Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Saudi Arabia announced withdrawal of troops deployed in Bahrain

Saudi authorities decided to withdraw most of its forces deployed in Bahrain since last March 14 to maintain security in this small kingdom, the scene of protests. A Saudi government official, who requested anonymity, said that Saudi troops met the decision entrusted to them, as stability has returned to Bahrain, where protests began calling for political reform on 14 February.

In mid March, Saudi Arabia sent a thousand troops to the territory bareiní under a decision of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). In an official statement, the Saudi Council of Ministers announced at that time supported the request of Bahrain to back it up by events and by "the attempts of foreign interference in its internal affairs." Emirates also joined the Saudi decision to send troops to Bahrain in their commitment to the GCC, comprising, in addition to these three countries, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait.

Venezuela: The government is reassuring about the health of Chavez

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, in Cuba at rest after surgery for a pelvic abscess, called his ministers every day and his recovery ahead, even if it ignores his date of return to Venezuela, announced on Tuesday, June 28 The Minister of Energy and Petroleum Rafael Ramirez. "He calls every day (...) it is a healing process and you should let it" rest, said Minister of the South American oil power.

The Pope technology tweets "Here is the Vatican's new portal"

It 'the first tweet of a pope, to announce a website. Pope Ratzinger said in his confirmation of interest in technology and new forms of communication and lands on the microblogging with these words: "Dear friends, I have just Launched Praised be Our Lord Jesus Christ . With my prayers and blessing.
Benedictus XVI."

Hillary Clinton will make his first official visit to Spain this weekend

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will make his first official visit to Spain this weekend, according to Spanish and U.S. diplomatic sources. Clinton is scheduled to arrive in Madrid from Vilnius (Lithuania), where he will attend a ministerial meeting of the Community of Democracies, which is received by the King, the Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, and the Minister of Affairs Affairs and Cooperation, Trinidad Jiménez, before returning to Washington.

Clashes between demonstrators and police Tahrir Square in Cairo

Hundreds of young demonstrators clashed with Egyptian police in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday Tahrir Square in Cairo. The crowd, gathered to protest against the slowness of legal proceedings against the former regime and demand the departure of the head of AFSC, the military council that runs the country was covered by the firing of tear gas, replying sometimes blows stones.

The first clashes broke out Tuesday night in a neighborhood near the place where families of many of the 840 civilian victims of the "Revolution of the Nile" had gathered in a theater for a tribute to the "martyrs". Police in riot gear, prevented the demonstrators from marching to the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior, which for its part a group of individuals accused of trying to cause trouble and start riots.

IMF, Christine Lagarde elected as the new Director General

The French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde is the new Director General of the International Monetary Fund. The IMF's Executive Committee has chosen as the successor to Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who resigned last May 18 after being arrested in New York for an alleged sexual assault against the maid in a hotel.

Afghanistan, Taliban attack at the Hotel Intercontinental. At least 10 dead

The hotel was to be the most watched of the Afghan capital. Frequented by western visitors. Yet today, around 23 hours local gunmen stormed the Hotel Intercontinental in downtown Kabul. At least four suicide bombers have blown up in different parts of the luxury property, while other accomplices opened fire on guests, with weapons both large and small caliber.

According to the 'Tolo News', a local television station, the provisional budget of the victims would be ten dead and many wounded. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack, with a U.S. phone news agency 'Associated Press'. In the words of a spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, a number of militants entered into action by hitting the hotel for hosting the talks on security in the country between the Afghan government officials and those of the Western powers.