Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NATO helicopters involved in an incident at the border with Pakistan

The Pakistani army has "strongly protested" to NATO after a raid by two helicopters for ISAF in the tribal area of North Waziristan, which injured on Tuesday, two Pakistani soldiers. In Kabul, the NATO international force (ISAF) "has heard of a possible incident" at this point of the border. A Western military official in Kabul confirmed that both NATO aircraft that were operating on the Afghan side had responded to fire from Pakistan.

Syria denies the existence of a mass grave in Deraa

The Syrian Interior Ministry denied, Tuesday, May 17, the existence of a mass grave in the town of Dera, home to the dispute started two months ago. "As part of the smear campaign, incitement, [information dissemination] fabricated, launched against Syria, and continued attempts to undermine stability and peace of its citizens, some channels Television and media have published information, quoting eyewitnesses, alleging the existence of a mass grave in Deraa, "said the official news agency SANA quoted an official at the Interior Ministry.

Funes supports connections of the 'narco' with the State SALVADORAN

The former rulers they never did in El Salvador, it has the current president Mauricio Funes by publicly acknowledging the existence in their country of a drug cartel that has connections with the State's institutions, as well as gang-gangs, and serves springboard to catapult the cocaine from Colombia to the United States, where the market is assured.

Funes confirmed to local and foreign journalists, international journalists at a forum held on Monday, the existence of a large drug trafficking network in the north and northwest of El Salvador, called Texis sign-on to the northern district, where Texistepeque involving entrepreneurs, mayors, deputies, police and judges.

Strauss-Kahn, the IMF no all'immunitàE sprout names for his succession

Dominique Strauss-Kahn (Read the picture) will not enjoy diplomatic immunity. Accepted in the Statute of the International Monetary Fund officials "in the performance of official acts in exercising their functions", but the director was in New York for personal reasons. Even the hotel at the center of the story, the Sofitel New York - where, according to the indictment, Strauss-Kahn would have raped a 32 year-old waitress - "not in the list of hotels" for selected personnel on mission, stressed by the IMF.

Japan will host the IAEA inspectors in Fukushima

Japan is ready to welcome experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to inspect nuclear plant in Fukushima. "We do our best to ensure transparency and accept the arrival of investigators from the IAEA," said the spokesman of the Japanese government, Yukio Edano, at a press conference Tuesday, May 17 An international team of twenty specialists of the Agency will be in Japan from May 24 to June 2 to analyze the accident at the plant.

The black boxes of Air France Airbus crash exempt

PARIS, 17 May. The data extracted from the black box containing the flight parameters of the Air France plane that fell into the Atlantic in June 2009 Airbus could exempt a manufacturer from any liability, according to Gallo publishes the journal 'Le Figaro'. Apparently, the first evidence after reading the flight data to conclude that the A330 was "harmless", which leads investigators to a possible pilot error.

Strauss-Kahn, French socialists prepare for his succession to the challenge to Sarkozy

Faced with the refusal of U.S. courts to grant bail to Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the French Socialist Party breaks through the inertia and confirm the schedule of primaries for the race socialist Elysium 2012. The announcement, despite calls for caution on a story that many inside the PS, however, define a "private event", decreed the disappearance of the Director of the IMF by the French policy of at least the medium term.

In Rwanda, thirty years in prison for a former army chief convicted of "genocide"

For seventeen years, international justice continues to punish those responsible for genocide in Rwanda. On Tuesday, the former Chief of Staff of the Rwandan army Augustin Bizimungu was sentenced to thirty years imprisonment. Accused of "genocide" by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), that general had been appointed head of the army in April 1994, ten days after the onset of ethnic conflict.

I Strauss-Kahn, you bidet

It seems that men think about sex every 54 seconds (or every 7, or 18 times a day, several studies have different priorities). It is reassuring but, fortunately, not always thought to correspond to the Act. Which allows the girls to lie down and not be penetrated down the street, queuing at the post office.

This, of course, with regard to normal men. For special men, between thinking and doing, standing in the way little. Not an embarrassment, not a request, not a word. Horny exit from the bathroom, passing by a female of the species and you servants of his body. Like it's your stuff. If you are number one in the International Monetary Fund, and thus the number two in the world, you have the mathematical certainty that you download that stubborn excess libido, quickly and at no additional cost.

