Thursday, April 21, 2011

"The reforms in Cuba are irreversible and unstoppable"

Although by Norberto Fuentes (Havana, 1943) Raul Castro and his group, with the permission of his brother Fidel, in 1989 marred the nature of the Cuban revolution, the writer said he was convinced that the current president of the island will end his government a good way. The author of books such as Sweet Cuban soldiers and Fidel Castro's autobiography does not forget.

He claims that in 1989, with the Cause Number 1, which ended with the shooting of four soldiers, including Gen. Arnaldo Ochoa and Colonel Antonio de la Guardia, "castrated the revolution, because eliminated the bold, non-domesticated . They killed these people for the same things you are doing now.

Libya, a spokesman for the scheme: "If NATO invades us, unleash hell, worse than in Iraq"

"If NATO is to size or in any other city in Libya raise hell against the Alliance. We will be a ball of fire ... We will do things ten times worse than what happened in Iraq. " And 'this is the threat the government of Colonel, assigned to the words of Ibrahim Musa, a spokesman for the Libyan government.

The warning comes after the regime in Tripoli's announcement yesterday that Italy, France and Britain to send to Libya a few dozen military instructors to train the insurgents. "In many cities are self-organized teams to combat any possible invasion of NATO," Moussa added, explaining that the people have already been distributed machine guns and small arms.

In Nigeria, the President raises the specter of civil war

Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, said Thursday that the current post-election riots evoked events that led to civil war of 1967 or the Biafran war, adding that security had been tightened nationwide. "These acts of disorder are sad reminders of the events that have plunged our country into thirty months of an unfortunate civil war," the president said in a speech to the nation.

In 1967, secession and proclaimed a "Republic of Biafra" had triggered a civil war until January 1970, which killed more than a million dead. The riots that shook since Sunday evening in the northern half of the predominantly Muslim countries in the aftermath of the presidential election which saw the victory of Goodluck Jonathan, a southern Christian, made more than two hundred deaths, according to the NGO Civil Rights Congress.

If I rectify Bride

Courses and historical claims. To solve the problems of marriage "not be done", Renzo and Lucia were addressed, in "The Betrothed, the religious trust. A man without fear ready to defy the law of the jungle. And well look at the situation today, this solution is more valid than ever. Especially in England.

Never mind that instead of Renzo and Lucia there are Margaret and Mohammed, and to challenge the law in this case is that given by the English law: if in order to obtain a residence permit, the solution is the fake marriage, a few willing to brave celebrate a marriage that s'avrebbe to do, "it is forever.

Oil slick: BP has three of its subcontractors

Oil giant BP has pledged one billion dollars to "accelerate the work of coastal restoration" of the Gulf of Mexico soiled by the spill, announced Thursday, April 21 the Department of Justice U.S.. "The agreement will not affect the final bill that BP will settle" after the court process, the ministry said.

This unprecedented agreement, concluded after the first anniversary of the explosion of the platform Deepwater Horizon is a first step towards "the complete rehabilitation of natural resources" by BP, the ministry said. "This agreement will allow light to launch the coastal restoration, wetlands and wildlife across the Gulf damaged by the spill," said Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar.

Pirates in the seas of Somalia, a headache for international law

The South Korean warship Yung Choi received a signal by the alarm at 5 am local time in the mirror of the Indian Ocean between the coasts of Somalia, those of Yemen and the Oman. The message came from the South Korean cargo ship Hanjin Tianjin, from 75 000 tonnes, allegedly attacked by pirates. Not even three hours later, in the same area of sea, 600 kilometers south east of Oman and 550 Yemeni island of Socotra, another boat suffered the same fate.

The conditions of detention are still controversial Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning, the American soldier suspected of supplying classified documents to Wikileaks, has changed in prison Wednesday, April 20. Detained since July 2010 at the military prison at Quantico (Virginia), near Washington, he was transferred to another military detention center in Kansas, in the central United States.

The conditions of detention of a former intelligence analyst, who faces jail for life, caused considerable controversy in recent months, the young soldier providing isolated and bullied. Bradley Manning, whose lawyer filed a complaint against prison conditions, said the military authorities in charge of his case have abused their authority by classifying it as a detainee at risk, likely to endanger their physical integrity and requesting conditions of "maximum security".

Japan, Tokyo violent shock to traces of iodine in breast milk

A Japanese boy prepares for the first day of school after the earthquake of 11 March A violent earthquake was felt in Tokyo. The quake was a magnitude 6. The epicenter Chiba, north-east of Tokyo, according to the Japanese Meteorological Agency. The quake, whose intensity was 5 - on the Japanese scale of 7, was felt at 22:37 local.

