Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Russian capital commemorating the victims of a suicide bombing at the airport Domodedovo.

 Flags were placed at half mast, radio stations play funeral music, there are numerous religious services. 35 people died in the attack, more than 100 injured are still in hospitals. Moscow - was to commemorate the victims of a suicide bombing at the Moscow Domodedovo airport was proclaimed a "day of mourning." Flags were placed at half mast on official buildings.

Afghanistan: German-Afghan in U.S. custody Militrgefngnis

U.S. troops in Afghanistan have arrested a German student. He was reportedly taken to a military prison, is apparently under suspicion of terrorism. The family in Frankfurt, dismisses the accusations against him - and criticized German authorities. Berlin - The access was apparently in the middle of the night: The student Haddid N., 23 years old, was arrested in early January in Afghanistan by U.S. troops.

Riots: Government of Egypt is choking protests

Egypt faces new and bloody protests. The government has announced tough action against protesters - more demonstrations would be tolerated. But the opposition can not be put off: Call on the Internet to mass protests. They stand at street corners, squares and bridges. Thousands of police patrolled the streets of the Egyptian capital, Cairo - to prevent new mass protests.

The opposition calls for an end of oppression, corruption and poverty. The Egyptian government responded with the police presence and severity. Should there be any new protests would proceed against the security forces targeted an Interior Ministry spokesman said on Wednesday. "No one will be allowed to foment rebellion, to hold protest meetings or to organize demonstrations.

State of the Nation: Obama calls for unity in America

The United States must attack, to reduce its huge deficit, create jobs: In his State of the Nation, U.S. President Obama citizens and political parties called for joint efforts - that America should defend the status as a world power number one. Washington - Millions of Americans listened as Barack Obama in his State of the Nation presented its ambitious plans: He wants more jobs, more investment - and more unity in the country.

State of the Nation: Obama starts operation re-election

He wants to reduce the horrendous debt with a five-year plan, but also boost the economy and investing, Barack Obama presented in his speech to the nation, the course for the coming year. First details of his talk has seeped through in advance. Washington - It occurs during prime time in front of the camera: When Barack Obama in Tuesday night's speech to the nation, holds him 50 million people will see in the USA.

Terror trial: A judge in New York has sentenced a former Guantanamo prisoner to life in prison

The Tanzanians Ghailani was punished for his involvement in attacks on U.S. embassies 1998th It was the first civil procedure in the United States against a former occupant of the controversial prison camp. New York - The chance of a pardon has not Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani: Because of his lifelong involvement in the terrorist attacks on the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, the former Guantanamo detainee to jail.

The Muslim Brotherhood called for a protest in Jordan

The Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), called for another demonstration on Friday in Jordan, "against high prices and political reforms," he said Wednesday January 26 A spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood. "A new event will take place Friday after prayers," said Jamil Abu Bakr.

"We will continue our movement until the political reform and improved living standards of Jordanians," he added. The ISP, the main opposition party, has pledged that the protests are "peaceful." Since the fall of Tunisian President Zine El-Ali AbidineBen two demonstrations and a sit-in took place peacefully in protest against high prices and demand down the government, despite a series of social measures of the government.

British intelligence reportedly developed an anti-Hamas

The British secret services had helped develop in 2004 a secret plan to restrict the work of Hamas in the West Bank, according to confidential documents published Tuesday, January 25, the British daily The Guardian. The plan, which included the detention of leaders and activists of the Islamist movement, the closure of radio stations and replacement of imams in mosques, has been partially implemented by the branch of Fatah in the West Bank, more increasingly criticized for his authoritarianism and abuses its concern for human rights.

Egypt: At least 500 opponents arrested

While the Egyptian government has done everything, Wednesday, January 26, to block a protest without precedent since the coming to power of President Hosni Mubarak in 1981, the situation remained unclear Wednesday night about the extent of current events, less important than yesterday but reported to be more violent.

