Wednesday, March 2, 2011

UN admits 'mistake' on indictment to Belarus

The UN undersecretary-general for Peacekeeping Operations, Alain Le Roy, admitted that the international body made a "mistake" when Belarus on Monday accused of violating the arms embargo imposed on Ivory Coast. "The information was a mistake and so this morning I met with a representative of the Mission of Belarus to which I apologized for the harm caused," he told a press conference the head of the "blue helmets" in the body.

Brega retrieves the opposition between bombing Gaddafi

Forces loyal to the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi on Wednesday launched an offensive in the east of the North African country, controlled by rebels since the start of the revolt against the regime, two weeks ago. The military and mercenaries under the command of Colonel have started this morning a strong attack on Marsa el Brega, a major oil enclave 800 kilometers east of Tripoli, using aircraft, infantry and heavy artillery.

Queen freezes the assets of the clan Gaddafi UK

FM Capital Partners, a hedge fund in a building in Knightsbridge, in the heart of London, had all the advantages of hedge funds worthy of the name: a trading room, monitors, televisions and traders. Founded in 2010 by the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA), with 3 billion pounds (3.5 billion euros) in assets, this structure was, in his French manager, Fred Marino, "more than just money designed to create efficiency for customers.

The Pope interprets three gospels "The Jews condemned Jesus"

CITY 'OF THE VATICAN - In his second book on the life of Jesus, Pope Benedict XVI faces a new analysis of the synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) as a theologian and reinterprets the most important issues in its history. From the figure of Judas, that of Pontius Pilate, the dates of the Last Supper to the death of the Nazarene and accountability of jew people on the death of the Redeemer.

Clinton warns that Republicans threaten U.S. leadership in the world

Parallel to its efforts on Libya and other Arab countries involved in protests and uprisings, Hillary Clinton, involved these days in a no less difficult mission: to defend the budgets of U.S. foreign policy, seriously threatened by the Republicans in Congress. Yesterday in the House of Representatives and the Senate today, Clinton has warned that if the plans meet opposition, the U.S.

leadership in the world and the national security of this country would be endangered. "The American people are justifiably concerned about our national debt. I share that concern. But they are also necessary investments in our future that will make us stronger at home and strengthen our global leadership," said Clinton.

Yemen: the governors of five provinces sacked

President Ali Abdullah Saleh wants to prove he still holds the reins of the country at a time when his power is increasingly challenged. The president dismissed the governors of four provinces in the south and a fifth in western Yemen, said on Tuesday 1 March an official in Sanaa. The figures have not been replaced sacked immediately.

In Sanaa, they would be tens of thousands of people to ask on Tuesday the departure of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, according to a correspondent of the. Several opposition leaders attended the event, and representatives of the tribes. Supporters of the regime in turn organized a major demonstration in Sanaa-cons, the call of the General People's Congress (GPC, in power), but no violence was reported.

Tonight's body in Italy Ranzani La Russa Members IDV: "Jackals"

ROME - Italy will be covered by this evening the body of the captain Massimo Ranzani, the Alpine killed in Afghanistan. He said the defense minister, Ignazio La Russa, in a statement to the House. The minister said that the other four Italian soldiers wounded in the attack "are not in imminent danger of life." Tense moments when a passing the information to Deputies of Russia was interrupted by protests by a group of deputies of Italy of Values.

Negotiations: chief mediator sees movement in Belgium's state crisis

For nine months, Belgium has no functioning government - now reports Reynders's chief negotiator at the talks if divided parties. Soon one could take "real negotiations", the liberal leaders. In the halting debate on a government in Belgium could apparently soon get moving. "There is a broad desire for negotiations, which is shared by all interlocutors," said Didier Reynders agent in Brussels.

Egyptians vote in Mar over new constitution

The timetable for a constitutional amendment in Egypt is from mid-March to vote on the people. Then the way for parliamentary and presidential elections would be free. Saudi Arabia has denied reports of a flight into exile Hosni Mubarak. Cairo - Egypt faces a major step on the road to democracy. On 19 March will vote to citizens on an amendment to the Constitution.

The date has been fixed but only temporarily, it said on Tuesday in army circles. After the referendum are to be newly elected parliament and president. The representatives of the majority of young demonstrators against former President Hosni Mubarak encouraging them to have held parliamentary elections in June.

"Day of Wrath": Tens of thousands of dissidents protest in Yemen

Your opponent is the president: In Yemen, tens of thousands of protesters again called for the resignation of Ali Abdullah Salih. Also, the leading Muslim clerics in the country joined in the protests. They went to the capital Sanaa on the streets, as in Ibb and Tais: In Yemen, tens of thousands of demonstrators in the next edition of the "Day of Wrath" the pressure on the government increased.

