Friday, August 26, 2011

Russia and China rejected the UN sanctions on Syria

Russia and China today once again showed their opposition to the U.S. proposal and the countries of the European Union (EU) for the United Nations approved a package of sanctions against Syria by not members of their delegations to a meeting of the Council Security on the matter. A Western diplomat confirmed that neither Russia nor the representative of China's appeared at a meeting he had convened the highest international security body to discuss the draft resolution on Syria.

"Neither Russia nor China were presented, but we hope to join the talks (on the draft resolution) in a constructive way as quickly as possible," said the same diplomat, who avoided if the deck details and any specific date for formally presenting resolution and a vote.

The same source noted, however, that Europeans and Americans held "constructive talks" with the other members of the Security Council and stressed the will of the delegations to convince the Russians and Chinese that "you can not turn a blind eye to the terrible situation in Syria. "

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