Medical authorities and channel Al Jazeera has reported on the evening and killed two people in Cairo (a protester and a policeman), bringing to six the number of casualties since the beginning of the unrest. However, an Egyptian security official has contradicted this information, attributing these deaths to a traffic accident unrelated to the clashes between police and demonstrators.

Interpol issued an alert to stop Ben Ali and six of his relatives

The noose is tightening around the deposed president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Interpol said Wednesday that his office had issued an alert Tunis global destination for its 188 members for the location and arrest of former President, and six of his relatives. The alert issued by the organization of international police cooperation, headquartered in Lyon, France, includes "the names and other information" on wanted persons, Interpol said in a statement.

Interpol issues alert for the capture of Ben Ali

Interpol announced today issuing a global alert for the location and arrest of former Tunisian President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali and six of his relatives by "illegal acquisition of real estate and illegal transfer of currency." The alert was issued by the office in Tunis this international police organization, and in it, according to a statement included the wife of Ben Ali, Leila Trabelsi, and five other family members, plus some other information that can help your identification.

Egypt - Egypt: "Nobody will drop Mubarak"

Jean-Noel Ferrie, head of Egypt research specialist at the CNRS into perspective the magnitude of anti-Mubarak demonstrations that took place Tuesday, January 25th in the country. He said he would be "very surprising" that the Egyptian president knows the same fate as his former Tunisian counterpart, Ben Ali.

Mobilization was unprecedented number for such circumstances (ask for the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak). But the movements of 1977 were much larger and mobilizations on other subjects, such as Palestine, are also very strong. On the scale of the entire Egyptian population, events of Tuesday are low.

For Italy, we want

Energie In Escape is a network of young Italians who live abroad for a couple of years ago in London. One of the founders Luca Zaini, Brescia, after a period in London now lives in Frankfurt where he worked for a bank, Stephen Baron, based in London, engaged in the music business; Claudia Baldoli, professor of history at the University of Newcastle ; Manfredi Nulli, also based in London where he worked for a consulting company, climbed Henry, 27, PhD in Computer Engineering.

The attack in Moscow is not linked to Chechnya, according to Putin

The attack, whose modus operandi is reminiscent of the Islamist insurgents in the Russian North Caucasus Muslim majority, has not been claimed. Putin's remarks would suggest that its authors could come from other than Caucasian republic of Chechnya, Ingushetia or as Dagestan. Two days after the attack, the first sanctions were dropped.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev sacked on Wednesday, a senior Interior Ministry in charge of security in transport, Andrei Alexeev. "Those who are not working as it should be punished," said the Russian president, in remarks broadcast on Russian television. Mr. Alexeev was CEO of the Transportation Department of the Interior, in charge of the Central Federal District, which includes eighteen regions of the western part of Russia, including Moscow and its region, where the airport Domodedovo .

Russia, a new car bomb attack in the Caucasus: 4 dead

MOSCOW - At least four people were killed and six others injured this evening in a car bomb in front of a bar of Khasavyurt, in Dagestan, turbulent Russian Caucasus region. This is revealed by Russian news agencies, quoting local police said. The explosion occurred in front of the bar 'Karavan' at the time crowded in the center of Kasavyurt, capacity on the border with Chechnya, the sources indicate.

Harmattan / 1

A documentary serials, free and available online once a week. It 's a project involving some work iK Productions, the independent production company that I founded and which I carry with Fulvio Nebbia. The idea is to give publicity to those who are normally self-produced works in the festival circuit and have no distribution to the general public.

And so, we start with this first episode (the other six will follow every Wednesday) of Harmattan. Filmed in Italy and Mali, Harmattan tells the journey of a delegation from the Italian network of supportive community that supports a decentralized cooperation project. In the documentary, we highlight all the contradictions of the Italians who are doing good in Africa realize the importance of small projects, agreed upon with the locals, the project beneficiaries.