West Bank: Israeli settlers have attacked Palestinians

Israeli extremist settlers, enraged by clashes with police Monday, Tuesday morning attacked with stones by Palestinians in the Hebron area (southern West Bank), officials said Palestinian security sources. In Hebron, a Palestinian child aged 6 years was injured when a settler ran him over with his car before fleeing, said the Palestinian security services.

A group of settlers threw stones at Palestinian vehicles traveling near the Beit Haggai settlement, near Hebron, the source said. Other Jewish extremists have shattered the window of a merchant of the old city of Hebron, witnesses said. When asked by the, settlers have confirmed that "there Tuesday morning incident sporadic anti-Palestinian in Judea and Samaria (West Bank)".

Gaddafi: "al-Qaeda revolt" and attacks in Italy: an apology for colonialism

TRIPOLI - "Power is in the hands of the people, I challenge anyone to prove otherwise." Muammar Gaddafi reappears in public, surrounded by his supporters, and returns to make its voice heard on the occasion of the 34th anniversary of jamahiria, "the establishment of the authority of the people." Images transmitted by the Libyan state television, relayed by international networks, show the dictator that is aimed at an audience that hosanna, sing songs and clapping in support.

Chat - After-Gaddafi: "I do not think the risk of a military coup"

In a chat on The World. fr, Bouchuiguir Sliman, president of the Libyan League for Human Rights, said that "Gaddafi has done so much damage to the Libyans that they will overcome any obstacle to get rid of him." Libya is a country unique in the field of human rights. There are no guarantees on human rights.

There is no constitution, no separation of powers, nor legal. Only Mr Gaddafi has all the power. In Libya, there is no political party formed, there are no NGOs. Being a member of an NGO in Libya leads you to death. In the past, there were political parties formed, Nasserism, left, Baathists, a major trade union movement.

Licensed by the Bank Grammeen Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus

Dhaka - Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize and a pioneer of microfinance, has been expelled with immediate effect from the Grameen Bank he founded in 1976. This was announced by the president of the bank Muzammel Huq. "The central bank of Bangladesh has raised Yunus from his position as managing director of Grameen Bank with immediate effect," said Hud.

Yunus, 70, has come under fire the government, which accuses him of tax evasion. But the hostility against the executive believed to date back to 2007, when following a military coup, the banker expressed the idea of creating his own political movement. Political leaders and the majority of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajed gliel'hanno not forgiven, according to some reconstructions of the press, considering a rival in the contest of power.

Libyan air raid in city leaves four dead and ten wounded

At least four people were killed and ten others injured in the shelling of the enclave oil Brig, 200 miles west of Benghazi, in the attempt by forces loyal to Muammar Gadhafi to regain the city, according to the Qatari television network Al Jazeera. The air strike was launched by forces loyal to the Libyan leader, Muammar Gadhafi, who since this morning trying to gain control of this strategic town, to now in the hands of opponents of the regime.

Juppe: "No military action in Libya without a UN mandate"

The region of Tripoli, Sirte and south of the country remain in the hands of the Gaddafi regime. The international community including considering a ban of airspace. The U.S. military positions in naval and air forces around Libya. Paris has sent two planes loaded with humanitarian aid to the Benghazi region.

Gaddafi says he is still loved his country, denying that events are staged against him. Read the story of the day: & amp; amp; amp; amp; lt; a href = "http://www. CoveritLive. Com / mobile. Php / option = com_mobile / task = viewaltcast / altcast_code f8971c7520 = "mce_href =" http://www.

Maroni: "Two hundred thousand to flight risk infiltration of Al Qaeda"

ROME - In the current unstable situation in Libya is "serious and real" risk of terrorist infiltration: Italian intelligence revealed links between al Qaeda and the Islamic Maghreb to proselytize. " This was stated by Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, referring to the Committees on the situation in the Mediterranean together for Constitutional Affairs and Foreign Affairs.

"There is concern," said Maroni, "that what is happening could lead to a situation of Libya's government much more like Afghanistan and Somalia against a friendly country of Italy, Europe and the West ". And he warned: "Do not just threaten sanctions as it did in Europe, or the image that is given is that Europe is the enemy." Napolitano: "for full agreement at the EU policy towards Libya." According to Giorgio Napolitano will be found a "full agreement on the issue at a European policy towards Libya." There is a coincidence "absolute views between Italy and among the other European countries, not just Europe," said the head of state, citing in particular the last resolution passed unanimously by the UN Security Council .

