Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fukushima, TEPCO: "Fuel zone in reactors 2 and 3"

In addition to a reactor, including the fuel rods of unit number 2 and 3 of the central Fukushima accused the partial melting as a result of damage caused by the earthquake of 11 March. It 's the TEPCO, nuclear plant operator, to announce and, updating the previous assessment that only the number 1 reactor was concerned "criticality", the damage now extends to all three active reactors with fuel at the time of the disaster .

Ratko Mladic has been arrested in Serbia

The former military leader of Bosnian Serbs, Ratko Mladic, was arrested by Serbian police, confirmed Thursday, May 26, Serbian President Boris Tadic, who said that the arrest took place "on the territory of Serbia ". By early evening, he was brought before the judge for Serbian war crimes in Belgrade, which must mean the indictment against him.

Some journalists have insight Ratko Mladic back, flanked by two guards, moving with difficulty, through the courtyard of the Special Court for war crimes, where it had happened before. Ratko Mladic must first undergo a medical examination, according to legal procedure. His lawyer said the hearing had been able to start was interrupted because Mladic was "not ready".

Iran, accidental explosion at a refinery during Ahmadinejad's visit

An accidental explosion caused by a technical problem occurred this morning in the Abadan refinery in southwestern Iran during a visit by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This was reported by Fars news agency, adding that the head of state was unhurt and was able to give a speech on live TV. The incident occurred during the opening ceremony of the third stage in the production of gasoline in the refinery of Abadan.

The Alawi hostage by the Syrian regime

A fine ecological puts Chevron in Ecuador under pressure

A group of shareholders of the Chevron, the third largest company in the United States has begun to reclaim the company to reach an agreement with the natives of Ecuador who claim a multimillion-dollar compensation for an oil spill in the Amazon. Chevron held its shareholder meeting Wednesday in San Ramon, California.

As revealed by the Wall Street Journal, Thomas P. DiNapoli, manager of an investment fund in New York of $ 140 million, sent a letter to Chevron in which he said: "It's time for Chevron to face reality. The effects of this appalling and uncontrolled pollution in the Amazon are still unsolved today.

España/Brasil.- Spain and Brazil sign agreement for development cooperation in third countries

MADRID, 26 May. Spain and Brazil have signed Thursday an agreement to jointly develop programs of development cooperation in third countries, announced the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. The signing of this agreement has taken place in Brasilia, where the head of Spanish diplomacy, Trinidad Jimenez, met with his Brazilian counterpart, Antonio Patriota, with whom he discussed various issues on the bilateral agenda, regional and international levels.

Mullah Omar is dead. Nay

With the passing of the hours, the yellow becomes more complicated. This morning, the Afghan Tolonews network had launched the news of the death of Mullah Omar, was killed while allegedly transferred from Quetta by Pakistani intelligence to NordWaziristan Frontier Province, one of the areas on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The only official confirmation to this version, attributed to an anonymous source at the National Directorate of Security (NDS, the secret service in Kabul) came from Luftullah Mashal, a spokesman for the organization. Tolonowes called into question directly Hamid Gul, former director - is still considered very powerful - the ISI, the Pakistani intelligence service.

The alleged perpetrator of the shooting of Tucson not competent to stand trial

A judge ruled Wednesday that Jared Loughner, accused of the shooting of Tucson, Arizona, during which six people were killed and one seriously injured elected, was not competent to stand trial. The shooting, which occurred on January 8 and in particular killed a girl of 9 years and a federal judge, has deeply shocked America.

The political climate has been questioned and many voices were raised calling for more civil political debate. The young man has been charged with attempted murder of the elected Democrat Gabrielle Giffords Congress and two of his assistants. Jared Loughner, aged 22, was presented for a hearing in which Justice had to decide if he was mentally competent to stand trial.

Tolo TV: killed in Pakistan Mullah Omar, the Taliban deny. Twelve dead in Karachi

Afghan media reported that Mullah Omar, Taliban leader, was found and killed. The only official confirmation came from the spokesman for Afghanistan's intelligence service, Lutfullah Mashal, who claims to have heard the news from "Taliban leaders". "A lie of services", according to Afghan and Pakistani extremist groups who deny.

