Saturday, May 7, 2011

Obama's response to Faenza

Dear Roberto Faenza, I read with great interest your letter sent to the front page of the newspaper Done May 4 President Obama. She wrote it without being in Pakistan and I say without being in Washington because we are both great travelers, connoisseurs of both countries and - I assume - with the same feelings towards the United States and its president.

I know a habit of Obama responds to points memo to its employees, in order to avoid emotional involvement. I will try to imitate him. 1) "The first thing that leaps to the eyes to those of these things is meant is that if you wanted to really capture and kill the leader of al Qaeda would have been feasible," she writes.

Ras-le-bol Spanish journalists

Madrid Match - No right to ask questions? Then there will be more media coverage. Spanish journalists rebelled. Their anger boiled long face of politicians who call press conferences for them in reality since no exchange of weir there is tolerated. "But the situation has worsened in recent years and the practice threatened to convert to standard," says Anton Losada, a professor of political science at the University of St.

Italy delivered weapons to rebels Libyans

.- Will deliver "very soon" Libyan weapons to insurgents to help them fend off the forces of leader Moammar Gadhafi, who inflicted heavy losses on Saturday to the rebellion in the west. The Italians "are going to give us weapons," he told reporters Ghoga Abdel Hafiz, vice president of the National Transitional Council (CNT), political arm of the rebellion.

In Rome, sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Italy will provide "self-defense material" to the rebels, under resolution 1973 Security Council United Nations. However, provide no assault weapons, the sources added. The rebels claim weapons regularly to meet Gadhafi forces to the fighting since mid-February.

President Obama, we reply

"Justice Has Been Done". With these words, dear Mr Obama, she announced to the world the death of Osama Bin Laden. About the writer is one of his supporters. The test a series of articles written in his favor on this same newspaper a few months ago while I was working in America. In my little I also spent to help his campaign, as I will do in 2012.

I feel compelled to address this open letter asking for clarification on "operation of the century", as has already been defined. The report of the New York Times describes the details of how it was conducted by the army along with the CIA, only to contradict itself. The first thing that leaps to the eyes of those who understood these things is that if you wanted to really capture and kill the head of Al Qaeda, would have been feasible.

Al-Qaida confirms death of bin Laden

The death of Osama bin Laden give a "new momentum" to fight against the "invaders" in Afghanistan, said the Afghan Taliban insurgents in an email to their spokesman Tariq Ghazniwal, published Friday, May 6 This is the first reaction of the Afghan Taliban admitted that Bin Laden is dead. Previously they were considered "premature" to react to the announcement of the death of the leader of al-Qaida organization who has not confirmed what she did Friday.

Twenty six explosions and suicide bombers, the Taliban in Kandahar leading counter

Three explosions in succession. After the attack on a Taliban command against the residence of the governor of Kandahar, southern Afghanistan. The militants have barricaded in a shopping mall with five floors from where they opened fire on the guards that protect the fortified residence of Tooryalai Wesa.

Are also two grenades rained down on the building. In the city were heard two loud explosions, one near the residence and another few minutes later in the West. From initial reports, there were several victims. Kandahar and 'former stronghold of Taliban and in recent months and' was the scene of much violence and mass escape of militants from prison.

Let a hundred rock festivals thrive!

A Tongzhou, fashionable new town southeast of Beijing, the first thing that you are dealt in the vicinity of Canal Park, where was held the first days of May, the rock festival Caomei (pronounced "tsaomeï") is a prospectus for ... a new building project. "The local government has come for us. We came to see and it was found that the place had potential," says Shen Lihui, the head of the forty-pressed record label Modern Sky festival organizer.

Correa revolution moves forward with its citizens in Ecuador

President Rafael Correa assumed the victory of their proposals in the referendum to be held in Ecuador. It is the third in his few more than four years in office and reinforces in power. The consultation proposes a major judicial reform that will allow the Executive to have more control over the system, and the creation of a monitoring body for the press will also be useful to the government to limit freedom of expression.

Japan, Kan: "Close to the central risk" workers entering the first reactor in Fukushima

It is' the first time that a Japanese head of government calls directly to the closure of a nuclear power. " So Juniki Sato, executive director of the Japan branch of Greenpeace says the choice of Prime Minister Naoto Kan to demand the closure of the Hamaoka, central Japan. The office is located in the prefecture of Tokai, 200 kilometers southwest of Tokyo: a zone of junction between two tectonic plates, considered one of the atomic sites with the highest seismic risk in the country.