In Tokyo, the buildings shook. The Japanese Meteorological Agency has issued a tsunami warning and told NHK television that are currently not reported damage or casualties. With regard to the consequences of the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March, the Health Ministry today said that analysis will be performed on breast milk, after traces of radioactive iodine were found in 4 women in nursing area in the east and northeast of Tokyo.

Syria: Al-Assad issued a decree on the lifting of emergency rule

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has issued three decrees Thursday, March 21, including one stating the lifting of the state of emergency in force in the country since 1963, told Syrian state television. The lifting of emergency rule is the main demand of the protest movement's unprecedented plan, launched March 15.

But the protesters, who also demand the resignation of Mr. Al-Assad continued mobilization. The President issued a further decree "stipulating the abolition of the Court of State Security", a special tribunal whose judgments are final, according to television. Finally, a third decree is to ensure "the regulation of peaceful demonstrations, which are an essential right." Syrian policemen in civilian clothes, armed with AK-47 rifles, were deployed on the night of Wednesday 20 to Thursday, April 21 in the streets of Homs, where is expected a new day strike on Thursday.

Are you gay? Then you die

David Kato was a militant gay Ugandan. He worked for the organization Sexual Minorities Uganda. Teacher, graduated from an institution of post-apartheid South Africa, Kato had left the profession to devote himself solely to defending the rights of gay and lesbian people in Uganda are threatened by a bill (tabled in Parliament in 2009) which aimed to introduce the penalty death for the crime of homosexual relations - a law delirious, in fact, an abomination in itself, which among other things would have the return of Ugandans in Uganda who had committed homosexual acts in other States.

Campaigning in San Francisco, Barack Obama defends his record

Barack Obama called, Wednesday, April 20, mobilization for the 2012 presidential election. He acknowledged that some hopes for the 2008 campaign had been run into the exercise of power, but urged his supporters to help him finish what he started. In two election meetings in the evening in San Francisco - the first from wealthy donors in the Democratic party in a private residence, the second in a large auditorium, in front of an enthusiastic audience composed mostly of young people - Obama has adopted a tone offensive.

Declared prohibited area around NPP

.- The evacuation radius of 20 kilometers in place around the troubled nuclear plant in Fukushima will be off limits, said Thursday the Prime Minister, Naoto Kan. The prime minister made the announcement during a visit to the region of the damaged city on March 11 by a magnitude 9 and the tsunami that followed, in northeastern Japan.

The ban, which should be paid the night of Thursday to Friday, seeks to effectively control the area. In the inspection of thousands of homes, police found more than 60 families still living there despite the inherent dangers of radiation. The plant operator, the group Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) estimates required about three months to begin to reduce the radioactivity and six to nine months to cool the reactors.

Facebook welcomes Obama. Zuckerberg: "No problem paying more taxes"

President Barack Obama meets the founder of Facebook last February 17 Welcome home, Mr. President. Sheryl Sandberg, one of the leading manager of Facebook, white-black jacket and dark skirt, hosts with these words, Barack Obama, who on the popular social network has nearly 20 million fans. The Sandberg that Facebook's chief operating officer (COO), has strengthened one of the most interesting alliances of America: that between the White House team and employees of the now powerful company in Palo Alto, California.

Uganda: Opposition leader arrested for the third time

The opposition leader in Uganda Kizza Besigye, was arrested Thursday in Kampala during a demonstration against high prices, the police dispersed with tear gas. He will remain in custody until at least Wednesday, April 27, said a magistrate. This is the third time that Dr Besigye was arrested in such circumstances a few days.

Monday he was briefly arrested together last week during protests against rising fuel prices in particular. On Thursday, he was out of Kampala, when he left his car and that hundreds of people singing and dancing gathered around him. President Yoweri Museveni (in power since 1986) had warned that it would permit any event, and the police finally intervened when the protest moved closer to Mulago Hospital.

Syrian President gives green light to lift the state of emergency

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, today signed three decrees, including repealing a state of emergency in force since 1963, a major opposition demands. Al Asad also approved the elimination of the High Court of State Security and backed a new law guaranteeing the right to hold peaceful protests, Syrian television reported.

The repeal of emergency rule, which gave sweeping powers to security forces, was one of the main demands of the opposition in Syria. It is unknown whether, from the decree signed today by Al Bashar, a state of emergency is completely repealed or whether the standard needs to be ratified in Parliament, which, however, would be pure formality.

Japan will allow refiners to use oil reserves in May

.- Japan will allow for a few weeks longer than its refineries can use some of its stocks of crude and thus ensure the supply to the Tohoku region that was affected by the powerful earthquake last month, said on Wednesday the Minister of Commerce country. Tokyo eased the rules after the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 to allow refiners to use their reserves to alleviate shortages after the disaster forced the closure of six plants and cut fuel supplies in the country by 30 percent.