According to the issuer 'Tolo news', the fugitive Mullah Omar was killed while traveling from Quetta to the North Waziristan two days ago. Omar, who U.S. intelligence hunts since 2001, is the spiritual leader of the Taliban movement that operates in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and was the de facto head of the Afghan nation during the years of Taliban rule between 1996 and 2001.

Syria: draft resolution against the "bloody repression" at United Nations

The four European members of the Security Council of UN, France, Germany, Great Britain and Portugal, are circulating since Wednesday, 25 May a draft resolution condemning the "bloody repression" in Syria, according to a European diplomat. A "strong message" by the latter, which "will be discussed in the next few days with the hope that it be adopted." According to the Washington Post, the draft resolution condemns the repression in Syria, calls for end to violence and calls for access for humanitarian organizations to the Syrian territory.

Libyan forces bombarded Misrata

Forces loyal to the Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi on Thursday with mortars bombarded the rebellious city of Misrata and the United States said a new ceasefire offer was not credible Tripoli. The Misrata bombing was the heaviest in several days and came as Western leaders at a summit meeting of G-8 in the French resort of Deauville is preparing to renew their determination to get Gadhafi of power.

Amnesty reports of abuse images in Syria

Amnesty International today released several videos that document the abuses committed by the Syrian security services to crack down on protesters demanding the downfall of the regime of Bashar al-Assad. An edited version of these documents offer only a pale reflection of the terrible images that can be seen in another video, which shows numerous cases of people-especially young men, dead of gunshots to the head.

Zapatero loses much of the administrative

It 's more of a thud. It 's a historic defeat that the Spanish PSOE cashed in local elections. The nightmare that the Zapatero government was afraid of having to live, was initiated with the worst weather. The Spaniards, called to renew 8.116 municipalities and regional assemblies of 13 autonomous communities, except in the case of firing exceptions, have rewarded the Partido Popular.

The conservatives are growing by 10 points against the PSOE. A given explosive, whereas up to now, the best went back to 4.45 percentage points in 1995. In particular, the PP Mariano Rajoy wins in Valencia and Aragon, and especially in Madrid where he obtained an absolute majority even to the Municipality and the Regional Assembly.

NATO keeps pressure on Gaddafi

Silvio Berlusconi denied on Wednesday May 25 evening, a son of Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Arab, was killed in a NATO raid on April 30 as had been claimed Tripoli. "The coalition was not aware of [the death] was propaganda. In fact, the youngest son of Gaddafi was not in Libya and lived in another country, and history three grandchildren were also unfounded, "said Italian Prime Minister.

"This is the information of our services," he added, referring presumably the Italian military secret service. According to Tripoli, Saif al-Arab, 30, and three grandchildren of Libyan leader, Seif (2 years), Carthage (2 years) and Mastoura (4 months), as well as friends and neighbors were killed a NATO air attack on the Libyan capital, on April 30.

Jordanian Minister of Justice and Health resign from office

Jordanian Ministers of Justice and Health, and Yasin Hussein Hosban Megali, respectively, submitted their resignations, apparently for having permitted the departure of a businessman convicted of corruption. In a press conference, Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit said that it had accepted the resignation of two ministers, but noted that this decision did not "directly related" to the case of convicted businessman.

Iberoam .- New York, Havana, Buenos Aires and Madrid will be connected to Fuente Vaqueros in the '5 on 5 '

MADRID, 26 May. The '5 to 5, which is commemorated each year on 5 June where he was born poet Federico Garcia Lorca, will connect via the Internet this 2011 his hometown of Fuente Vaqueros, with Madrid, New York, Havana and Buenos Aires. The tolling of the bells of the Center for Lorca will be the starting signal for the main event, which will be a poetry reading coordinated 'Divan del Tamarit' in the five cities.

Brazilians surfers Dilma ask the President to veto the amnesty those who have destroyed the Amazon

The approval by Parliament's overwhelming vote of 410 votes for the new Forest Code which provides for amnesty from fines until 2008 that destroyed thousands of hectares of the Amazon jungle, has jumped to the Internet network. This morning, hashtag # confioemdilma, asking the President to veto the former guerrillas amnesty if parliamentary approval is now ratified by the Senate, is leading the Brazilian Twitter.