For the PS, "is to say if the Egyptians Mubarak must go"

After triggering a debate on Tunisia, Michele Alliot-Marie has been more cautious, Wednesday, January 26 concerning the situation in Egypt: "I can only regret that there are dead," said Minister foreign RTL. Then she proposed to take Tunisia's French expertise in policing, it posted this time a more balanced position.

Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, national secretary of the Socialist Party, International Relations, welcomes this change of tone, while insisting on the improvement. In any case, the attitude of Michele Alliot-Marie shows that another approach was possible in Tunisia. For the rest, the revolution Tunisian firm opened a cycle with the Iranian revolution and opened a new round in the Arab world: the aspirations for democracy, in which we are not obliged to use religious movements to try to more freedom.

Riots in Egypt: Deadly protests against Mubarak

Only Tunisia - Egypt and now? Also on the Nile, the people go against the ruling regime on the road. In case of protests in several cities there were clashes between demonstrators and security forces. Three people died, including a policeman. Cairo - The protests Egypt has experienced in the administration of President Hosni Mubarak has not: thousands of protesters have demanded on Tuesday an end to Mubarak's rule period, lifting the state of emergency in force for decades and an increase in the minimum wage.

Explosion in coal mine workers die at least twenty

BOGOTA '- At least twenty miners were killed in an explosion in a coal mine in Sardinia, in the Colombian region of Norte de Santander, on the border with Venezuela. At the time of the explosion of the mine tunnel in the mine 'La Preciosa', there were about thirty employees. According to local media hopes that there will be few survivors.

"They told me that there are 20 dead and six wounded," said Marisa Fernandez, one of the institute responsible mining. The Red Cross has confirmed that five bodies taken away. At the time of four of these were located at the entrance of the mine while the fifth would have died during transfer to hospital.

Documentaries, and the winner is ...

The Oscar nomination for Best Documentary: Exit Through the Gift Shop of Banksy, which we have already spoken. Gåsland Josh Fox, the consequences of the extraction of shale gas, a danger that now run in Europe. Inside Job by Charles Ferguson, of which we talked about here. Restrepo Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington, a U.S.

outpost in Afghanistan. By the way, is a few days ago that among the troops engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan for the second consecutive year, is the highest number of suicide deaths in combat. Waste Land Lucy Walker, Vik Muniz and on his trip to Jardin Gramacho, the largest landfill in the world, just outside Rio de Janeiro.

Tunisia: the announcement of the reshuffle is delayed

The pressure of the street increases, the announcement of the reshuffle is delayed. Originally scheduled for the day Wednesday, January 26, it should finally intervene Thursday, according to a spokesman of the government. The news agency quoting political sources ahead even concercés departments: the interior, defense and foreign affairs.

Wednesday in Tunis, security has been stepped on at the Prime Minister where hundreds of protesters have camped there to demand the resignation of the transitional government. Security forces blocked with barbed wire the main entrances to the Casbah, the plaza of the capital where are the offices of prime minister and several ministries.

Excludes the Czech track Putin in Moscow killing

The terrorist attack in Moscow's Domodedovo airport (the largest in Russia) "is not related to Checia", as stated yesterday the head of the Russian Government, Vladimir Putin, citing provisional data. Putin did not say whether the attack, which killed 35 people, has its origin in other troubled areas of the Russian Caucasus, as indicated by research sources not confirmed officially.

The prime minister listed the measures which he said should be taken in Russia against terrorism. First, he mentioned the need to develop socially and economically the North Caucasus. Then he referred to improving the work of law enforcement agencies, protecting transportation infrastructure and support traditional forms of Islam practiced in Russia.

Interpol with the Tunisian justice "Stop Ben Ali and his family"

TUNIS - Picking up the call for help of the Tunisian judiciary, Interpol issued an international arrest warrant against former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. In the evening the body, which is based in Lyon, announced that he had left - through the office of Tunis - Alert the world to its 188 members, in order to obtain the location and arrest of Ben Ali and six members of his entourage, including his wife.

And as Ed Good for the British left?

