Monday, January 3, 2011

Gbagbo rejected the immunity if he leaves power

Another failure of the international community to stop the power Laurent Gbagbo in Ivory Coast. The presidents of Benin, Cape Verde and Sierra Leone and Kenya's prime minister Monday have traveled the country to offer immunity from prosecution in exchange for the presidency peacefully yield Alassane Ouattara, recognized as the winner of the second round of elections on 28 November, but failed to convince.

The thousands of birds fell in Arkansas are scared to death

The rain of dead birds that surprised, January 1, residents of the town of Beebe in the U.S. state of Arkansas, and made the front page of U.S. newspapers, is certainly due to fear. "We are now almost sure that it is a trauma that caused their death," one official said, Monday, January 3, veterinary services of the State, George Badley.

The mysterious rain of birds had begun the evening of New Year's Eve. More than 5,000 birds were counted, lying in the streets of Beebe. Most birds were red-winged blackbirds, recognizable by their red spots at the base of the wings. A resident reported hearing a score of shots Saturday night - maybe fireworks or guns used to get rid of pest birds - followed by the erratic flight of a large amount of birds.

Bumble bees, important pollinators in sharp decline in the U.S.

Populations of four species of bumble bees, important pollinators of fruit and tomatoes in particular, have declined by more than 90% over the last twenty years in the United States. Significant decreases in the number of these insects were also observed in Europe and around the world in recent decades, according to a study published Monday, January 3 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), after three years of research .

A sophisticated fraud auto insurance affects Canada

A driver wants to turn left, another in front, waved him through, but as soon as he advances, his car is struck from behind by another: thus a collision occurs often arranged by to insurance fraud rampant in Canada. This is an organized criminal activity relatively new and highly sophisticated, whose sales could reach one billion Canadian dollars or 750 million euros, according to the chairman of the insurance branch of the large bank RBC, Ken Bowman.

Governator departure: Schwarzenegger distributed last-minute gifts

Just hours before his departure as governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has not done it the facts: He reduced the prison sentence for the son of a fellow, distributed lucrative post at confidante - in future they deserve $ 100,000 a year or more. Hamburg - The "Governator" is the term of office of Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor of the U.S.

state of California is over - but the 63-year-old took advantage nor the last hours before his official resignation for political decisions. Particularly controversial: Schwarzenegger in last night mitigated the sentence against Esteban Nuñez - the son of former California Speaker of Parliament, Fabian Nuñez.

Not a single street in France Ptain

The small town of Tremblois-lès-Carignan, of just 114 inhabitants, located in the department of the Ardennes in northeastern France, was the last in this country in having a street named after Marshal Petain. The military hero during the First World War but remembered for having presided over the second race the Vichy regime that collaborated with the Nazis, and was named one of three avenues of the town, a road just 200 meters.

Ivorian crisis: African envoys met Gbagbo

African envoys in charge of finding a solution to the crisis in Côte d'Ivoire met Monday, January 3, Abidjan, Laurent Gbagbo, before a meeting with his rival, Alassane Ouattara, Gbagbo recognized by the international community. Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga, sent by the African Union and President Boni Yayi (Benin), Ernest Koroma (Sierra Leone) and Pedro Pires (Cape Verde), mandated by the Economic Community of African States (ECOWAS), met for about two hours with Mr.

Barack Obama can he cope with the new Congress?

The new year is for the U.S. Congress mandated a turning point in Barack Obama. Wednesday, January 5 at the official opening of Parliament, the Republicans nominated in the midterm elections come to Parliament and will tip the majority in the House of Representatives. For American commentators, it is time to assess the likely success of an Assembly that could oppose fiercely on two major points: the health reform, dear Mr.

Weapon against any Italian military convoy was hit

ROME - On the day of the funeral of Matthew Miotto, the Italian contingent in Afghanistan is over once again under attack. A bomb exploded at the passage of a military convoy near the base of Camp Arena in Herat in the east. Fortunamentamente no one was injured. Military sources have reported that one soldier was taken to the infirmary for tests, following the shock.

According to preliminary information, the attack took place at 18.45 local time (15:15 Italian), about three miles from Camp Arena, the Italian headquarters. An "IED," a makeshift bomb, exploded at the passage of a convoy of three armored Lynx of the PRT (Provincial Reconstruction Team) Italian Herat, one of which are available ambulance.

At least 43 African migrants drown off the coast of Yemen

About 43 African migrants have drowned off the coast of Yemen while trying to cross into the Arabian Peninsula, the Yemeni authorities have reported. According to the website of the Ministry of Interior, most of those killed were Ethiopians and have managed to rescue three Somalis after the boat carrying them capsized due to rough seas.

