Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The recession, a new threat to Japan

The economic impact of the earthquake, tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear accident may push Japan into recession in the coming months. That is what a panel of economists polled by the Nikkei business daily. For its part, the OECD estimates that growth should be amputated from 0.2 to 0.6 percentage points in the first quarter and 0.5 to 1.4 points in the second, but that rebuilding will rebound soon the third quarter.

Gadhafi appears again in public

The Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi, has made a public appearance this evening in Tripoli to greet dozens of supporters, according to images broadcast by Libyan state television. Gadhafi bowed in front of his palace at Bab El Aziziya supporters with a raised hand making the V for victory sign. The dozens of demonstrators in front of the palace carrying images and emblems green Gadhafi, the Libyan regime symbol color.

France and the UN negotiate rendicin Gbagbo in Ivory Coast

The open crisis in Ivory Coast last November between the supporters of outgoing president, Laurent Gbagbo, and the elected, Alassane Ouattara, has entered a new phase today. France, former colonial power, negotiates with the outgoing president to surrender and requires the firm in writing. This is willing to do and ask for UN protection, according to official sources quoted by the United Nations, but Gbagbo himself has denied in an interview this afternoon at a French station that will recognize the election victory of Ouattara.

Fighting continued for the taking of the presidential palace in Abidjan

Of heavy gunfire were heard Tuesday morning April 5, in Abidjan, where the forces of the Ivorian president recognized by the international community, Alassane Ouattara, facing those of his rival, Laurent Gbagbo, after strikes and the UN France. The shots were heard from the Plateau district, where is the presidential palace.

At least one helicopter was flying over the area Tuesday morning, it is not possible to identify at what force he belonged. The "final assault" against the camp strongholds Ouattara Gbagbo announced Monday night, was given the night. Fierce fighting continued, particularly around the gendarmerie training school, located in the Cocody district, one resident reported.

Cancelled in India's food imports from Japan

The Indian government ordered a halt for at least the next three months the import of food from Japan for the expansion of activity in the country after the nuclear disaster caused by the earthquake. In a statement, the Indian Ministry of Health explained that it has decided to suspend imports of food products from Japan for "a period of three months or until there is credible information available that the radiation risk has been reduced to acceptable limits." According to the note, the food quality regulatory authorities of the South Asian country conducted reviews of the situation on a weekly basis.

UN troops did not intend to attack Gbagbo, but to protect civilians

The United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon said Monday that air strikes forces against UN and French military camps and the presidential palace in Abidjan, were not intended to outgoing President Laurent Gbagbo, but to protect civilians. Ban said in a statement he had given orders to the UN mission in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI), to launch "a military operation aimed at preventing the use of heavy weapons that threaten the civilian population of Abidjan, economic capital the country, scene of heavy fighting.

Argentina .- The journalist Pau Gómez novel Hitler's escape to Argentina in 'The lineage of evil'

VALENCIA, 5 Apr. Pau Gómez journalist novel Hitler's escape to Argentina in 'The lineage of evil' (Carena Editors, 2011), a thriller somewhere between science fiction, intrigue and passion for the adventure genre, as reported Tuesday responsible for editing in a statement. 'The race of evil' is a fiction novel dyes well-documented historical background which shows the reader the danger of abuse of power.

Two policemen died after a shooting Syrians in Damascus

At least two Syrian policemen were killed today when shot by an unknown armed group in the area of Kafr Batna, a suburb of the capital Damascus, according to the Qatari television station Al Jazeera and the state agency SANA. The two officers, identified as Hasan and Hamid al-Khatib Mola, have been attacked by gunmen while patrolling the area and died from shots fired by the group from which the identity is still unknown.

But where does the Middle East?

Water found in Japan high-level radioactive

The operator of a damaged nuclear plant in Japan said he found water with a radioactivity level of five million times the legal limit in a reactor, while trying for a fourth consecutive week to contain the worst nuclear disaster in 25 years. Highlighting the fear of the spread of radioactivity, the Japanese government said it was considering imposing restrictions on the consumption of seafood for the first time since the crisis began, after they were contaminated fish in seas south of the damaged nuclear reactor.