Not even a week has gone by when, last Friday, a handful of hours were enough to send a rush of adrenaline to British politics. The resignation of Economy Minister shadow Alan Johnson, the appearance of Tony Blair in front of the jury of the Committee of Inquiry into the Iraq war, Andy Coulson and the Adda from the role of communications director of the Prime Minister David Cameron, are three facts that deserve attention, both considered separately and in their causal chain at all chronological.

Boris Boillon, Ambassador of France to Tunisia

It brings to six the number killed in Egypt

A protester and a policeman were killed this evening by fighting in a downtown neighborhood of Cairo as part of the political protests that erupted yesterday, sources said the security services. With these victims, brings to six the number of people who have died since tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets yesterday to demand a series of political reforms in the regime of Hosni Mubarak, in power since 1981.

Tunisia launches international order to arrest Ben Ali

The Government of Tunisia requested the Interpol for the arrest of former President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and his family, reported the Minister of Justice of the African country, Karoui Lazhar Chebbi. Through an international arrest warrant is sought, submission of Ben Ali, who ruled for 23 years and stepped down after nearly a month of protests that began last December.

Karoui said the former president must answer charges of theft of property and transfer of financial resources abroad, media reports said. According to the latest information on Ben Ali, is in Saudi Arabia under a warning not to attempt any action regarding your country.

U.S. .- Obama confirms visit in March to Brazil, Chile and El Salvador

WASHINGTON, 26th U.S. President, Barack Obama, has confirmed that in March will hold its first tour of Latin America which includes official visits to Brazil, Chile and El Salvador, with the aim of strengthening relations with the region. "In March I will travel to Brazil, Chile and El Salvador to forge new partnerships for progress in the Americas," Obama announced on Tuesday in his annual State of the Union before the U.S.

Obama to cut unnecessary costs, work more "unity is needed for the challenges of the future"

NEW YORK - A freeze for five years for a slice of public expenditure. One million electric cars by 2015. Massive investment in innovation, education, clean energy and utility projects. And above all a collective effort to create new jobs and overcome, with the same determination with which the United States responded to the challenge of Soviet space, the uncertainties of a changing world ".

These are the key proposals launched last night by Barack Obama: "It 's time Sputnik of our generation," said the American president spoke for over an hour before Congress and across the country. The State of the Union speech is the most important annual event (and formal) of American politics.

Tunisia seeks the arrest of former President Ben Ali

"We will ask Interpol to capture the former President Zin El Abidin Ben Ali and the Tunisian authorities to deliver it." It 'as said the Tunisian Minister of Justice, Lazhar Karoui Chebbi, during a press conference held today in Tunis, and recovery from al-Arabiya satellite television. Ben Ali and his wife Leila Trabelsi are charged with "theft of movable and immovable property" and "illicit transfers of foreign currency abroad." The president, who fled the country on January 14 this year, is in Saudi Arabia.

Egypt: Opposition plans another day of protests

Calm has returned, Wednesday 26 January morning in the streets of Cairo, after a day of unprecedented protests against President Hosni Mubarak, in power since late 1981. The streets have regained a normal appearance, and traffic is flowing in the city. But the movement of 6-April at the initiative of the events of Tuesday, which killed three people, called for a second day of mobilization.

On his Facebook page, the group of pro-democracy activists called on Egyptians to gather the vast Tahrir Square, Cairo, where 10 000 people, according to official figures had shown the previous day by chanting "the people want to start the regime. " "Everybody has to go on Tahrir Square to seize it again," the group wrote on his page.

British secret service plan developed against Hamas

The British secret service (MI6) helped the Palestinian Authority to develop a secret plan to suppress the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), according to documents released by Al-Jazeera Palestinians and published today by The Guardian. The project, developed in 2004 and became a security plan for the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), watched the detention of Hamas leaders and militants, the closure of radio stations and the replacement of the imams of mosques .