Two dead, two wounded in a shootout at the airport of Frncfort Aleman

Two people have died and two others wounded in a shooting at a U.S. military bus in the Frankfurt International Airport, west of Germany, reports the news channel N-TV Germanic. The gunman, according to news agency DPA, is a man of 21 years of Kosovar that has already been arrested by police. The shooting took place in front of the Terminal 2, where the U.S.

military operates military flights, the agency Efe. The author fired from "near or top of a military bus" in which carrying a yet undetermined number of U.S. soldiers. Apparently the dead were the driver and one passenger. It is still unknown whether this is a terrorist attack, according to a police source told Efe.

Education victim of armed conflict

Twenty-eight million children are "deprived of education because of armed conflicts" that expose them to such "targeted attacks on their schools," to "rape" or "sexual violence", says Unesco in a report released Tuesday. Of the 67 million children of school age in primary school who are not in school, "42% or 28 million, live in poor countries plagued by conflict," the agency said in this report, The Hidden Crisis: armed conflict and education.

Legends of the uprising in Beijing detained dissidents, censorship on web

BEIJING - Wang Fujing, the first shopping street in western Beijing, has never been so clean. Runs a short walk from Tiananmen Square in 1989 and was used to store the tanks of the Communist regime before the massacre of students. Even Renmin Square, the heart of Shanghai, is under water several times a day.

China is plagued by the worst drought in a century, but the authorities do not spare trucks. Pretend a manic cleaning of public places or open yards sudden around suspect sites, is the system that the authorities of the second world power to take two weeks to drive away, with pedestrians, the specter of a revolution.

Arrested opposition politicians: protests are announced in Iran

The arrest of two Iranian opposition politicians Karrubi and Mousavi has caused outrage among the opponents of the regime. New mass demonstrations are announced, protests and the West. But the leadership in Tehran forbids any interference from outside. The Iranian authorities deny that the two opposition leaders Hossein Mousavi and Mahdi Karrubi with their wives were brought into the high security prison Heschmatijeh.

The bombing of Afghanistan and the rebuilding

Italy mourns yet another victim of the Taliban mujahideen, the lieutenant of the Alpine Massimo Ranzani. There are also wounded four Italian boys, who were on board the vehicle of the lieutenant, a VTLM Lynx, blown in a column of thirteen others as he returned after a military operation in the district of Adar Sang, in western Afghanistan.

The number of attacks caused by explosive bombs placed on roads in 2010 has exceeded 14,000, while 8000 were in 2008. Moreover, as they always did, the Taliban leave the Western ISAF and Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan conquered positions, but recovered to resume after a few months with the so-called "spring offensive".

Libya: no option is ruled out, even military intervention

Tuesday, March 1 in the morning, after 14 days of the uprising, Muammar Qaddafi and his forces lost control as Tripoli and its region. According to European Commissioner for Energy, Gunther Oettinger, major Libyan oil fields are now "under the control of tribes and interim forces who returned to power." The opposition has announced the imminent resumption of oil exports from the east, it controls.

Pakistan, killed minister Christian Vatican: "Defending religious freedom"

ISLAMABAD - Minister for religious minorities in Pakistan, Shahbaz Bhatti, a Catholic, was killed by an armed commando in an attack in Islamabad. The spokesman said a local hospital in Shifa, Azmatullah Qureshi. Bhatti, 35, had just been confirmed in the following a reshuffle of the government, despite pressure from Islamic fundamentalist groups.

In recent months he had been threatened with death for having sought to amend the blasphemy law and for having the grace to batuto Asia Bibi, a Christian woman sentenced to death in June 2009 just under that law. Asia Bibi, mother of two children, dubbed the "Sakineh Christian", is awaiting trial before the Appellate Court of Lahore.

The International Criminal Court opened an investigation on violence in Libya

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced it will open an investigation into the violent events in Libya. "After conducting a preliminary review of available information, the prosecutor has concluded that an investigation is warranted," he said in a statement. The prosecutor shall specify at 13.00 am which will be covered by such research in addition to the specific facts will be analyzed and judged.

Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank driven

Muhammad Yunus, "Banker to the Poor" Nobel prize for peace and microcredit pioneer, was excluded from the bank he founded, Grameen Bank. The decision was taken in response to pressure the central bank of Bangladesh that challenged the world where Yunus was appointed to lead the bank. Yunus, 70, says the central bank of Bangladesh, has been appointed managing director of Grameen Bank in 2000 without seeking the prior opinion of the Central Bank itself.

