the pace of reform is different"

"Why not here interested? So you have controlled the population?" Asked a senior Spanish to a charge Syria. "More had controlled the Ben Ali and Mubark" he said. For now, the control exercised by the Assad regime appears more effective than its Syrian and Egyptian counterparts, ousted by popular uprisings.

Only a few dozen protesters have gathered outside the Great Umayyad Mosque in response to the appeal of Ira Day, organized through social networks. "Free Syria!" Shouted several young men waving Syrian flags. A team of TVE, which coincidentally came across the protest, made another unusual images in this country, the more airtight the Middle East, before he was invited plainclothes policemen to leave with a forcefulness that brooked no argument.

Residents of Sendai trapped

Sendai, Special Envoy - The cold and rain have done their return, Tuesday, March 15, Sendai, as the latest in a long series of punishments. After the earthquake that has shaken after the tsunami that destroyed his side, after nuclear accidents which directly threaten the city shudders today in innumerable queues that stretch along its sidewalks.

However, this delay would be nothing if climate change was a possible harbinger of bad news for the city. The arrival of depression makes, indeed, unpredictable winds that, from January to March, in principle come from the west and southwest, pushing toward the ocean rather a possible radioactive cloud.

Radiation again exceeded the legal limit in Fukushima plant

.- The radioactivity emitted by the Fukushima nuclear plant in northeastern Japan again today to exceed the legal limit the damage caused by the devastating earthquake on Friday, Kyodo news agency reported. Since the earthquake and tsunami, governments work against the clock to address the overheating of several reactors the cooling system failure, amid fears that a merger of the core.

The situation is unclear since Saturday, an explosion occurred at the Fukushima plant 1, trying to lower the temperature of boiling reactors 1 and 3. Japan government spokesman Yukio Edan, acknowledged yesterday the possibility of another explosion in the secondary containment vessel of the reactor 3 by the accumulation of hydrogen, but not cause serious damage.

Libya: Gaddafi's army takes Ajdabiya and cut the road to Benghazi

Net, blogs and social media women's voices, from the web to the square

It all started from Tunisia. In the wave of popular revolutions that are shaking the Arab world, mothers, girls, sisters and students took to the streets, alongside men, to demand social change and civil. They led a procession, sang for liberation, defied the curfew, marked a turning point in the forms of civic participation and political protest.

In addition to the square, women have become leaders in communication and information through new media: blogs, instant messaging and social networks, which were held in touch, organized, informed and express, by filtering their voices heard. "These are the new technologies have given them the strength to fight with men.

Report volcano eruption in southern Japan

A volcano in southern Japan again spewed ash and rocks on Sunday, at a time when the country tries to overcome the earthquake and tsunami in the north, a government agency reported. The meteorological agency issued a warning on Sunday, which said the Shinmoedake volcano resumed its activity after being quiet a couple of weeks.

The mountain is on the island of Kyushu, about 500 kilometers (950 miles) from the epicenter of the magnitude 9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that wiped out much of the northeastern coast of Japan. It was unknown if the eruptions were related to the earthquake. Japan is located on the "Ring of Fire", a circle of hot spots which are common earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Colombia and Argentina Colombia/Argentina.- relaunch its trade and diplomatic relations

BOGOTA, 15 Mar. (Colprensa / EP) - The governments of Argentina and Colombia have re-launched on Monday its diplomatic and trade relations in a meeting between foreign ministers of both nations, which had as main aim to revitalize bilateral ties. Foreign Minister of Argentina, Hector Marcos Timerman, met with his Colombian counterpart, Maria Angela Holguin, to seal the "revival of relations" between the two South American countries, as diplomats said after a meeting that held in the headquarters of the San Carlos Palace in Bogota.

The OECD estimates that the impact of the tragedy to be "much worse" than the Kobe earthquake

Of concern to the alarm and uncertainty in a panic. This has been the changes occurring in recent days the stock international reference to the possibility that the disaster in Japan lead to a nuclear crisis and have an economic impact worse than expected. In fact, the OECD, in a first analysis of events in the country, said today that the effects of the earthquake and tsunami could be much worse "than those caused by the earthquake in Kobe in 1995, the cost was about 100,000 million dollars but did not cause a contraction of its economy.