The survivors have given warning that another boat with 40 people, including women and children, has been missing, and authorities fear he has suffered the same fate. Hundreds of Africans risk their lives in the Gulf of Aden to try to reach Yemen, a country they see as the gateway to other rich nations in the Middle East, and eventually, a way to reach Western countries.

43 dead migrants sank two barges, 40 missing

ADEN (YEMEN) - traveled on two boats that, due to strong winds, were reversed. About 80 African migrants, in maggiornaza Ethiopian nationals, are probably drowned, although not yet definitely confirmed, off the southern coast of Yemen. The report of the Ministry of Interior Sana'a indicating that at least 43 are confirmed dead and the missing forty.

Have been found alive three Somalis. The Coast Guard is looking for other possible survivors. According to a Yemeni Interior Ministry statement carried a boat "and 46 people capsized near the coast in the province of Taeza. "All the people on board, but three Somalis, have drowned," says the press release yet, which also provides details on the other boat involved, off the coast of the province of Lahej, carrying "between 35 and 40 people, all Ethiopians, "including women and children.

Mass grave in Austria by the Nazis killed 220 people with disabilities

VIENNA - The remains of 220 people, mostly mental and physical disabilities were murdered during the Nazi period, were found in the Regional Hospital of Hall in Tyrol, Austria. The remains were found during some work for the expansion of the hospital. The excavations were to be of interest to the old cemetery, but after the grisly discovery was decided to block everything.

The tests showed that people were buried between 1942 and 1945. The remains were in the area reserved for the psychiatric pavilion. Tilak According to the company, which operates hospitals in the Tyrol, "at least in part" related to the "euthanasia program" conducted by the Nazis and that led to the killing of a total of 300 000 people.

The setback

According to the lawyer Andreozzi, Battisti on the case, with the excuse of the setback suffered, we see the national press - including - nell'avvallare cravings lynchings & burning for hours just figured, but extremely significant. As there is no doubt that the methods used in the process of conviction in absentia of Cesare Battisti are the foundation of repentance in the statements of two Pac (Armed Proletarians for Communism), interested in the form of perpetrators of certain crimes, thanks to the benefit of pentitismo with the usual reduction of sentences and so on, and if there is not doubt that the processes were carried out according to a Codest, whose main concern lies not in the course of defending rights of the accused, the question arises of whether the award of Battisti was a guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, or rather in following a series of doubts and contradictions, which, rather than the innocence of Baptists affirm his own, at least according to the style of a modern accusatory process, all'amerikana to speak.

Over forty migrants drown off Yemen

Two boats carrying migrants from Africa, most of the Ethiopians, capsized off the coasts of southern Yemen, being later than forty-three dead and about forty vanished, said Monday, 3 January the Ministry of the Interior in a statement. "The accident was caused by high winds and a tsunami which capsized two boats carrying them to the coast," the ministry said, citing the coastguard in Aden, the largest city in southern Yemen.

After the battlements of the fish Moria animals in Arkansas

ARKANSAS - Thousands of fish are dying in Arkansas, USA. After the plague of blackbirds, more than five thousand literally falling from the sky to Beebe, this time to die are the fish-drum. The state officials are investigating the possible causes of this epidemic that hit the river species in the north-west, flowing Arkansas.

"The dead fish covering the banks for about 32 km near the town of Ozark," said Keith Stephens Arkansas game and fish commission to CNN. The first dead fish were found Thursday, and since then have continued to increase to 100,000. Officials are conducting tests to understand what the cause.

"For Egypt, terrorism is an extreme concern"

After the attack that killed 21 people Friday, December 31 at the church of Saints in Alexandria, a feeling of revolt animates the community of Copts in Egypt. Demonstrating in the streets after the attack, some accuse the Egyptian government of being lax threats they are subject. Jean-Noel Ferrie, PhD in political science and director of research at CNRS, discusses the situation of Copts in Egypt and the political context of the attack.

Scandal movies on "USS Enterprise": U.S. officer rushes in video show against gays

Norfolk - Just now had declared U.S. President Barack Obama or a breakthrough in the rights of homosexuals: Just before Christmas, Obama signed a gay-regulation for the American military. The law allows homosexuals in future military service without having to deny themselves. Now the public is shocked by a video scandal that highlights the urgency of an effective law back on the agenda.

In the center: A dozen anti-gay videos, filmed and broadcast on the U.S. aircraft carrier "USS Enterprise". In the short films will be demonstrated and simulated masturbation gestures scenes of same-sex couples showering together. The videos should have been the nearly 6,000 sailors on board the "USS Enterprise" was shown.

African mission in Ivory Coast Gbagbo provide immunity if it stops the power

The presidents of Benin, Cape Verde and Sierra Leone and the prime minister of Kenya are now in Ivory Coast to provide legal immunity to Laurent Gbagbo, in exchange for him to yield power peacefully to Alassane Outara. The mission of the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) and the African Union (AU) is a last attempt to persuade Gbagbo and avoid war.