Castro, Chavez and Ortega alongside Gaddafi

The agora Arabic

Strange and new things are happening in Arab countries. Strange and new for what they say about us, democracies bedded but unable to remember how born, wondering if you still live up to promises of origin. All European countries are upset by the whirlwinds of North Africa, but in Italy is that we couple to the dismay quest'inettitudine, radical, to question themselves.

It is as if we had become accustomed, over the years, thinking about democracy in a unitary, as if the domain, even by us, was just one. As if one was the source of sovereignty: the people voters. A law: that of the head. An opinion, even when it coincides with the opinion of only part (the majority) of society.

Libya, the army bomb west of Benghazi. Gaddafi: "Since 1977 I have no powers"

Counter of the Gaddafi regime. In Libya, have been going on this night of heavy bombardment aircraft regime of Muammar Gaddafi over the city of Marsa el Brega, in Cyrenaica, a hundred miles west of Benghazi. The reported eyewitnesses in al Arabiya. The forces of the regime they want to regain control, but the protesters do not yield.

Gaddafi's army, starting from the coastal town, bombarded intensely with tanks and heavy artillery strongholds of the rebels, with fierce fighting near the port as they told eyewitnesses. According to some sources, Gaddafi's troops penetrated the city but would be sent to the Al-Brega Jazeera reported that the rebels have rejected the attack and keep control of the village.

Libya: the creation of a no-fly zone under discussion

Among the measures envisaged by the international community against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi ended, one is hotly debated: the establishment of a "no-fly zone" over Libya. Discussions were held Monday, February 28 on this subject among members of the Security Council of the UN, but the decision is not taken.

All or part of the sky would be banned Libyan flight or to prevent Qaddafi's military planes to bomb the people (including chemical weapons), or to enforce embargoes by the international community. That restriction of sovereignty, very heavy and complex to implement, would be a strong political gesture.

Tripoli, night raids in houses in the action of death squads

TRIPOLI - The atmosphere of false calm in Tripoli can no longer hide the truth. Libya is a country at war, where military operations decided by Colonel Gaddafi is continuing. The man who has just become the "Mayor of Tripoli" manages to bring order to strike not only the arms depots around the country, but also the towns captured by rebels, the buildings where they are hidden young and old.

And the city has unleashed his death squads to get rid of dissidents. With a technique of concealing ruthless and efficient, the Libyan government's strategy in parallel feeding a smile, an information campaign and fighting oppressive, claiming that the rebels are men of Al Qaeda and that Tripoli is a peace agreement.

Gadhafi insists he can not resign because he has no power

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi insisted today in a speech broadcast live on state television in which he can not resign because he is not president and can not dissolve the Parliament and abolish the Constitution. In a long speech in a room full of dozens of his followers, Gadhafi said that "there are no demonstrations or Al Baida, or in Benghazi" and returned to his thesis blame for the riots to al Qaeda.

Argentina has 48 multinational grain companies accused of tax evasion

BUENOS AIRES, Mar. 1 (Reuters) - Argentina's justice has made records Tuesday at the headquarters of 48 multinational grain companies accused of evading taxes by about $ 36 million (26.1 million euros) have informed agencies. A source close to the investigation has stated that Bunge, Cargill, Nidera and Noble are among the largest companies registered by the Justice Argentina at the request of the Federal Revenue Administration (AFIP), the collecting agency.

Libya, Maroni: "There are a million and a half of illegal immigrants"

"In Libya there are a million and a half of illegal immigrants: in these days are running away to the west and east but I expect that in future they can go further north." Roberto Maroni has reported on the situation in Libya during the hearing at the Constitutional Affairs and Foreign joint committees of the House and Senate.

The Interior Minister said he was deeply concerned by the crisis could escalate and "lead to a situation similar to that of Afghanistan or Somalia. It 's a real and serious threat and I hope that the international community tell her. " "According to our intelligence - he added - there is a 'close business associations with Al Qaeda in the Maghreb and Europe aimed at proselytizing can not only threaten sanctions, we need a special plan of action, a kind of Marshall Plan, which will allow economic development in those countries.

Gaddafi "surprised" that the West abandoned

In the fourteenth day of the protest movement, Colonel Gaddafi, whose forces remained loyal to him no longer control that Tripoli and its region, has accused the West to abandon its plan. "I'm surprised, as we are allied to the West in combating Al-Qaeda, he abandons us now that we are fighting terrorists," said the Libyan leader to journalist Christiane Amanpour star of ABC in a interview broadcast Monday, February 28.