Starts final attack forces Ouattara

Forces loyal to President-elect of the Ivory Coast, Alassane Ouattara, today launched a final attack to try to get to Abidjan, the economic capital, and overthrow the outgoing president, Laurent Gbagbo. According to local radio stations picked up in Dakar, between four and five thousand soldiers and dozens of tanks involved in effective offensive Ouattara, formed, among others, by the Republican forces in Ivory Coast (Frei) and former New Forces rebels.

Three dead and hundreds injured in violent clashes in Yemen

At least three people have died and hundreds were injured today in clashes in Sana'a and Taiz between supporters and opponents of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, whose position remains unyielding, denying his departure from the presidency and the opposition calling to sit at a negotiating table.

"We repeat our invitation to sit at a negotiating table and call them to contain the violence," President Saleh said in a speech in response to the proposed mediation by the Gulf Cooperation Council, which has been running for to an interlocutor between the two parties. The opposition has reiterated that the only solution to the political crisis is the departure of President Saleh.

Côte d'Ivoire: Abidjan kidnapped two French

While the armed forces are engaged Alassane Ouattara, from mid-day on Monday, April 4, a new assault in Abidjan against troops loyal to the outgoing president, Laurent Gbagbo, the French Foreign Ministry confirmed on the evening the kidnapping of several people in Abidjan, including two French nationals.

"Four people have been removed. These are two French, one Beninese and one Malaysian," said a diplomatic source said, citing witnesses to the abduction. "Between six and seven armed elements have intruded into the Novotel, located in" an area controlled by the Gbagbo camp "in the business district and the economic center of Côte d'Ivoire (the Plateau) .

Japanese death toll reaches 12 000 341

.- The death toll from the tsunami and March 11 in northeast rose to 12 000 341, while other 15 000 347 people still missing, police at last count. In addition, more than two thousand temporary shelters remain evacuated nearly 160 thousand people from the northeastern provinces of Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima, the most devastated by the disaster.

In Miyagi, the deceased amounted to seven thousand six thousand 530 and 422 people unaccounted for, while in Iwate three thousand 592 thousand 444 dead and four missing in Fukushima and fatalities are 159 thousand and four thousand missing 477. Sunday concluded a three-day major operation which involved 25 000 military personnel in Japan and the United States, along with police, firefighters and coast guard to search for missing persons in the areas of three provinces flooded by the tsunami.

UN plane crashes in Congo

A UN plane crashed on Monday while trying to land at the airport in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, killing 10 people and leaving 16 wounded. "The aircraft landed hard, broke in two and burst in flames, "said the source, who asked not be named. The aircraft flew from Goma in the east, the source added.

Prominent Israeli personalities presentarn morning a new peace plan with Palestinians

Prominent Israeli personalities, many of them from the intelligence or the Army are scheduled tomorrow morning in Tel Aviv a new peace plan for Middle East, as confirmed by Danni Yatom, former director of Mossad and one of the drafters of the proposal in that daily. The document entitled Israeli Peace Initiative aims to convince the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the need to reach an agreement with the Palestinians at a time of great changes in the region and the impasse in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

In Abidjan, the humanitarian situation is worrying

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights reported on Tuesday, April 5 from "dozens of deaths" in the fighting with heavy weapons that have occurred in recent days in the Ivorian economic capital. "In Abidjan, we are obviously extremely concerned about the situation of civilians in a city as large, populated by millions of people," he said during a press spokesman of the High Commissioner, Rupert Colville.

Japan says will not expand the evacuation zone in Fukushima

Japan is planning to expand an evacuation zone around a damaged reactor at the moment, but this decision is not fixed, said on Monday a Japanese nuclear official in Vienna. The devastating earthquake and tsunamis that hit Japan three weeks ago caused serious damage in central Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power, forcing the government to create an evacuation zone of 20 kilometers around the site.

Scientists seek to create continental network of telescopes

Scientists from 20 countries seeking to create a network of radio telescopes the size of a continent that revelería data on the origin of the universe, and look for signals from extraterrestrial civilizations. The project called Square Kilometer or Joint September Square Kilometer (SKA, for its acronym in English) takes its name from the size of its collecting area, published on its website the "BBC" Spanish.