Obama: "The relationship with Israel is unshakable"

"The U.S. support to the welfare and security of Israel is unshakable." Barack Obama chooses to stage the conference of the Jewish lobby in the United States, AIPAC, in Washington to address the controversy of two days ago when the U.S. president after the bilateral meeting that was held in Washington with Israel declared that " there was a need to define the borders between Israel and the territories.

The Company's products generally pampered investment plan Gaddafi

London Correspondent - complex financial products of the Company generally have been one of the favorite investment regime of Colonel Gaddafi, who has given $ 1.8 billion (1.27 billion euros) in oil revenues to establish French through the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA), the Libyan sovereign fund.

While Societe Generale has acted legally by selling these structured products, however, after the imposition of international sanctions, the Libyan regime in early 2011, the French bank was careful not to publicly acknowledge the existence of these investments it opaque with wide margins.

Israel expanded Jerusalem's boundaries to build houses

Israel on Wednesday extended the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem, a city in the heart of the conflict with the Palestinians, and announced plans to build 50 000 houses for Jews and Arabs in the place in the next two decades. Officials said the land annexed to the expansion corresponds to a kibbutz on the border of the occupied territory where Palestinians seek to create a state and released as part of celebrations for the anniversary of the capture of East Jerusalem by Israel in a war 1967.

The repressor Luciano Benjamin Menendez, who was hospitalized for a heart attack

BUENOS AIRES, 26 May. The former general Luciano Benjamín Menéndez was sentenced to six life sentences for crimes committed during Argentina's military dictatorship (1976-1983), has been admitted to the Model Hospital in the province of Tucumán (north), after suffering a heart attack. "It's stable and controlled," said the head guard of the center, Luis Oporto, told news agency Telam.

For its part, a military person's environment has indicated that "we have to wait 48 hours to see its evolution," according to the newspaper 'La Nacion'. This is the second time that Menendez is hospitalized for a cardiac complication. The latest episode occurred last March 2, during the trial for the shooting of five militants montoneros act for which he had been convicted.

Seven NATO soldiers killed in an explosion south from Afghanistan

Seven members of the NATO mission in Afghanistan (ISAF) were killed after an explosion on a highway south of the country, as reported by the military coalition. "Seven ISAF soldiers have been killed by an improvised explosive device," said a statement from the Alliance does not detail the nationality of the deceased.

However, by geographical location, are believed to be Americans, British and Canadian, as are the three countries with the most troops deployed in the southern area of Afghanistan. A source in the ISAF, which has requested anonymity, he told France Presse that the deaths have occurred in the successive explosions of two homemade bombs in Shobarak district in Kandahar province.

Brazil .- The Office of Rio de Janeiro requires the Banco Santander to repay 114.2 million to customers

MADRID, 26 May. The Office of Rio de Janeiro has requested the Bank Santander to return 265 million reais (114.28 million euros) to its Brazilian customers by improperly charged fees between 2008 and 2009, according to a statement issued by the public. The Brazilian Public Ministry also orders the authority Itaú, Unibanco to pay 165 million reais (71.2 million euros) were considered to be appropriated for fees charged to them between 2008 and 2010.

Spain to the polls under the pressure of the movement "Real Democracia Ya"

"Now call us 22-M, because the movement renewed the fight," said microphone from the Puerta del Sol to Madrid while announcing a new week of employment. The protest in the name of a "Real Democracia Ya", which began after the last event of the 15-M, does not recede. Indeed, it is the heart of Spain comes the confirmation of what we breathed for days: "We feel the responsibility to go forward - said Raul, Madrid and father of two children - and get something for these kids.

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The South African president will discuss with Gaddafi his departure

The Head of State of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, will visit Monday, May 30 in Libya for talks with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of a strategy that would allow him to leave office, said Wednesday the South African presidency. "President Zuma will stop May 30 in Tripoli for talks with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, as a member of the High Level Panel of the African Union to resolve the conflict of Libya", according to a statement of its services.

Sudan accused of war crimes in the Abyei region

Satellite images show that "war crimes" were committed in the disputed region of Abyei, a town on the border of North and South Sudan. The area is busy since Saturday by the forces of power northerner, says the NGO Sentinel Satellite Project. "These images provide documented evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Abyei," says John Bradshaw, director of Enough Project, which supports the project Satellite Sentinel.

