Monday, August 1, 2011

Morocco protests continue despite repression

Thousands of Moroccans today responded to the call of the Movement February 20 and returned to appear in major Moroccan cities to demand more democracy and social justice, repeated demonstrations every Sunday for several weeks. In Rabat, hundreds of protesters of all ages, organized a march from the central square of Bab Al to the seat of Parliament, where they staged a peaceful sit-in despite the provocations of about 20 protesters monarchist to the police prevented from reaching to their adversaries.

"The people want to defeat despotism," "Long live the people" or "dignity, freedom, social justice," were the slogans repeated by pro-government demonstrators. "We insist on the street down by the lack of democratic mechanisms that allow us to express our demands from within state institutions," said Imad Chukairi Efe, one of the activists of the Movement February 20 in the Moroccan capital.

In response to the invitation addressed yesterday the young King Mohammed VI (in which he called for young people to participate in the reforms recently announced), Chukairi said "the problem is not young, but in the authority structure, which is closed and not allow the participation "of those with a critical discourse.

These protests were repeated today in major cities, Tangier (north), Fez (center) and Casablanca. In an address to the nation yesterday to mark the twelfth anniversary of his coronation, King Mohamed VI called for accelerating the establishment of laws and institutions and build the appropriate policy environment for the successful implementation of the new Constitution adopted on July 1 by an overwhelming majority of the population.

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