Violence in Tunis resulted in the deaths of 71 prisoners and nine thousand 500 fugitives

In total 71 prisoners were killed and about nine thousand 500 escaped from Tunisian prisons in Tunisia during the revolt that toppled President Zine El Abidine Ben, announced on Wednesday the Minister of Justice Lazhar Karui Chebbi. "The number of prisoners died during the recent events was 71," said Justice Minister Lazhar Karui Chebi, at a press conference.

Of these 48 died in a fire at the prison in Monastir, 160 kilometers south of Tunis, said the minister. "There were 31 000 persons detained in prisons. Those who fled totaled 11 000 029. But after a call I did on the radio, a thousand 532 detainees were delivered spontaneously," he said.

Brazil .- Increase to 827 the number killed by rains in the state of Rio de Janeiro

BRASILIA, 26 The death toll from heavy rains that have occurred in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro has risen to 827, according to latest figures from the Civil Police, published by the Agencia Brasil. According to these data, the city of Nova Friburgo is that the highest concentration of fatalities (339), followed by Teresópolis (335).

In addition, 21 people have died in Sumidouro and four in Sao Jose do Vale do Rio Preto. The State Ministry of Health and Civil Defense totaled 25,000 people have fled their homes, of which nearly 13,000 will return when the situation improves and more than 12,000 may not return and have lost all their possessions.

Thousands of Egyptians defy the prohibiciny unceasingly the street protests

Thousands of Egyptians on Wednesday defied a government ban to focus on the center of Cairo, Suez and Alexandria to continue with demonstrations on Tuesday, killing four people. Late in the evening it was announced that two new victims, but a police source says the agency that the deaths had occurred in a traffic accident that had nothing to do with the riots.

The protest in the capital to demand the departure of Hosni Mubarak, in power since 1981, took place yesterday outside the offices of trade unions of journalists and lawyers close to the courts, where the police charged with batons and gas tear. Clashes were also reported in other parts of the Cairo in which protesters burned tires and threw stones at security forces.

Egypt renewed violent clashes killed a civilian and an agent

CAIRO - New events and new clashes in Egypt, despite the government had banned all forms of crowd and announced he had an iron fist against the protest, the first in 30 years in power of President Hosni Mubarak. In the evening in the capital, a civilian and a policeman were killed. The prosecution yesterday that claimed the lives of at least four people and caused dozens of injuries, coupled with rumors that the authorities are heavily censoring the web, raises concern in the international arena.

Egypt, a policeman dead and over 500 people manifestantearrestate

Second day of protests in Egypt against the regime of Hosni Mubarak. A policeman and a protester were killed in clashes in central Cairo. This brings to six the number of victims in violent anti-government protests in Egypt. Protesters and officers have dealt with violence by throwing stones and tear gas.

In the afternoon, the agents in riot structure near the Italian consulate in the capital clashed with protesters who responded with stone-throwing. Despite the ban on demonstrations announced by the Interior Ministry, the police can not prevent opposition groups to hold spontaneous protests in different parts of the country.

Day of Mourning in Moscow

Moscow and its region marked on Wednesday, a day of mourning in memory of the 35 dead from Monday's attack at Domodedovo airport, so that 116 wounded are still hospitalized. The Russians continued, according to images broadcast on television, to lay flowers and candles at the scene of the suicide bomber.

Wednesday, some titles of the Russian press regretted that this new attack has not led to the dismissal of senior police and special services, which fail to halt attacks in Russia, where the Russian Caucasus is over fifteen years the main focus of violence. The newspaper Vedomosti reports and Nikolai Patrushev, head of the FSB (former KGB) from 1999 to 2000, saw twelve hundred people die in bombings, and about two hundred have died and since his replacement by Alexander Bortnikov.

New evidence of the attack on Iranian nuclear scientist

Iranian Intelligence Minister, Heidar Moslehi, announced that security forces have managed to arrest all suspected perpetrators of the murder of a nuclear scientist, Masud Ali Mohammadi and that there is new evidence that will be released in the future. In a statement released by the Iranian news agency Irna, Intelligence owner insisted that they are all related to foreign intelligence services.

