Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In Taiwan are conducted missile tests

Taiwan today made a series of missile tests as part of their maneuvers Jiupeng military base in the southern tip of the island, coinciding with the visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao to the United States. Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeo attended military exercises, the highest since he took office in 2008, during which 19 missiles were launched, five of which did not achieve their objectives, according to military sources.

Added four people who set fire in Egypt

A fourth Egyptian burned today to bonzo (himself), while one of the men who hours earlier had set fire also died of the burns, reported security sources told Efe. The new victim is a mechanic of 35 years identified as Tarek Mohamed al-Gaddafi, who burned himself in the city of Ismailiya, located in the Suez Canal.

The sources explained that at the moment is unclear what caused the incident but apparently Al Gaddafi, who remains hospitalized, had been called to appear before the police. This case is the fourth that takes place in Egypt today after yesterday another city to burn off the Parliament building in the center of the capital, to protest the closure of a restaurant he owned in the province of Ismailiya.

Argentina .- Fernández de Kirchner would win the October elections with 34.6% of the vote: poll

BUENOS AIRES, 18 The president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a 34.6% if it would be a candidate for elections next October, while the current Head of Government of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, receive a 18 1%, according to an opinion poll conducted Ibarómetro company in the capital. The survey shows that 9.1 percent would vote for Ricardo Alfonsin's Radical Civic Union political party (UCR).

Brazil .- rises to 676 the number killed by rains in Rio de Janeiro

RIO DE JANEIRO, 18 The death toll from torrential rains that have fallen in recent days in the state of Rio de Janeiro (southeastern Brazil) amounted to 676, with the balance released today by the Civil Police. Nova Friburgo city remains the hardest hit by the rains with a total of 319 deaths. Teresópolis followed with 277 dead and Petrópolis with 56 deaths, reported the official Agencia Brasil.

Revolution in Tunisia, "Democracy to learn"

The Tunisian people have beaten his despot on the run. From the initial protest movement became a revolution. But how do we proceed? Democracy is now within reach, believes Tunisia expert Alexander Knippert. Daily World Buzz: The Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali has left the country and announced new elections.

Tunisia is now a democratic state along Western lines? Knippert: Certainly that is the wish of the Tunisians. Originally, the protest movement began in December so that the people went against economic conditions and unemployment on the road. One has but then realized it clear that the anger has expanded more and more against the government.

Berlusconi: "I Resign? Perhaps estis crazy?"

"But perhaps you are mad?". Silvio said today that Berluscioni reporters who asked him whether he intended to resign. The prime minister then entered the House of Representatives, which has reunidoa all of your members who have a law degree and invited them to join the legal team that will help to defend in court the allegations of prostitution child and abuse of power.

An army of witnesses witnessed these alleged crimes, and Berlusconi has set up the machinery of war against their hated Milanese prosecutors. "I do gestillos such, I am serene," he added, "I'm having fun." Until that happens, far from the palaces of national policy, the rest of the country takes it philosophically overdose of vulgarity and sleaze injected by the most comprehensive publication of the 389 pages of court record of 'Ruby case.

Arrested the former dictator Duvalier "Baby Doc must be questioned"

PORT AU PRINCE - In exile in France for 25 years, the former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, better known as Baby Doc, he returned to Haiti and was arrested by police for questioning. Two judges and a dozen policemen entered the hotel where he had arranged Duvalier on Sunday and escorted in a judicial office in Port-au-Prince.

The confirmation came from his lawyer Reynold Georges. The Haitian authorities want to know if Baby Doc, who is now 59 years old and is accused of torture and abuse during his years in power (1971-1986), has taken possession of public money. Duvalier had returned to "lend a hand" to small and impoverished Caribbean country, developed further to its knees by an earthquake a year ago and the current epidemic of cholera.

Obama, Hu Jintao and Chinese dishes

Chinese President Hu Jintao went to see Obama. In diplomatic language this would mean that the American president is more important to him, but this time, things is not like that: it is only reciprocal Obama's visit to China by 2009. Between the two countries there are many issues at stake. Some are of vital importance, as the financial issue that arose in the G20 summit last November, when Obama criticized Hu Jintao to spend "an enormous mountain of money" to devalue the Chinese currency, so that goods imported into China from the United States become more expensive, while Chinese products are cheaper in foreign markets.

