Friday, August 5, 2011

Middle East conflict: Israel approves construction of 930 houses in East Jerusalem

With this decision, Israel risks new conflict with the Palestinians: The Interior Ministry has approved a controversial housing project in Arab East Jerusalem - the settlement policy is a major obstacle in the Middle East peace process. Jerusalem - Israel said on Thursday cleared the way for the construction of another 930 homes in Arab East Jerusalem.

The expansion of the settlement of Har Homa, near the Palestinian town of Bethlehem, has begun to plan this two years ago, had been now been definitively accepted, said a spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry. The construction project in occupied East Jerusalem by Israel's controversial for a long time.

Har Homa is located in an area that was conquered by Israel during the Six Day War of 1967. From Israel's point of view it is a district in the united capital of Jerusalem. The Palestinians and the majority of the international community, however, speak of illegal settlements. The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu risks with this new step dispute with the Palestinians, who want to put in more than a month a request to state than are admitted to the United Nations - with Jerusalem as its capital.

Netanyahu tried to dissuade the Palestinians from their UN request. The newest housing is likely hamper these efforts. The dispute over the Israeli settlement policy has meant that the peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians has been suspended since last year. Interior Minister Eli Yishai is a member of the strictly religious Shas Party, which supported the settlements.

Hagit Ofran of the Israeli group Peace Now called the building permit as a "very dramatic development." So would create another obstacle to prevent East Jerusalem is the capital of a Palestinian state.

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