Obama launches his campaign for the presidential election of 2012

The race has begun. With the official announcement of the candidacy of Barack Obama was launched yesterday to watch the presidential elections on November 6, 2012. The president, the first candidate in contention, you have enough time to collect a record amount of money to rebuild the popular movement that brought him to the White House in 2008.

They have started to furnish the offices of Chicago, where he installed the headquarters of the Obama campaign. Its director, Jim Messina, has begun to hire assistants and implement the complex mechanism to raise the funds required. The aim is to collect more than $ 140 million before the end of the year when potential Republican rivals have not even started their competition in the primaries.

The trial of the mastermind of the Sept. 11 held in Guantanamo

The trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks and four others accused of involvement in the operation, finally be held before a special military tribunal at the Guantanamo naval base, and not before a court of law in New York. The information is filtered, Monday, April 4 and should be confirmed at a press conference the Minister of Justice U.S.

Attorney General Eric Holder to 20 hours. The Obama administration wanted to try the five men in the heart of Manhattan federal court of law, not military, something opposed by many local officials. In December 2010, the House of Representatives had passed a bill that prohibits the transfer of the territory of the United States from Guantanamo detainees.

The death toll from two attacks in Pakistan rises

The death toll from the double suicide bombing yesterday in a Sufi shrine of Sakhi Sarwar in Punjab province, in eastern Pakistan rose to 50, while the wounded 110, police and hospital sources said. Police confirmed Monday that the explosion occurred at the entrance of the mosque Sufi Sakhi Sarwar in Dera Ghazi Khan district, where thousands of faithful were to celebrate a traditional annual festival in honor of the saint that names the temple .

Gadhafi's son promised democratic transition

Moammar Gadhafi's son, Saif al Islam, proposed a "democratic transition" under his leadership after his father left office, according to a diplomat quoted by the newspaper "The New York Times (NYT). The newspaper, quoting a diplomatic source and unidentified "close links" with the Government of Libya, attributed the release to "eminent persons" in the Libyan capital.

The article adds that neither Gadhafi nor the rebels seeking to overthrow seem ready to accept the proposal. "This is the starting position of the opposition, and this is the starting position of the Libyan government," said the diplomat, adding that negotiation has not yet begun. The newspaper said it could not confirm the version of that diplomatic and consulted Libyan officials did not comment about any talks.

The EU failed in its relationship with Turkey

The Libyan crisis has opened a new and serious political rift in Europe, with France and Britain at the forefront of military intervention, and Germany disagree. This umpteenth broken again demonstrate the enormous difficulties facing the construction of a common European foreign policy. But beyond the main focus of current interest, how was the first year set the foreign policy of the new Union set by the Treaty of Lisbon? This question has sought to respond with a detailed report, the think-tank European Council on Foreign Relations, which has undergone the trial of a large group of analysts 80 chapters of EU external action in 2010.

Benghazi, the city of insurgents in search of normality

The border between Egypt and Libya on a hill overlooking the town Saloom. At six o'clock in the morning the only ones awake here are the five soldiers who, wrapped in blankets, blocking the road and control the few cars on the border. In the square in front of the immigration office are hundreds of people camped out, covered with nylon sheeting UNCHR, the UN agency for refugees.

Women and children wait inside where it's a bit 'hotter. They fled from their homes with the start of the war and the only safe haven they have found so far is this. The Egyptian border police have a wooden table. The officers drank tea and discussed the bureaucratic procedures are paid quickly.

Green light from the Jerusalem city council for new settlements

The Israeli municipality of Jerusalem Monday, April 4 approved a plan to build 942 new homes in the area of Jewish settlement of Gilo in East Jerusalem. "The urban planning commission approved the project as planned construction of 942 homes in the neighborhood of Gilo," said one alderman, Elisha Peleg, Likud (right, in power).

Mr. Peleg said that green light "is only the first of six administrative steps" needed before the start of construction. The process of Israeli-Palestinian peace, stalled, stumbles on the continuation of Israeli settlement in East Jerusalem and West Bank. Direct peace talks between the two sides briefly resumed in early September 2010 before interrupted almost immediately following the expiration of a ten-month moratorium on Israeli settlement in the West Bank.