Gbagbo has so far rejected all calls to recognize his defeat in the elections on November 28 against Ouattara. And has ignored international condemnation and threats to oust him by force. "There are indications that Gbagbo would accept a resignation, but wants assurances it will not be prosecuted for human rights violations or similar offenses he leaves office," said Efe ECOWAS source who asked not to be revealed identity.

Catastrophic flood in Australia more than 200 000 displaced people

SYDNEY - The death toll for the time speaks of "only" three dead, but is a figure that does not make the drama that is living the Australian state of Queensland. The authorities estimate that 200 000 number of people affected by the sudden invasion of the waters after a month of torrential rain swept across 22 rural villages and a region as large as France and Germany combined.

Thus appears not an exaggeration when the Australian authorities speak of "a disaster of biblical proportions." LOOK AT THE PICTURES military aircraft and helicopters began to supply food and necessities to flooded areas of the northeast of the country, including the city of Rockhampton (77,000 inhabitants) at the mouth of the Fitzroy River, where the water level reached nine meters.

According to Netanyahu, Israel was ready to continue the freeze on settlements

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday, January 3 that the waiver by the United States to their demand for a freeze on settlements in the Palestinian territories resulted from their own analysis and not an Israeli blockade. "The truth is that we were ready, but contrary to what was reported, Israel has not refused to extend the moratorium, said Mr.

Netanyahu was quoted by Israeli media (see articles by Haaretz and Yediot Aharonot ) before a parliamentary committee. Ultimately, the United States has decided not to go that route, rightly in my opinion. " "I told Obama that I was ready to submit it to the government and its enforcement, but I received a surprise phone call telling me the Americans they claimed that Israel continues the freeze" he said.

Several requests to Sri Lanka to ban the wearing of miniskirts

The Sri Lankan government said Monday, Jan. 3 that it was studying several requests to ban the wearing of miniskirts in the Indian Ocean island. Nimal Rubasinghe, the cultural affairs secretary, said his department had received delegations seeking to ban the light holdings in public. "There were complaints from various circles on the miniskirt but we only studied and no final decision has been taken." Mr.

Schwarzenegger's farewell: Good-bye, Governator

He came as an action star, he is a lame duck: Arnold Schwarzenegger today announced his last day as governor of California. In eight years, Arnie-term crisis of the state slipped deeper into the malaise - as once the beacon of hope fail so dramatically? Sacramento - On Sunday, met Arnold Schwarzenegger nor a decision as governor of California: The 63-year-old reduced the penalty for Sara Kruzan.

Schwarzenegger leaves office as governor of California

Arnold Schwarzenegger leaves office as governor of California Monday, January 3, without having anything unveiled its future plans after seven years as head of the state's most populous and richest U.S.. Democrat Jerry Brown will succeed the former actor, who was not represented in the last election.

Regarding his future, the governor of California said recently during an official trip to Moscow that "there are many options to make films, write books." Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose Austrian surname faded behind several nicknames - an "Arnie" to "Governator", in reference to the Terminator series that made its fortune in Hollywood - had said he would remain focused on its responsibilities policies until the end of his term.

The funeral of the soldier fallen in Afghanistan

ROME - The coffin of Corporal Matthew Miotto, killed Dec. 31 in the valley of Gulistan in Afghanistan, entered the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, in Rome, where they celebrate the funeral of State. The coffin, wrapped in the Tricolour and carried on the shoulders of six comrades, was greeted the crowd gathered in the square dall'applauso Esedra.

The Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, accompanied by Undersecretary to the Prime Minister, Gianni Letta, arrived in the already crowded basilica. Is deployed in front of the guard of honor representing all armed forces, the Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, Navy, Army and of course the Alpine, the body of the young Venetian belonged.

At least 10 killed by floods in Australia

The virulence of the floods in the State of Queensland, northeastern Australia, has claimed at least three lives today, bringing to 10 the number of fatalities in the floods that ravage the country since late last November and that Christmas have intensified. In addition, a person remains missing, reports the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

The army has now begun to distribute supplies in affected areas and the government has already authorized the disbursement of aid to the victims. One of those killed is a person who died in an area west of the town of Emerald, in the central region of the state when the vehicle he was riding was swept away by a waterspout.

The Church of Alexandria in the list of Al Qaeda targets

ALEXANDRIA - The Church of Alexandria in Egypt hit by a bloody attack on New Year's Eve appeared on a list of possible targets of Al Qaeda. The list was published on December 2 Choumoukh Al-Islam site, a website that hosts the majority of reported terrorist organization. In the message, there was talk of a possible attack "during the Christmas holidays." The author of this press release explicitly invited to kamikaze action during religious ceremonies.