The buried alive in the prison hospital in Benghazi as political prisoners have died

Benghazi - Do not look for them any more, prisoners buried alive by Colonel Gaddafi. In recent days, from underground dungeons where they had been imprisoned, had sent signals that they had made more and more feeble, until it disappears altogether. Moved by pity cialtronesca before escaping a guard had left their cell phone.

But without the charger. "The last SMS message arrived five days ago," says the electrical engineer Salim Abdullah, showing us how to test the display of his mobile phone. "They asked for help, saying he had no more water, and they were dying of thirst. Then nothing." Dozens of volunteers have searched for them, therefore, in that city under the city made up of tunnels, escape routes for Colonel Gaddafi, bunkers, ammunition dumps and, indeed, secret prisons.

Iran stifles protest against the arrest of opposition leaders

.- The Iranian security forces fired tear gas at hundreds of protesters today in Tehran against the government and the alleged arrest of the two main opposition leaders, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karrubi. The demonstrations, called by the opposition on Tuesday to demand the resignation of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, came a day after being reported missing and Karrubi Musavi, along with their wives.

Certify the Libyan regime's international isolation

The UN General Assembly today certified the international isolation of the regime of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, with expulsion from the North African country's Human Rights Council (HRC) of the international organization. The unprecedented measure was adopted by consensus by the 192 countries that make up the multilateral agency, in a demonstration that the Libyan leader has been almost no friends in the international arena.

Fernandez de Kirchner refused to press for a constitutional amendment to permit his re-election

BUENOS AIRES, Mar. 1, Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, has denied Tuesday that he is pushing a constitutional reform to be eligible for re-election in 2015, in an appearance before the deputies that did not make clear whether run for the elections this year for a second consecutive term.

Fernández de Kirchner on Tuesday offered his last message to the Legislative Assembly that began with the plenary sessions for the period 2011. In his speech has been emphatic in ensuring that it will not be "sitting forever" in its rightful seat in Parliament, rejected versions of his alleged intention to seek reelection indefinitely.

Gaddafi urges the UN and NATO to demonstrate the death of innocent people in Libya

Muammar Qaddafi, who holds absolute power for 42 years, not the president of Libya, it can not resign from any position. And in the North African country, torn apart by a popular uprising that has unleashed a harsh crackdown and an unprecedented exodus, there are no internal problems. In his third televised address since the riots erupted, the Libyan dictator, more relaxed than ever, has drawn a surreal landscape of the situation in his country.

Clinton calls for investigation into Gaddafi Lockerbie bombing

Increase the pressure on Muammar Gaddafi. The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for an investigation on its possible role as instigator in the attack of 21 December 1988 Lockerbie bombing that caused an explosion in the air of Pan Am Flight 103 over the skies of Scotland, and the death of 270.

According to Libyan sources said the Clinton administration to Congress, was the Libyan leader himself who ordered the attack. A pro forma request by the Secretary-American, as the sole responsibility of the attack is the former Libyan intelligence agent Abdel Basset Ali al Megrahi, sentenced to life imprisonment and released "on humanitarian grounds" from Scotland, under pressure from London, 20 August 2009.

Argentine dictatorship: opening of a historic trial of babies on flights

A historic trial on the theft of babies as "systematic plan" under the Argentine dictatorship (1976-1983) opened Monday, February 28 in Buenos Aires. Two former dictators Jorge Videla, 85, and Reynaldo Bignone, 83, are on the dock alongside six other military Santiago Omar Riveros, Ruben Oscar Franco, Antonio Vanek, Jorge Luis Magnacco, Juan Antonio and Jorge Azic "Tiger" Acosta.

"We were spoils of war regime," said the courthouse entrance Fosatti Leonardo, 33. He was one of the babies were stolen and found his identity through the research of the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo. Members of organizations defending human rights, including HIJOS (Sons and daughters of the disappeared), sang and waved flags in front of the court.

Refugee arrivals from the border with Tunisia "Italian Mission to assist 10 000 people"

ROMA - E 'alarm over the plight of refugees who are trying to leave Libya, torn by fighting and by clashes between forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi and the rebels. The "crisis within the crisis," as he called the UNHCR spokesman in Italy, Laura Boldrini, is likely to fall in the coming hours and is taking forward the international community.

"The crisis in North Africa - Boldrini said today during a hearing in the Senate - a concern for all, we UNHCR in particular: there are 140 thousand people recovering from Libya to Egypt and Tunisia, most citizens of those countries but also the Libyans and other nationalities. " An extremely difficult situation: "We sent a Boeing 747 with first-aid needs for 10 thousand, we did get 2 thousand tents, goes on the air-bridge and three other aircraft will depart in the coming hours.