Discharging more than 11 thousand tons of radioactive water into the ocean Fukushima

The operator of the troubled nuclear power plant in Fukushima started pouring 11 000 500 tonnes of weakly radioactive water into the ocean to the repair of the cooling circuits of the reactor and prevent a catastrophe worse than Chernobyl. Moreover, Japan hinted that the disaster occurred on 11 March in the Northeast and the subsequent nuclear accident could have an impact on environmental policy.

Tense calm in Ivory Coast military presence Gauls

In Abidjan, the economic capital of Ivory Coast, is filled with an uneasy calm after clashes between the forces of President Alassar Ouattara and the outgoing president, Laurent Gbagbo. Yesterday the French forces deployed in Ivory Coast took control of Abidjan airport and Paris sent 300 troops to protect civilians.

The president-elect blitzkrieg Alassane Ouattara, recognized by the international community, allowed his troops to seize the whole country without much resistance and enter the Thursday night in the economic capital, from where they tried to take the presidential palace, but were only sporadic clashes.

Argentina .- An IMF mission arrives in Argentina to advise the government of Fernandez de Kirchner

BUENOS AIRES, Apr 5. (Reuters) - A technical mission from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) arrived Monday in Argentina to advise the Government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in the development of a new consumer price index, but is not expected to replace indicator Current statistics discredited.

The organization's mission will remain in Argentina for a week, a spokesman said the IMF. The mission is expected to close the visit with the presentation of a confidential report to the Argentine authorities with their recommendations. "We hope to be successful and this may serve to further progress," he told reporters Argentine Minister of Economy, Amado Boudou.

The president is Perpet Nazarbyev absolute power in Kazajistn

Kazakhstan, a country that chaired the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in 2010, has not the stature of democracy in the elections Sunday that will allow President Nursultan Nazarbayev, in power for over two decades, stay ahead of the state five years. A grade of "poor" comes from the same OSCE.

The observers of this entity were "the same deficiencies" in previous elections and confessed their "disappointment" yesterday in Astana. However, they are willing to keep waiting to materialize Kazakhstan promises reforms for years. Thanks to these promises, Kazakhstan won the support of the EU's presidency and the OSCE summit in 2010.

.- Fitch raised Brazil by one notch the 'rating' of Brazil, to 'BBB' by its strong growth

NEW YORK, April 5. The credit rating agency Fitch Ratings has raised by one notch the 'rating' of Brazilian sovereign debt to long term, from 'BBB-' to 'BBB' with stable outlook, by the strong growth of its economy and signs of "greater fiscal austerity" of the new Government of Dilma Rousseff. The agency explained that the improved rating reflects that in its analysis, the sustained growth potential of the Brazilian economy has increased to between 4% and 5%, supporting its medium-term fiscal objectives, as well as strengthening liquidity position, which in turn has raised the country's capacity to absorb any impact on its economy.

€ 10 thousand for the member ends up in jail. But in London

Jim Devine, 57, a former Labour MP Jim Devine, 57, a former Labour MP, went before a judge yesterday for making false expense claims account for 8,385 pounds (about 10 000 €) and was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment. The Old Bailey, as it's called the Criminal Court of London, no joke. There are no discounts to anyone, least of all parliamentarians.

Indeed, the parliamentary pay more, because in addition to the offense committed, must also account for the outrage to the good name of the institution. Devine was charged with having sought the reimbursement of renovation and repainting never executed. It is the fourth Member to be convicted in the scandal on expense reports that last year had shaken Westminster.

Many methods to stop leaks of radioactivity, few results

Discover new species of dinosaur, the "Tyrant of Zhucheng"

In China discovered the fossil remains of "Tyrant Zhucheng, a new species of carnivorous dinosaur, cousin of the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex." The so-called "magnus Zhuchengtyrannus" was found in the province of Shandong, eastern China by a group of researchers from University College Dublin, Ireland, led by Dr.

David Hone, publish the page "The World. is. " The bones found are only slightly smaller than the largest specimens known Tyrannosaurus Rex, according to Hone in the journal Cretaceous Research. " According to scientists, the new species was a "huge tyrannosaurid" which does exist between 99 and 65 million years in a giant theropod family that existed in the territories of North America and East Asia during the Late Cretaceous.