A fighter of the war Algeria victim about "ignominious"

Algiers, Correspondence - "Be a man, Yacef! Do not hide, come out and just in front of me." At 73, Louisette Ighilahriz, veteran of the Algerian war of independence, whose testimony is at the origin of the "return of memory" of the 2000s on the war in Algeria, finds himself dragged, in spite of herself, in a new battle.

In addition to the presentation in Algiers of a documentary film, Fidaiyett devoted to fighting the war of independence, Yacef Saadi, 83, former military chief of the autonomous zone of Algiers, lashed out, the April 27, to "women who claim to have taken part in the war" and "excel in the art of doing comedy." Saadi Yacef targeted Louisette Ighilahriz, who "says he was tortured." "I can confirm that it is unrelated to the war of revolution," he said, to general amazement.

A double bombing in Iraq leaves five dead

.- At least five people were killed and ten others injured in an assault on an exchange house northeast of Baghdad, which was followed by a double bomb attack, police sources told Efe. The sources told Efe that in this incident killed at least two policemen, two civilians and the owner of the house change.

The store owner was shot dead by an armed group burst in and stole money, according to sources, who did not specify the amount stolen. After hearing the shots the police came to the area east of Baquba, capital of Diyala province, some 60 kilometers from Baghdad. Shortly before the police arrived at the exchange house exploded a car bomb killed two policemen and wounded five others, including a lieutenant.

Gadhafi troops destroyed the fuel tank of Misurata

.- The forces of the Libyan regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi today destroyed the only tank in the city of Misurata, and although NATO was alerted, failed to repel the attack, opposition sources said. At least four fuel tanks were destroyed by bombs dropped by the troops of Gadhhafi spraying from an airplane, but the fire spread generated store to other stores Ahmed Qasr, near the port, west of Misurata.

Islamabad asks U.S. data to investigate the links with Al Qaeda

In an escalation of pressure on Pakistan to clarify its links with Al Qaeda, the U.S. has called on the country the names of some officers involved in the monitoring of Islamic terrorism to determine the extent to which Osama Bin Laden has been tolerated or even protected for years, according to today's The New York Times.

This requirement is a reflection of dissatisfaction has been installed in Washington after learning some details about how the leader of Al Qaeda living in Pakistan and after reviewing the record about the apparent freedom of movement that has had during his long stay in that country. The claim to provide the identity of some agents were presented, among others, in separate meetings held this week in Islamabad and in Washington between senior military and intelligence services of both countries.

Maghreb, Tunisia and Egypt after the revolt is rising in Algeria

If the Syrian opposition today to try to give the final push to the Assad regime, even the government of Algeria Abdelaziz Bouteflika appears to navigate increasingly turbulent waters. Faced with ongoing demonstrations by students and government workers returned to announce democratic reforms. But it might not be enough opposition to civil and does not want to settle for a few small concessions.

Libyan mortar about Tunisia

Fourteen mortar shells launched by the forces of Colonel Gaddafi have fallen, Thursday, May 5, inside Tunisian territory after the resumption of heavy fighting with rebels. These bombings, confirmed by the Tunisian news agency TAP, always aim to regain control of the Libyan border Baouab crossing point south of Tunisia between the two countries.

The hands of insurgents since April 21, this border crossing is strategic for the rebels because it allows them to evacuate their families and supplies. The mortar shells reportedly hit the towns of Martabe and Afina, a few kilometers from the Tunisian town of Dehiba. One would have brushed against a drinking water reservoir supplying the town last more than 3 000.

At least seven killed by two bomb attacks in Thailand

.- At least seven personnel of the security forces were killed and seven others seriously injured in two bomb attacks perpetrated today by rebels of the Islamic movement in the Muslim region of southern Thailand, police said. In a first attack, three soldiers died when the military vehicle they were traveling in Yala province was hit by the explosion of a device placed on a roadside.

Yala provincial police station said that in that same attack wounded two other soldiers prognosis. In another similar action of the insurgents, held about ten minutes after the first in the neighboring province of Pattani, four policemen were killed and five were admitted to the provincial hospital in critical condition.