New changes in the Tunisian Executive

The Tunisian government of transition, thousands of protesters challenged by increasingly nervous, will be restored today, his spokesman said after a senior American envoy called on Arab countries to learn the lesson of "Tunisian example." The atmosphere heated up considerably in Tunisia, where the first march in defense of the transitional government was broken abruptly by a group demanding a new government purged of officials of the former regime of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Brazil .- Repsol made a new oil discovery in Brazil

MADRID, 26 Repsol Sinopec has made with its partners in Brazil's Petrobras and Britain's BG a discovery of oil in good quality ultra-deepwater Santos Basin in Brazil's subsalt, the oil company announced in a statement. The finding has occurred in block BM-S-9, 275 kilometers off the coast of Sao Paulo, in the area of well Carioca, one of the key exploration projects of the company.

Preliminary tests show the existence of a reservoir of 200 m, with high quality oil. The company Repsol is partic Sinopec by 60% by the Spanish oil and 40% by China, and the discovery announced today holds 25% of the consortium discovered, along with BG (30%) and Petrobras, which 45% acts as operator.

Thousands of Egyptians defy the prohibiciny unceasingly the street protests

Thousands of Egyptians today have defied a government ban and concentrated in the center of Cairo, Suez and Alexandria to continue the protests that left four dead yesterday, one of them a policeman. The protest in the capital has staged outside the headquarters of the unions of journalists and lawyers, near the courts where the police charged the demonstrators with batons and tear gas.

Clashes have also occurred elsewhere in Cairo where protesters burned tires and threw stones at security forces. Late at night, after chanting slogans against the government in the central Tahrir Square, the protesters have been dispersed and the police, wearing body armor, has now taken over the place.

Egypt facing the square of the wind on fire against Mubarak

There were more policemen in Tahrir Square, which the protesters. And in the early afternoon the battle was raging. The protesters, young bearded men with the shaved head but also had the anger to their advantage. It was as if to vent all the frustrations suffered, including those of fathers and grandfathers.

Jumped on a police vehicle and tried to set fire, so officials in uniform, but also in civilian clothes, they have reacted. Egypt the wind of revolt against the square inflamed Mubarak They used water cannons and tear gas a few. But there has been a particularly dense stones. United against Mubarak, the dictator covered with invective, the young, bearded and skinheads, the first closer to the old Western context, the second brother, began to throw stones, collected in neighboring yards or ripped the pavement.

Women or bodies?

A few months ago I found myself in a training course with colleagues of various nationalities. At one point we were asked to group them by country and lists the main characteristics of the nationality in question but also those for which (rightly or wrongly) that nationality and culture is known abroad.

For the second category without hesitation I suggested to my fellow Italians plenty of tits and ass on TV, and I was quite surprised to find myself isolated. No, my colleagues said, is not so strange, it also happens in other countries. So my proposal has no place in the list. Except then be loudly applauded by colleagues (non-Italian) at the time of the presentation: I do not remember who mentioned it, but all reacted with great enthusiasm to describe (and mocking) the exposure of the female body in the ether italics.

Hezbollah achieves the post of prime minister and new cabinet seeks

The candidate for the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah, Najib Mikati, who was appointed prime minister, urged all Lebanese factions to "put aside differences" and form a new government amid protests over his appointment. Mikati, a business magnate of communications, won the backing of 68 (57%) of the 128-member unicameral Parliament to fill the leadership of government, surpassing by eight votes to far Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who was looking to follow in charge.

Day of anger against the regime in Egypt

Thousands of Egyptians called to the government of President Hosni Mubarak, during an unprecedented event in which three people died, and was inspired by the revolt that toppled President of Tunisia. Dozens of people gathered in various parts of the capital in response to an invitation that was born on the Internet to coincide with the fall of Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, on 14 January after a month of protests, which gives the name : Effect Tunisia.