Yemen: Renewed fighting in Sanaa

Supporters of a tribal leader rallied the opposition took on the night of Tuesday 24 Wednesday, May 25, control of the official Yemeni news agency SABA. Fierce fighting between since Monday in Sana'a, the chief supporters of the powerful tribe Hached, Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar, forces loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh denied.

These clashes have claimed at least 44 dead in the capital. The men of Sheikh Al-Ahmar also took control of the national airline Yemenia and tried to occupy the interior ministry has said a top official and witnesses said. Intense fighting continued late into the night in Sanaa. Faced with such violence, the mediator of the Gulf called for "immediate cessation".

The direct Amrani Moroccan Union for the Mediterranean

The Union for the Mediterranean (UPM) yesterday received a boost that could lift the body of paralysis where you live, virtually since its inception in 2008, with the appointment of Moroccan Youssef Amrani as the new secretary general to replace the Jordanian Ahmad Masadeh , who resigned from office last February.

Amrani was chosen by consensus among the representatives of the 40 countries on both shores of the Mediterranean are the UM, and will take office on 1 July at the Palace of Pedralbes in Barcelona, home of the secretariat of the organization . Amrani is a career diplomat who has held numerous positions, from number two in the Foreign Ministry of Morocco to the ambassador to three Latin American countries.

NATO increases pressure on Gaddafi, who seek a way out of crisis

NATO conducted new air raids Tuesday, May 24, to Tripoli, where, according to France, the regime of Muammar Gaddafi would be more weakened by military pressure from the international alliance in favor of the insurgency. Six large explosions were heard Tuesday night in the Libyan capital in the space of ten minutes.

The previous night already, aviation Atlantic Alliance had carried out a series of night raids among the most violent since the beginning in mid-March, military operations in Libya. These bombings Monday night to Tuesday have killed 19 people, according to Libyan authorities. Television has officially blamed on "crusaders colonialists".

Dozens injured during a protest by the opposition in Tbilisi

Dozens of Georgian opposition have been arrested this evening after riot police broke up an opposition protest in front of the parliament building in Tbilisi. "This is a crime. Several opposition leaders have been injured after being hit by rubber bullets," he told television Nino Burdzhanadze, leader of the opposition People's Council (PC), an organization called the protests demanding the resignation of President Mikhail Saakashvili .

New Pakistani Taliban attack to avenge the death of bin Laden

A suicide bomber driving a truck bomb completely destroyed a police station, killing three policemen and a soldier, Wednesday, May 25 in Peshawar, Pakistan, the Taliban allied with al-Qaida claiming their fourth attack to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden. At least twenty-three people were injured, and rescuers were trying to locate four to five other victims in the rubble.

The Taliban vowed on the day of death of the leader of al-Qaida there are more than three weeks, to intensify their bombing campaign, which has already claimed nearly 4,400 dead in less than four years in this countries allied with Washington in its "war against terrorism." They had promised to address in particular the security forces, accusing Islamabad and his army of complicity in the deadly U.S.

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Development aid: the account is he?

"We want to alert the G8." A two-day summit in Deauville, which begins Thursday, May 26, Sébastien Fourmy, director of advocacy and education Oxfam France, calls the G8 countries on non-compliance with the promises of official development assistance (ODA) made at the Gleneagles summit in 2005. In Scotland, the G8 promised to increase the volume of ODA by 50 billion over the period 2004-2010.

Chavez mobilizes its supporters by the U.S. sanctions PDVSA

The announcement of sanctions against state-run Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) for the United States was heard in Caracas as a rallying cry. "The Revolutionary Government calls on all Venezuelans, the working class, and especially the oil workers to be vigilant and mobilized in defense of our PDVSA and the sacred sovereignty of the country," he urged the Government of Hugo Chavez in a statement.

Netanyahu ready to "compromise" but not a return to 1967 borders

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said he was ready, Tuesday, May 24, to "painful compromises" to achieve peace with the Palestinians, who appeared before the U.S. Congress that he "will never abandon the pursuit of Peace. If he said that his country would be generous to the borders of a future Palestinian state, but he reiterated his refusal to return to the armistice lines of 1967 and a division of Jerusalem.