Libyan mortars fall in Tunis, Gadhafi forces fight rebels

.- Artillery rounds fired by forces loyal to the leader of Libya Muammar Gadhafi on Saturday fell and Tunisia, as they developed new fighting between troops and rebels near the Libyan border of the volatile country in northern Africa. Schools were evacuated and residents rushed to take refuge in the Tunisian city of Dehiba, which in recent weeks has been hit repeatedly by a series of mortar, while the Libyan rivals fighting for control of a border crossing nearby.

The Syrian Army breaks sunes neighborhoods with tanks in the city of Banias

Tanqueshan multiple columns into Banias and Sunni neighborhoods have been fenced, where demonstrations were held in recent weeks. The port city has been without telephones and isolated from the rest of the country. The military operation appeared, in principle, less invasive to the one made earlier in Deraa.

A Cross team Rojaha proporcionadolas first reliable reports on the destruction aseguradoque yha Deraa was much lower than reported by local activists to inform the international press. According to the Red Cross team sent to the border town with Jordan to provide humanitarian aid to the population following the military assault, "not perceived mass destruction, water and electricity are available for most of the city, there is a shortage food but no risk of death and the military and bread and other essentials because the shops are closed.

September 11 and Osama: from probable to capacity

The end of Osama bin Laden, the officially-stamped by President George O'bush Barack, would close the chapter 11. It will not happen, of course, because it opens more questions than it would dissolve. But it is interesting in several respects. First, a dark story, very dark, can not be closed if its perpetrated by an equally obscure episode.

Second, the impudence of the highest world powers shows that they intend to pass on the story of "likely" (seasoned with the biggest lie, which is silence) to the improbable story. That is, believe they can digest to the world the story that the donkeys fly. We'll see if I can. Third, we hope that America is not represented by the helots dog dancing and celebrating in the streets of New York, we note that the dances for the killing of the enemy in the West were of the same type as those (who have caused the ' outrage throughout the Western mainstream) that followed in some cities in the Arab world, the collapse of the towers.

Bernard Squarcini: "France is the target No. 2 al-Qaida"

Squarcini Bernard is the CEO of the Central Internal Intelligence (DCRI). But the main threat to France is Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb [AQIM]. There is a geographical proximity, colonial history passed, and there are comings and goings and family ties between people in France and other countries in the Maghreb and Sahel.

There is also a qualitative progression of AQIM, and France is the leading country in jeopardy. It was confirmed with the attempted attack against our embassy in Nouakchott [Mauritania]: 1.7 tons of explosives. Obviously they have a little hate. Since its allegiance to Al Qaeda, AQIM has increased tenfold its activities.

Killed 26 people in Syria

At least 26 people were killed and several others were seriously injured by the security forces of Syria, where he was arrested Riad Sefi, one of the main opposition leaders. A "terrorist" attack against a checkpoint of the security forces in Homs (center) left 10 dead soldiers and policemen and 16 demonstrators were killed when security forces fired on the demonstration.

An aircraft falling to the sea in Indonesia, killing 27

A passenger plane crashed in eastern Indonesia, near the island of Papua, with at least 27 people on board, revealed sources from the Ministry of Transport. None of the occupants of local online flight survived Merpati Airlines, the sources said, adding that at least 15 bodies have been recovered. China-made aircraft was on a domestic flight from the airport of Sorong in West Papua province Kaimana, west of the island when it crashed into the sea about 500 meters from its destination.

France expelled 14 Libyan diplomats

.- France expelled 14 Libyan diplomats Friday to loyal to the government of Moammar Gadhafi, while Amnesty International reported that Libyan forces could be accused of war crimes in the besieged city of Misrata. France, United States, Britain and others are trying to go beyond the bombing campaign against the troops of Gadhafi and find new ways of supporting the rebels who control eastern.

The bombings and the imposition of a no-fly zone, both designed to protect civilians, have not prevented a large number of people died in attacks by the Government in a few pockets of resistance in the West, especially in Misrata besieged cities and Zinta. Amnesty International said Friday that indiscriminate attacks Misrata, where Gadhafi troops have used snipers and artillery cluster bombs against civilian areas, could be considered war crimes.