DSK case: defending the alleged victim?

Pakistan has arrested a leading member of Al Qaeda

The Pakistani security forces arrested a prominent active member of the Yemeni branch of Al Qaeda in the city of Karachi in southern Iraq, the Army said Tuesday. The Army identified the man as Muhammad Qasim Ali, alias Abu Shoaib to Makki, and said he had been "working directly under the leadership of Al Qaeda along (the) border between Pakistan and Afghanistan." It is not clear how to actually Makki.

Argentina/Brasil.- Brazil reiterates that there is a "trade war" with Argentina

BRASILIA / BUENOS AIRES, 17 May. (Reuters) - The Minister of Foreign Trade of Brazil, Fernando Pimentel, reiterated on Monday that the barriers to the importation of vehicles imposed by his country last week did not represent a "trade war" with Argentina. Dilma Rousseff's government approved the imposition of non-automatic licensing imports of cars from any country, which has bothered especially in Argentina, whose main export market for vehicles is Brazil.

Guatemala established a state of siege in the area of the massacre of peasants

Guatemala's President Alvaro Colom has ordered the establishment of the state of siege for 30 days in Petén, the northern province where on Sunday a group of gunmen brutally killed 27 peasants in front of the manor house of the farm where he worked. They had gathered there to collect his weekly salary.

The decision, taken by the Council of Ministers on Monday night, was not without difficulties, since Guatemala is in election campaign-the general election is scheduled on September 11, "and both the Constitution and the Law Electoral require that during that time the state guarantees the fulfillment of civic and political freedoms.

Strauss-Kahn and arrogance of power

Must be provided even with the worst enemies and therefore it must be hoped that the defamatory allegations against Dominique Strauss Kahn prove to be unfounded. Unfortunately for him, however, it seems that this is not the super manager and the rest on other occasions had indicated some willingness to make use of women's bodies regardless of the consent of the unfortunate for whom he directed his "attention".

Washington would have started talking with the Taliban

The United States increase their efforts to negotiate a political settlement of the Afghan conflict with the Taliban, the Washington Post reported Tuesday. A U.S. official involved in at least three meetings in Qatar and Germany, one of which there are eight or nine days with an emissary considered a close associate of Mullah Mohammad Omar, the leader of the "religious students", the newspaper said , quoting an Afghan official.

Argentina Brasil/Argentina.- redoubling its efforts to prevent Brazil is part of the Security Council UN

BUENOS AIRES, 17 May. (Reuters) - Argentina on Monday stepped up its actions against the aspiration of Brazil to join the Security Council as permanent member of UN, at a time when the two largest South American economies remain a trade dispute. Argentine Foreign Minister, Hector Timerman, who is in Rome for a special meeting on the extension of the UN body, made several comments that were interpreted as a campaign against Brazil.

A court order temporarily buried in Miami Carlos Andres Prez

An appeals court ratified the U.S. has a court order for the body of the Venezuelan president Carlos Andrés Pérez is temporarily buried in a cemetery in Miami, Florida. Perez's body remained for almost five months frozen in a funeral home waiting for justice to resolve family disputes over whether the city is in U.S.

or is buried in Venezuela. Perez's widow, Blanca Rodriguez, wants to repatriate the body to Venezuela and Cecilia Matos, politician's girlfriend, wants to bury in the U.S., fulfilling the last wishes of the Venezuelan president twice. Relatives of Perez in Venezuela now have a period of 10 days to request a review of the decision before it takes effect.

Brasil/EEUU.- sentenced to four years probation for two U.S. pilots for a crash in Brazil

SAO PAULO, May 17. (Reuters) - A Brazilian court has sentenced to four years probation to two American pilots of negligence in a plane crash of an airliner over the Amazon jungle in 2006 that killed 154 people. Joseph Lepore and Jan Paul Paladino piloting a small private jet over the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso in the Amazon jungle, when their wings crashed into a Boeing 737 operated by Brazilian airline Gol, which caused the airliner crashed in the jungle One of the worst accident in Brazilian history.