Libya, troops link up Rais Brega. Gaddafi: "I feel betrayed by Berlusconi"

Although Rais is isolated to the international community does not give up. The loyalist armed forces unit led by two of the children of Muammar Qaddafi, and Saadi Khamis WOULD BE aiming at Marsa el-Brega. In particular the forces of Brigadier Khamis, faithful to Gaddafi, are trying to enter by land in Brega and have already reached the industrial area.

Advanced that might suggest that the Gaddafi regime has decided to field its best staff. The same fate for another Libyan city: Ajdabiya. Where the rebels retreating Libyans WOULD BE from the city of Cyrenaica, great defense along the line leading to the capital of the revolt, Benghazi.

Paris believed in sanctions against Laurent Gbagbo

The foreign ministers of the G8 have made Tuesday, March 15 to support Alassane Ouattara in Ivory Coast and threatened the incumbent president, Laurent Gbagbo, new sanctions if it refuses to relinquish power, "said Alain Juppe, during a press conference after the ministerial meeting of the group in Paris.

According to the head of French diplomacy, the G8 considers that "it is important to find a political solution that respects the free choice" Ivorians. "Those who obstruct a peaceful solution to face new sanctions," he added. In their final declaration, the G8 said they had "urged the officials of blocking legitimate authorities of Cote d'Ivoire" to "refrain from threatening, attacking or interfering with UN personnel in the performance of their mission.

G8, no agreement on the no-fly zone Ajdabiyah Regained, Benghazi isolated

ROME - As the leaders of the revolt Libyan ask the Western powers to physically eliminate Muammar Gaddafi, forces loyal to Colonel advance to Benghazi after regaining Ajdabiyah, the last stronghold of the rebels before the city symbol of the struggle against the regime. And the international diplomacy is struggling to find common ground on crisis management, in particular the establishment of a no-fly zones: the foreign ministers of the G8, meeting in Paris last night, have issued a final statement that refers to any decision UN Security Council.

Reported involvement in other nuclear plant in Japan

A nuclear plant in Tokai, Ibaraki in the province (north of Tokyo), today suffered problems in its cooling system, according to local agency Kyodo reported. This is the third central Japan, along with those of Fukushima and Onagawa, which records problems since Friday there was a strong earthquake measuring 9 degrees on the Richter scale in the northeastern coast of Japan.

The Japanese authorities declared a state of emergency in Onagawa (northeast) also affected by the strong earthquake on Friday, said Sunday the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). "The Japanese authorities informed the IAEA that the first state of emergency (the lowest) in the central Onagawa highlighted by the Tohoku Electric Power Company," said the UN agency, headquartered in Vienna.

U.S. representative is in touch with CNTL

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has been in Paris the first high level contact by Washington with a representative of the Libyan National Transitional Council (CNTL), which mentioned the possibility of offering financial and political support. U.S. diplomatic sources reported that the meeting between Clinton and head of international affairs CNTL Mahmoud Jibril, took place last night in a hotel in the French capital, although it was "positive", ended without closing a compromise.

Ajdabiya Thousands flee after the arrival of Gaddafi's Army

The forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi today Ajdabiya have entered a crucial city as a crossroads that may lead both to Benghazi, capital of the insurgents, to the north, to Tobruk, the main channel for the delivery of rebels, to the northeast. State television said "have taken control" of the city and "mercenaries have been cleaned and terrorists linked to Al Qaeda." The dictator's army tries to ensure the control, if not the city, at least on the routes leading to Tobruk, and that since there could suffocate rebel government, depriving it of supplies.

Slag under the rug: the French model

Bad luck, grandeur and savoir-faire: The French nuclear is called Areva. He has his methods. I invite you to view this report, "Uranium: France contaminated", released on the national channel France 3 public in February 2009.

