Monday, August 1, 2011

The strong social protest in Israel

Social protest hardens into Israel after the events of Saturday, about 150 000 city employees are on strike Monday. "We called for a strike day. Town halls are closed to the public, the garbage collectors have not picked up the garbage," said Shlomo Buhbut, president of the Union of Local Authorities.

"If the government does nothing we do not exclude the possibility of other support actions in the coming days," he warned. In addition, a call for a strike of twenty-four hours of the employees was launched Monday by Internet users through the social networking site Facebook. Some 24,000 Israelis have announced that they would not go to work, said the media, which have not been able to measure whether the initiative had been followed.

This call to action came a day after promises of reform by Benjamin Netanyahu. At the opening of the cabinet, Sunday, July 31, the Prime Minister announced that he would appoint an "inter-ministerial team to present a plan to ease the economic burden [hanging] on citizens," said an official.

The spokesman of the Prime Minister, Gideon Schmerling, said Mr. Netanyahu was considering a reduction in indirect taxes. It would also encourage competition by reducing the concentration of capital in the hands of a few. Since mid-July, protesters denouncing the skyrocketing housing prices have moved hundreds of tents along Rothschild Boulevard, in an upscale neighborhood of Tel Aviv.

The movement then spread to other cities. Saturday, some 150,000 protesters marched in Tel Aviv and other locations. This movement expresses the anger of the young and the middle class would be supported by more than 80% of Israelis according to a survey.

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