Pakistan, two helicopters NatoScambio trespass charges with Islamabad

Since the death of Osama Bin Laden, to Pakistan has been a crescendo of tension. First with the U.S., the U.S. secret raid in Pakistan that led to the killing of the leader of Al Qaeda. "The United States we must explain why Pakistan has been bypassed in that operation," continues to emphasize the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hina Rabbani Khar.

The protests today are directed against NATO, however, after two helicopters from Afghanistan, for ten minutes flew over the skies of the Waziristan tribal region in the north. According to the Pakistani military, aircraft "have violated the airspace of the country and opened fire at a military post, injuring two soldiers, Islamabad.

Elizabeth II's historic visit to Ireland amid tension

Queen Elizabeth II begins Tuesday, May 17, a historic visit to Ireland under surveillance, the first movement of a British monarch since independence in 1922 was troubled by the threat from dissident republicans. An explosive device "in working order" was defused Monday night in a bus at Maynooth, near Dublin, said Tuesday morning the Irish police, adding that the alert had followed an "anonymous call".

Libya announces the imminent liberation of Spanish photographer Manu Brabo

The spokesman Muammar Gaddafi regime, Ibrahim Moussa, announced the agency Associated Press (AP) the imminent release of the Spanish photojournalist Manuel Varela de Seijas, professionally known as Manu Brabo, arrested on 5 April near the Libyan town of Brega. According to the spokesman of Tripoli, both Spanish photographer and two other American journalists captured with him, James Foley and Claire Morgan Gillis, have appeared this morning before a judge to answer charges of illegally entering the country.

Belgium, the Socialists are trying to form a government (which is missing for a year)

Elio Di Rupo, leader of the Socialist Party of Italian descent, was appointed by King Albert II to form the new coalition after more than a year of political deadlock in Belgium, the left goes to the government. Elio Di Rupo, leader of the Socialist Party (PS) and of Italian descent, was appointed by King Albert II to form the new coalition after more than a year of political deadlock will try to give an executive the country.

The balance of the attack to avenge bin Laden stands

The balance of the double suicide bombing in Pakistan Friday before a training center for police by the Taliban allied with al-Qaeda in retaliation for the death of Osama bin Laden has risen to ninety-eight dead, said Tuesday the police. A Shabqadar, in the Northwest, the first suicide bomber on a motorcycle blew up his bomb among the cadets of the Frontier Constabulary ("border police") who boarded the bus for ten days' leave.

NATO Pakistny exchange fire in border Afganistn

The Pakistani military reported yesterday that two NATO helicopters violated its airspace on the border with Afghanistan. The incident, which comes at a moment of tension between Islamabad and Washington, left two soldiers wounded and led to a "strong protest" of the military. Following the U.S. operation that killed Osama Bin Laden, Pakistan's parliament has asked the government not to tolerate another raid and that they occur, remove the permit transit of NATO supplies.

Strauss-Kahn, America and the essential truths

I believe that the most serious faults of the Italians are the intellectual and moral. In particular, all one: the violence to the truth. Italians more than all the others believe that they can "bend" the truth at will. We are the people who more than any other is prone to "Cara is not as it seems." And, with regard to serious matters, we are the people of the "creative financing" of the tricks of the budget, the substantial decriminalization of false accounting, construction of amnesties and tax.

The U.S. Treasury announced emergency measures to allow the federal government to operate

The U.S. Treasury announced Monday new measures financial emergency to allow the federal government to continue to operate while the government fails to obtain an increase in the statutory limit on public debt. As expected the Treasury, the public debt subject to the ceiling set by Congress was to meet on Monday 14 294 billion threshold beyond which the state can not increase its indebtedness.

Ireland makes the largest police deployment in its history to receive Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II today will become the first British monarch to step on the independent Ireland. The queen, who is scheduled to arrive around noon local time (an hour in mainland Spain), will be received at Casement Aerodrome in Baldonnel, the Irish Foreign Minister, Eamon Gilmore, before go to the official residence of Irish President Mary McAleese for the first official reception.

But beyond the pomp and courtesy of all state travel, noise and silence will also be traveling companions Isabel. The noise you want to get more extreme Republicans, who continue to see the Queen of England as the former oppressor and not the chief of a neighboring country with which Ireland shares vital interests.