Côte d'Ivoire: Verges and Dumas propose a recount

Placed under intense diplomatic pressure since the disputed presidential election of November 28, outgoing President Laurent Gbagbo has secured the services of two tenors of the French bar, Roland Dumas and Jacques Vergès-cons to organize its attack. At their first visit to Abidjan, the two lawyers were unveiled on Thursday its strategy: fire on France and "fraud".

Jacques Verges, 85, a fervent anti-colonial activist, but also known for having defended Venezuelan terrorist Carlos or the Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic, said that Mr. Gbagbo "has become a symbol" because he "represents a new Africa, an Africa which failed 'not inclined', "and that is what is intolerable to the French leaders.

High-tech monitoring: U.S. Air Force tests new super-drone

With its nine cameras, they can keep an entire city in mind: The U.S. Army is testing a new type of drone that can monitor dramatically larger areas than previous models. The flying Super Spy will bring significant benefits to the military in the Afghanistan war. Berlin - Unmanned aircraft to film entire villages - you can see where people gather, such as from building to building, run through the whole city.

"To live with 100 things" and the tribe of the minimalist

NEW YORK - "We start from the closets of clothes, after all we always too many. Reduce your wardrobe is the first cathartic gesture, and gives you strength to continue with the rest of the house. Discard time, we vaccinate against the temptation to buy even more than before. After a few months as well as your consumer habits begin to change.

" They are the practical advice of the manual "The challenge of 100 things," the Bible of a new movement. The author Dave Bruno of San Diego, California, is adored by her fans on Facebook and has followers in the United States. Whole families participate in what is called a "new arithmetic of Life", or "minimum addition, maximum abduction." Getting rid of all unnecessary, and resist the temptation of impulse buying new, dictated by the Pavlovian reflex that triggers in us the next advertisements or emulation.

The anger after the massacre of Christians "here in Alexandria nobody protects us"

ALEXANDRIA - Under the glare of neon lights that illuminate the facade pierced by a shower of splinters, the Church of the Two Holy seems unreal place. Inside, the seats are still upside down. On the high altar a crucifix wrapped in a blood-stained shroud extends his head toward the empty aisle. An army of riot police had completely sealed off the building.

No one can enter: "It 's dangerous," said one official. But I understand that the "danger", rather than by another kamikaze, should come from the chorus of protesters calling for revenge. Will be a thousand, mostly young, the Coptic cross tatuala arms, but we do not even try to attack the wall of shields and helmets blacks that blocks all access.

American Airlines cut ties with the travel sites

The battle being waged by American Airlines to travel portals pitch rises. If at the end of last year, the American partner of Iberia stopped selling their tickets on Orbitz electronic platform in 2011 he premiered with the release of Expedia. A decision could encourage other airlines to follow in your footsteps and put a serious damper on the dotcoms.

The American explanation is simple, and responds to an intense dispute that the airline has with the various travel sites on the price of tickets. The company's customers can purchase travel through its Web site (www. aa. Com) with the same ease as on those platforms without having to pay more for them.

Law Nothelfer Fri: Obama blesses billion from help hints rescuers of 9 / 11

Help for sick rescue of 11 September 2001: U.S. President Obama has signed a controversial law to get what police officers, firefighters and other workers who were at the World Trade Center in operation, a total of four billion dollars. Washington - They put their own lives to save others. Now get the workers, who on 11 September 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York were in use, a billion aid from the U.S.

Rousseff starts his term with a continuo the Economic Team

The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, wanted to send a message of confidence to investors with a continued strong economic team, who shall take measures, inter alia, monitor the elusive fiscal discipline, curb public spending and curb inflation 5%. Much of the contributors to the new president come from the team of his predecessor, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Three key figures are his chief of staff, Antonio Palocci, the powerful former economy minister who was awarded the merit of having won the confidence of investors in the early years of the mandate of Lula, Guido Mantega, a longtime adviser to former president now assumes the portfolio of finance, and Alexandre Tombini, who will become President of the Central Bank with a commitment to keep inflation under control and ensure the autonomy of the entity.

Russia: Government critics sentenced to prison

They criticize the Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin: Well, three Russian dissidents in jail - officially because they are "disobedient to the police" were. The offender had demonstrated on New Year's Eve against the government. Moscow - In Russia, three senior opposition politician to multi-day jail sentences have been condemned.

The man is "disobedient to the police" have been accused of following a protest, a spokesman said on Sunday. Fast-track ex-Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov on Sunday was sentenced to 15 days in jail. The 51-year-old deputy prime minister from 1997 to 1998, is considered one of the most influential leaders of the extra-parliamentary opposition.