Attorney general studies to transfer to a prison Mubarak

The Egyptian general prosecutor said Thursday in a statement it was studying a possible transfer of former President Hosni Mubarak to a prison hospital or prison, if his health permits. Prosecutor General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud, commissioned a team, by the chief medical examiner, heading to the hospital in Sharm el Sheikh, where Mubarak is now, "to assess their health status and the ability to transfer to Tora Prison (Cairo) to meet their detention or prison hospital.

Horn of Africa, pirates seize ship aboard six Italians: "They're all good"

They're all good people of the 21 crew of the Italian ship "Rosalia D'Amato, attacked and seized by pirates while sailing in the Arabian Sea, about 320 miles south of Oman and 300 east of the island of Socotra. The ship, the Brazil match, has also on board six Italians. "I was able to get news about three-quarters of an hour talking with the commander Orazio Lanza.

I was told that they were all good then the call was cut short, "said the captain Carlo Miccio, the" Perseverenza Navigation, which owns the ship "Rosalia D'Amato seized by pirates in the night. "We have already made contact with the families of the crew, consisting of 21 persons including 6 Italian (four are two of Sicily and Campania)," added the commander Miccio.

Libya: two photojournalists killed Misrata

. Two war photographers Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros, were killed Wednesday, April 20 in Misrata, city of western Libya besieged for weeks by the forces Gaddafi. Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros were both aged 41 years. The two men were in a group that was hit by mortar fire in Tripoli Street, the main artery between the center and south of the city that are fighting insurgents and government forces.

Bus accident caused 25 deaths in Syria

.- At least 25 Iraqis were killed in central Syria and another 20 were injured in an accident when the bus they were riding, officials said. He informed the news agency SANA police chief of the Damascus area, Domen Azem general, the accident occurred on the highway connecting Damascus with the city of Homs, in the area of Amrah marmalades.

The source said the bus driver lost control of the vehicle that collided with two trucks and plunged into a ravine about fifteen feet. Six of the injured are in critical condition, said the police chief.

IPU global demand for Japanese support

The 124th meeting of the Interparliamentary Union (IPU) today demanded global support to help Japan resolve the crisis caused by the earthquake, tsunami and last month's nuclear disaster. "Japan has always shown great generosity in providing necessary human, material and financial, every time a country has experienced a disaster of this magnitude.

The world community owes Japan a similar response," said the IPU. Support for Japan was expressed in a special statement by the 615 parliamentarians from 125 countries gathered on Friday in Panama, through the president of the 125 assembly and turn the head of the Panamanian parliament, José Muñoz.

NATO urges civilians to stay away from the forces of Gadhafi

.- The Atlantic Alliance today called on the Libyan civilians to stay away from the forces of Muammar Gadhafi and their arsenals in order to better target its objectives over the next few days, and reduce the risk to the population. "Civilians can help to NATO forces away from Gadhafi and equipment as possible.

In this way, allow that attack these forces and equipment with greater success and minimum risk to civilians, "said a statement released today by the organization. NATO has made this call after explaining that their drivers are doing everything possible to "reduce the risk to civilians," but this "risk can not be reduced to zero," said Canadian Lt.

Chernbil around SERN never fit for human

Nuclear power is dangerous and their use is fraught with uncertainties, as the interventions made on Thursday at an international conference to mark the 25 anniversary of Chernobyl. However, none of the speakers at the plenary of the event, held in Kiev, questioned the future of nuclear energy, despite the serious consequences of the accident at that nuclear plant, the worst in the history of civil atom.

Crisis, Obama: "Situation of contiamericani unsustainable"

The U.S. budget situation is unsustainable: it is necessary to cut spending for fiscal consolidation but the cuts are carried out with the "chisel" not the "machete" or the risk of another recession. President Barack Obama, the headquarters of Facebook, answers questions that come from websites and those of the public.

And, smiling at Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the social network, said: "Both me and you must prepare to pay more taxes. I know - he says looking at one of the youngest billionaires in the world - for you it is not a problem. " A statement that seems to confirm once again the intention of Obama to let expire at the end of 2012 the tax cuts for the wealthiest.

Japan creates a forbidden zone around the plant in Fukushima

The zone radius of 20 km placed around the nuclear power plant in Fukushima becomes, from Thursday, April 21, a prohibited area, to which access will be strictly monitored by the authorities announced on Thursday, April 21 Japanese government. Tens of thousands have been forced to leave the perimeter due to radioactive discharges from the plant damaged by the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March.