International Criminal Court orders arrest of Gadhafi

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno Ocampo, asked the judges a warrant for crimes against humanity against the Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, his son Saif al Islam and the head of the Libyan Intelligence Services Abdullah Al Senusi. "The evidence collected shows that Moammar Gadhafi personally commanded Libyan attacks unarmed civilians," said Moreno Ocampo of Argentina in a press conference in The Hague, seat of the ICC.

In Italy, Berlusconi and the right battered in local elections

Italian left began to cry victory on Monday May 16 evening, given the projections of the first round of municipal elections, which provides for the first time in fifteen years the right to tie adverse Milan, the economic capital of the country and traditional stronghold Silvio Berlusconi. "The figures show clearly that happen to us that we win and lose, welcomed Pier Luigi Bersani, head of the Democratic Party (PD, left), the main opposition party.

Ireland extreme security measures during the visit of Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II today becomes the first British monarch to set foot on Irish soil in the last 100 years. A historical journey of four days, beginning marked by threats involving dissident republicans. 4,000 police ensure safety the next few days in Dublin, Kildare and Cork, the places you visit the monarch, who have no contact with the Irish for fear of possible attack.

In the last hours, police have turned off on the outskirts of Dublin two homemade explosive devices. The last visit by a British monarch to Ireland back in 1911, the date on which George V visited the island, which was still under the control of London. In 1921, Ireland confirmed its independence and with it ended the fluid diplomatic exchanges between the two neighboring islands.

Donald Trump gives up the U.S. presidential

Billionaire Donald Trump will not be a candidate for the Republican nomination for the 2012 presidential election against President Barack Obama. Asked on NBC, he said "after extensive discussions and deliberations, I decided not to introduce me to the presidency" of the United States, "said Trump. "This decision was not easy to take, nor without regret," he said, stating that his name still appeared high in the polls among the candidates for the Republican nomination.

Mario Draghi a little closer to the ECB

Mario Draghi was appointed unanimously by the finance ministers of the euro area, Monday, May 16, future President of the European Central Bank. The current president of the Italian central bank, whose choice will be finally endorsed by Heads of State and Government of Twenty-Seven at a summit in late June, to succeed Jean-Claude Trichet as president of the ECB on 1 November.

Mr. Trichet, whose term ends in late October will be spent eight years as head of the Monetary Institute in Frankfurt. A favorite in the race for several weeks, the Governor of the Bank of Italy was held Monday to cut short the rumors spread light at the last moment to be sent instead to the general direction of the IMF in the wake of legal setbacks for USA Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

NATO target again Infrastructure Gaddafi regime

A building security services and interior ministry headquarters inspection and popular control, body fight against corruption in Libya, were on fire early Tuesday morning, following NATO raids. Both buildings are located on Al-Joumhouriya Avenue, a residential and administrative center of the capital, near the residence of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

At about 3 pm local time (2:00 in Paris) firefighters were still struggling against the flames that ravaged the two buildings opposite one another. Previously, two explosions were heard in this sector to a 30 pm local. The Minister of inspection and control popular on this site, reported injuries among his officials, without giving specific figures.

Rikers Island, a prison island between Queens and the Bronx

Rikers Island prison was transferred when Dominique Strauss-Kahn on Monday night to Tuesday, is an island of 1.6 km2 located on the East River between the boroughs [administrative division] of Queens and the Bronx, which she is attached, near LaGuardia Airport, which serves New York. It gave its name to the large prison complex that houses it.

It employs seven thousand and fifteen hundred civilian guards. According to several websites dedicated to American prisons, it receives in buildings of varying sizes between three thousand and fourteen thousand prisoners, making it one of the largest detention centers in the world. It can hold up to seventeen thousand, according to prison authorities.

Strauss-Kahn, in prisin without bail

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF managing director, will remain in police custody after the judge presiding over the case rejected at the hearing held yesterday in New York on bail of one million dollars offered by the defense, with the risk that suspect to leave the country. The prominent French politician was also informed of the crimes of which he is formally charged, among which the criminal sexual act and attempted rape, punishable by 25 to 15 years in prison, respectively.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn incarcerated at Rikers Island

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who was accused of attempted rape and sexual assault by a hotel employee, spends the night of Monday to Tuesday in the Rikers Island prison in New York. After two nights in police custody in Manhattan, DSK "will sleep tonight at Rikers Island in a single cell," said a spokesman for the prison administration of the city under cover of anonymity.

