Wednesday, August 10, 2011

US concerned at Israeli construction in East Jerusalem

The United States today expressed concern over Israel's decision to authorize construction of 930 houses in the Palestinian territories of East Jerusalem, occupied by the Jewish state. "America is deeply concerned by the continuing Israeli actions regarding the construction of homes in Jerusalem", the State Department said in a statement.

United States mentioned the matter to Israel and reiterated that "unilateral actions go against the efforts to return to direct negotiations and contradict the logic of reasonable and necessary agreement between the parties."

Artists unite against the famine in Africa

Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Elton John and U2 are just some of the more than fifty stars and celebrities today joined a campaign to help educate their millions of fans on social networking sites on famine plaguing the Horn of Africa. The "initiative" launched by the NGO Save the Children also has the support of other music stars like Justin Bieber, Eminem, Rihanna, Sting and Britney Spears, said in a statement the NGO, which aims to raise funds to alleviate the effects of food shortages in the region.

Libya: State TV shows Gaddafi son

In the early hours of Wednesday is in the pictures shown by the Libyan state television to see a man in officer's uniform, as Khamis, the son of the ruler, Muammar al-Gaddafi looks and visited injured soldiers in hospital.

China reaffirms its military power with the first aircraft carrier

China's first aircraft carrier today launched its maiden voyage from northeastern Dalian port, a fact that ends the country's effort to reassert its military might. After a long process of repair and updating, and ending years of speculation in the media, the military vessel has departed from this port in Liaoning Province (northeast) and did a brief tour before returning to the dock.

It was initially speculated that the ship would have open water baptism on 1 July, during the commemoration of 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, but apparently a number of technical problems delayed the exercise. Also toyed with the August 1, day of the Chinese armed forces, but again probably be delays associated with the arrival off the coast of Dalian typhoon Muifa.

Arrested 38 people, including a deputy minister, in a crackdown on corruption in Brazil

Federal Police have arrested 38 people Tuesday involved in corruption within the Ministry of Tourism, a new scandal that splashes the Government of Dilma Rousseff. Among those arrested was the deputy of that office, Frederico Silva da Costa, who is accused of misappropriation of public funds.

In the operation, which was named 'Voucher', included nearly 200 troops who were deployed in different cities. In Brasilia, 20 involved were arrested, twelve in Sao Paulo and six in the state of Amapá (north). The Federal Police also seized 664,000 reals (285,809 euros) in two records in Sao Paulo.

Cameron: "Do not allow the culture of fear is installed in the streets"

The violence, far from abating, has spread to other parts of the UK. British Prime Minister, David Cameron, said today that given the current wave of street violence, will not allow the "culture of fear 'prevails in the streets. "Shot, all offenders will be identified and arrested," Cameron has said.

"We needed an answer and have answered firmly," he added. For the second consecutive day, Cameron has presided over a meeting in Downing Street crisis of his Cabinet to assess the response to the looting and rioting, which led in practice four days has been 768 arrests in London. In this sense, the British prime minister has said he has been "the worst" and "or best" country in reference to "criminals" that the cause and the police who fight against it.

Mass protests in Chile: Tens of thousands demanding better education

In many cities in Chile tens of thousands have demonstrated against the education system. Students, teachers and students gathered for peaceful protests - but again, there were riots. Masked men set fire to barricades and looted shops. The police responded with tear gas. Santiago de Chile - The protesters carried a huge flag in the city Valparaiso: Like tens of thousands of people all over Chile, they called for better and free education for the country.