Argentina .- The Argentine government requested life imprisonment for twelve repressive dictatorship of Videla

BUENOS AIRES, 7 May. The Argentine Government, through the Secretariat of Human Rights has called for life imprisonment - the maximum under the law of the country - to the former military officer Alfredo Astiz, Jorge Acosta and ten other members of "Task 3.3. 2 'School of Naval Mechanics (ESMA), the abduction and disappearance of the founders of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, in December 1977.

Islamist protest fails Pakistan

Only a few thousands of Pakistanis responded yesterday to the call of the religious parties to protest against U.S. aggression and violation of national sovereignty. Not much in a country of nearly 200 million inhabitants and where anti-Americanism is on the surface, not by the operation to kill Osama bin Laden and take 10 years for paying the price of the call by George Bush "war on terror.

Elections in the UK, a disaster for Nick Clegg

Not yet final results of local elections and national (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), but the UK now finds itself with a political landscape changed. Not too well the Labour Party, which, while advancing in England and Wales comes back strongly in Scotland. Edinburgh is a landslide for the Scottish National Party (SNP), Social Democratic and independent since 2007 form a minority government.

London bombings: the conclusions of the judicial inquiry published this Friday

The findings of the judicial inquiry into the London bombings in 2005 will be made public Friday, May 6, or - coincidence - a few days after Washington's announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden. On July 7, 2005, four bombs exploded almost simultaneously in the transport of the British capital, which killed 52 people, plus four suicide bombers, all British.

Two men who blew themselves up had appeared in videos in which contained the number two Al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri. The judicial inquiry, requested by the families of victims, will not render a verdict, but Justice Heather Hallett UK should specify, after six months of hearings, exactly what happened to the victims and make recommendations.

The EU analysis of the Greek debt crisis in a meeting emergency

The euro experienced yesterday evening another attack by flatly denied rumors "about a possible departure from Greece of the single currency, threatening the stability of the entire system. Economic ministers of the big eurozone countries held a secret meeting in Luxembourg to discuss the possibility of renegotiating the terms for aid to Greece and avoid a default would imply a remission of debt, which in late 2010 amounted to 328.588 million, 142% of GDP.

Syria, EU approves sanctions against regimeAlmeno 25 victims of the clashes

The European Union has approved a package of sanctions against Syria for the violent suppression of anti-regime demonstrations in recent weeks. The measure also includes a series of restrictive measures against 14 persons in the circle of Bashar Al Assad, but so far no action has been taken against the Syrian president.

A push for its inclusion in the list of persons affected by the measure were France, Britain and Germany, while other countries have preferred to leave the door open to a diplomatic solution. In particular, Estonia has expressed concern over the seven citizens kidnapped in March in a village in Lebanon, according to a group of pro-Syrian Palestinian militants.

"Friday's challenge" in Syria: Repression in several deaths

Despite repeated calls by the international community to end violence that erupt around the country since mid-March, the Syrian regime still represses his opponents. Activists of human rights are state of almost twenty-six dead and several wounded, while thousands of opponents of President Bashar Al-Assad march across the country in "Friday the challenge," defying the prohibition laid down by the Ministry of Interior.

Brussels, Heidi Hautala, "With bin Laden dead increases the risk of attacks"

After the death of Osama bin Laden on one thing, in Brussels, I agree in many: the risk of terrorist attacks has increased. The sigh of relief, pulled by the Presidents of Commission, Council and Parliament is not shared by those who would prefer to see bin Laden tried by the International Criminal Court The Hague (International Criminal Court - ICC).

"I liked the statements with which the European Union representatives have welcomed the killing of bin Laden," said Heidi Hautala, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Human Rights to the European Parliament. "The EU should know that bin Laden is more useful to extremists dead than alive." The risk, according to Hautala, is that the former head of Al Qaeda to become a martyr in the name of that other terrorists could arrange attacks in the West.

Spain: Basque Bildu alliance will participate in municipal

The Spanish Constitutional Court has authorized a Basque nationalist alliance, retoquée several times because of alleged links with ETA, to nominate candidates for municipal elections on May 22, announced Friday a spokesman called this training Bildu. The decision, widely expected, would help repair ties between the ruling Socialists in Madrid and its parliamentary allies of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV), which had clashed on the issue.