"I can not tell you if already there, but there will be tonight," he said Monday. It will not be in contact with other prisoners. That does not mean it will still in his cell. This means that when he comes out, it will always be accompanied by a guardian. " Judge Melissa Jackson refused to release DSK bail of one million dollars, two days after his arrest at Kennedy Airport in New York while he was on a plane bound for Paris.

Ban called on Israelis and Palestinians to show restraint

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon today called for restraint after Israelis and Palestinians that fifteen people were killed and over 210 injured in numerous demonstrations in Gaza, West Bank, Syria and Lebanon and asked to avoid provocations. "The secretary general is deeply concerned with the significant number of people killed and injured.

Calls on all parties to show restraint and avoid responding to provocations to prevent an escalation of tensions and ensure that no further civil or die injured, "said UN spokesman, Martin Nesirky, told reporters. Nesirky explained that Ban had followed "about the serious incidents in the Palestinian territories, the Blue Line between Israel and Lebanon and the Golan Heights after the violation of the separation line from the Syrian side," so calls for "calm in the region and the greatest responsibility" for the parties.

Argentina .- The general elections will be held on October 23, with a possible second round on November 20

BUENOS AIRES, 17 May. Argentine general election will be held on October 23, with a possible second round scheduled for 20 November. The primaries will be held on August 14, mandatory for all parties, to be held openly and simultaneously. The president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, has been responsible for setting the election schedule by a decree which states that "this year end the mandates of the president, the vice president, half the members of the House of Deputies and senators from the provinces of Buenos Aires, Formosa, Jujuy, La Rioja, Misiones, San Juan, Santa Cruz and San Luis.

Nigeria election violence after 800 deaths caused

More than 800 people were killed and 65,000 displaced in three days of violence after a presidential election in Nigeria in April to win Goodluck Jonathan, said Monday the organization Human Rights Watch. After Jonathan, and Christian from the south, was declared winner of the election, clashes broke out in northern cities, mostly Muslim.

The elections were considered by observers and many Nigerians as the most credible in decades. However, Jonathan's main rival, former dictator Muhammadu Buhari, a Muslim people in the north, has refused to accept defeat and his party the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC for its acronym in English) has asked the Cutting new elections in some areas.

Elizabeth II, first king Brits who travel to independent Ireland

When George V visited Ireland in 1911 was dismissed by thanking the "warm welcome" he had waived the Irish and promised to return soon. Never did. Neither he nor any other British monarch since. To date, one hundred years later, when Elizabeth II put your feet at noon at the Casement Aerodrome at Baldonnel, and moved from there directly to the welcome reception that will feature in his official residence of Irish President Mary McAleese.

Venezuela stops the alleged drug trafficker and member of the FARC Didier Galindo Ros

The Minister of Interior and Justice of Venezuela, Tarek El Aissami, broke the news with a capital and lowercase letters, via his Twitter account: "Another blow to drug trafficking." Detained in Carabobo DIDIER RIVERS GALINDO. Colombiano. Requested by INTERPOL RED spread by drug trafficking. " The minister gave no details of when or how the transaction occurred.

Nor did he mention that the alleged drug trafficker who had just captured Venezuelan police was also a member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. This is the second of the FARC guerrillas that the Government of Hugo Chávez has been arrested in the last month, after Juan Manuel Santos Government also decided to extradite to Venezuela, and not the United States of alleged drug-WalidMakled Venezuela.

Palestinian unity government is no peace partner, says Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, setting the stage for a visit to high-profile United States said Monday that a Palestinian unity government that includes Hamas Islamists could not be Israel's peace partner. But in what could be a retreat from positions held for long, right-wing leader appeared to offer the prospect of future territorial compromise compliance with its terms for peace that have caused Palestinian rejection in the past.

The euro area supports Mario Draghi for the presidency of the ECB

Finance ministers of the euro area Monday, May 16 gave their agreement in principle that Italy's Mario Draghi to replace Jean-Claude Trichet as president of the European Central Bank (ECB) announced their leader, the Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker. "We have unanimously nominated Mario Draghi as the successor of Jean-Claude Trichet," Juncker said at a press conference after a meeting in Brussels of the finance ministers of the euro area .