Official report: More than 800 Egyptians were killed in protests against Mubarak

The unrest that led to the resignation of President Mubarak of Egypt were far bloodier than previously thought: There are at least 846 people dead, according to a report of the Judicial Committee - last estimates were out of 365 fatalities. Cairo - lasted for around three weeks of fighting against the rule of Hosni Mubarak - and in the riots in Egypt came to a new report that more than twice as many deaths than previously thought.

Vladimir Putin called for a decade of continuity in Russia

As Russia enters a preelection period, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, held Wednesday, April 20, his annual address before the lower house of Parliament, the last before the legislative elections of December 2011. The Prime Minister, since 2008, presented for the third time the record of his government.

Vladimir Putin expects growth of at least 4.2% of gross domestic product (GDP) of Russia in 2011 and calls for a decade of continuity. "In 2010, GDP grew by 4%, the most important level of all G8 countries. And for the current year, the forecast GDP growth of 4.2%," he said . "In early 2012, losses from the crisis [global] have been fully compensated," he added, is fécilitant that "the crisis [is] down on all fronts." Mr.

Die two photographers by mortar fire in Misrata

Heavy fighting in the town of Misrata that have been going on for weeks have claimed the lives of two chambers: the photographer and documentary filmmaker and cinematographer Tim Hetherington agency Chris Hondros Getty. Both died on Thursday during fighting between rebels and troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi.

Three other journalists were wounded by mortar fire, one of them seriously. Initially reported the death of photographer Chris Hondros, and although later qualified that he was seriously injured, finally the journalist was unable to recover from injuries, as reported by the agency for working in a statement .

What good would send special forces in Libya?

While the risk of getting bogged down in Libya is increasing, there are voices calling for the deployment of special forces from NATO on Libyan soil. Tuesday, April 19, Britain announced the dispatch of an onsite team of "experienced military" with the National Transitional Council (CNT) to provide a "non-lethal assistance".

France, which ruled out any deployment of ground forces, said on Wednesday sending a small number of French officers with the CNT. For General Francart Wolf, former head of the Research Centre of the doctrinal Army specialist and management of international crises, the intervention of special forces is inevitable.

Arrest of the Syrian opponent Mahmoud Issa

The Syrian opponent Mahmoud Issa were arrested in Homs in central Syria, hours after announcing the lifting of emergency rule in the country, said, Wednesday, April 20, the chairman of the Observatory Syrian human rights, Rami Abdel Rahman. "A patrol service security policy adopted Tuesday night in Homs opponent Mahmoud Issa after granting an interview to Al-Jazeera television," said Mr.

Abdel-Rahman. In his interview with Al-Jazeera, the opponent made particular reference to the death of the Syrian general Abdo Al-Khodr Tellaoui in the region of Homs. He said he knew who had murdered and asked the authorities to investigate this case and arrest the criminals, according to Abdel-Rahman.

Obama defends his fiscal policy on Facebook

The U.S. president, Barack Obama goes, Wednesday, April 20 at the headquarters of Facebook, California, to defend his budget strategy from users of social network, a pool on which he intends to try to keep the White House in 2012. The U.S. leader, who boasts over 19 million friends in the network founded by Mark Zuckerberg, participates in a question and answer session broadcast from 13: 45 pm (22: 45 pm in Paris) in the local Business in Palo Alto near San Francisco.

Tunisia: Release of police accused of slapping Mohamed Bouazizi

Tunisian justice ordered, Tuesday, April 19, the release of a police officer accused of having assaulted a four-season shop whose suicide sparked the revolution of jasmine "that overthrew President Ben Ali after twenty- three years of a reign unchallenged. Fadia Hamdan's trial opened Tuesday in Sidi Bouzid, even though the deceased's mother had withdrawn her complaint.

Bouazizi Mohammed, an unemployed graduate, was slain by fire December 17, 2010 in his home town of Sidi Bouzid, in central-western Tunisia, after entering his stall of fruits and vegetables for the city police Failure to license. The young man became a symbol of youth without hope in Tunisia undergoing bondage and corruption of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his clan, had died of his burns on Jan.

Arrigoni, the body arrived in Rome on Friday the autopsy, and funeral Bulciago

 A large Palestinian flag, above which rose, supported by the Italian pacifists and the Palestinians. Around, three other Palestinian flags and banners with photos of Vik and the words: "With Victor in the heart of human remains," "Vick your ideas will never die." And in many wearing t-shirts that read "Thank you Vick, many roses and carnations in her hand.

So tonight, Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Rome, including more than three hundred pacifist, pro-Palestinian supporters, representatives of Palestinian groups in Rome and friends waited in the cargo area of the city, the output of the coffins with the remains of Victor Arrigoni, the volunteer kidnapped and killed in Gaza April 15.