Paris fails to convince its partners to intervene in Libya

Westerners and Russians, meeting within the G8, have spread to Paris Tuesday, March 15 their divisions on a possible military intervention, defended by France, to curb the cons-offensive in Libya Muammar Gaddafi. Chair of the G8, France, appeared little support from Britain, failed to convince its partners of the great powers of emergency ahead of a UN military action against the forces Colonel Gaddafi who progress to Benghazi, a stronghold of insurgents.

Among the ghosts of the dead massacre in fishing nets

OTSUCHICHO - the ocean and mud were used four days to satisfy the hunger of the tsunami. But now that the elements are summarizing a familiar location, the land and the water overflowing life on Friday demanded by Japan. Five hundred kilometers along the northeast coast today is the day of the dead. Thousands of corpses, the remains of the nation and the world had hoped to never have to fix, come to our shores transformed into deserts dirty and the waves of the surf picked up.

Amounted to 353 thousand dead in earthquake in Japan

Japanese authorities today increased to 353 thousand 085 thousand dead and the official number of missing in the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on Friday, although victims may far exceed the 10 000. Miyagi police, the province most affected by the earthquake, believed to be at least 10 000 deaths, while other sources do not rule out even increase.

Only Minamisanriku, a coastal town in Miyagi completely destroyed by the tsunami that followed the earthquake of 9 degrees on the Richter scale, are unaccounted for nine thousand 500 people. There are also 167 thousand missing persons in the adjoining province of Fukushima, according to a count of local authorities.

Muammar Gadhafi oil insulation breaks

Colonel Muammar Gadhafi, isolated internationally, is seeking to circumvent the international diplomatic encirclement by offering oil supplies released in person to the ambassadors of China, India and Russia. According to official Libyan news agency Jana, Gadhafi had a meeting with the diplomatic representatives of the three countries on the "Jamahiriya" (Republic), its peculiar name given revolution after coming to power 41 years ago.

The Libyan Army and the rebels still fighting in Brega and Ajdabiya

The forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi today Ajdabiya have entered a crucial city as a crossroads that may lead both to Benghazi, capital of the insurgents, to the north, to Tobruk, the main channel for the delivery of rebels, to the northeast. State television said "have taken control" of the city, although it is not if the rebels have completely abandoned their positions.

The entry of the forces has followed a morning of intense bombing in the city and its surroundings, including a checkpoint and a rebel arms depot. The bombings have caused at least one dead and caused a large exodus of residents. There are also fighting in Brega oil port a few miles further west.

Japan, new shock measuring 6.2 Ten thousand people dead or missing

At least 2,722 dead and 3,742 missing. And 'This is the official death toll of the earthquake in Japan, so far as spread by the Japanese national police. Serious consequences in the financial sector, with the Tokyo Stock Exchange which closed sharply downward: the Nikkei index has lost 10.55%, but managed to recover from the 14.4% recorded during the session.

15.10 - Flights Alitalia regular "From today, flights" traItalia and Japan "are full and regular, we have only moved up one day, when there will be four flights instead of three." This was confirmed by the chief executive of Alitalia, Rocco Sabelli, on the sidelines of the General Assembly of Unindustria.

Japan's government called for more transparency

"M-9" is now the name used by Japanese newspapers to discuss the earthquake that devastated the north-eastern Japan, with reference to the recent reassessment of its magnitude. In the Japanese media, the columnists are now calling for the mobilization of everyone, not least by saving electricity consumed already rationed in some areas following the serial blasts that hit nuclear plant Fukushima.

Fukushima nuclear nightmare in the core is likely the merger

FUKUSHIMA - The sudden explosion. A roar that shakes ten kilometers of territory. The objectives of the tv cameras, placed for days in the hills, shaking the coast. The pictures are blurry but the scene you see with the naked eye. A huge cloud of yellow and red frame surrounds the white iron and concrete.

We look petrified. A voice muffled cries: "You broke the plant". Moments of panic. A few minutes here and another roar, louder and deeper. The cloud is now a dust cloud that soars into the sky. Skip the cover of the reactor 3 of the central Fukushima 1, Daiichi. It is the monster that thirty men, real heroes of this apocalypse, trying to quell three days.