You live in North Africa or the Middle East, do you feel the shock wave of the revolution Tunisia?

From Yemen to Morocco, to Jordan, Egypt or Algeria, Tunisia successful uprising against the regime appears to meet Ben Ali echo. How events in Tunisia were they used and received in your entourage? Do you feel a stiffening of the government of your country, a rise of popular indignation and even the emergence of social and political demands? A selection of your stories will be published in Le Monde.

Radiozapping - Renewing ... not very new in Tunisia

Protest in Tunis: Union Minister pulls out from government

The transitional government in Tunis is only one day in office - and must cope with even the first departures. Three ministers who had made the powerful union UGTT declared her resignation. Reason: There are too many old forces involved in the government. The government in Tunis is not to rest: A day after the inauguration of a transitional government, there is already the first resignations.

Tunisia: five ministers resign, the government challenged

After the presentation in Tunis of a transitional government, three days after the leak of former President Zine El-AbidineBen Ali Mohamed Ghannouchi, is facing several setbacks: the resignation of several of his ministers, but also criticisms of opponents and protesters felt that the new firm has too much to executives of the former regime.

Three opposition figures are part of the unity government, but the key portfolios of interior, defense, finance and foreign affairs have not changed hands. The UGTT withdraws from the new government's General Union of Tunisian Workers, the powerful trade union, which played a large role in the events that caused the downfall of Ben Ali, had asked in the morning at its three representatives to leave government, saying it "did not [recognize] not the new government." Soon after, two ministers of civil society who also resigned Moreover, trade unionists in Parliament and the House of Councillors (Senate equivalent), "resigned," said a spokesman.

Israel's Mossad: Department of murder

Nowhere myth and murder are so similar as with the Israeli secret service Mossad. Despite numerous setbacks, the "Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations worldwide reputation like thunder. The reason are spectacular operations - including targeted killings. Berlin - The year 2011 is still young, but it is already richer by two Mossad myths.

Early January, said a vulture the Saudi Arabian authorities to boil. The bird was taken near the city of Hail to his feet he wore an Israeli ID. The animal was arrested - as a suspected spy in the Order of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. And only a few days ago announced the "New York Times, the Mossad is the author of the computer worm Stuxnet, which was discovered in 2010 and i programmed it was obvious that he attack Iran's nuclear program.

President Napolitano asked Berlusconi a "complete aclaracin" in court

Italy has dawned and more troubled today than ever aware that the country's international image has reached its lowest point. Following the shocking revelation of the Ruby case summary, the Moroccan prostitute who frequented since I was 16 years Arcore mansion of Silvio Berlusconi, according to herself in a call intercepted by police, opposition and the press demanding the immediate resignation today the prime minister.

A British businessman tortured in Libya without reason

Geneva Match - The story of Henry Djaba, a British businessman, kidnapped, tortured and arbitrarily detained in Libya between March and October 2010, had everything to provoke a diplomatic crisis. But against a backdrop of renewed relations between London and Tripoli, the case has made little noise, resulting in three articles in the press and a statement of the Foreign Office said it had acted "like any British national in similar circumstances ".

Defense for Mr. Juppe, France can not act alone

"Today we say clearly that the choices and aspirations of the Tunisian people must be heard." In the first interview that he spends on defense issues, the new Minister Alain Juppe confirmed in Le Monde, turn on the wing operated for forty-eight hours by the French executive facing a popular uprising in Tunisia and from President Ben Ali, supported by Paris until the end.

"For all Europeans and Americans, Tunisia experiencing a major economic development and had all the appearances of political stability. A middle class emerged, the status of women improved, a major effort was focused on education. Without perhaps we have underestimated the degree of frustration of the public response to a police state and dictatorship, "Mr.

Coup in Tunisia: In the rush of freedom

They may disclose their say, speak evil of the Clan of the ousted dictator - and put hope in the future: After decades of oppression, people in Tunisia now political change. The remains without economic aid from Europe exposed. "All of this thanks to the grace of God" emblazoned carved in marble above the entrance of the villa Adel Trabelsi Tunis.

It has no more doors, the looters have torn under the nail. Like all the other furniture: beds, curtains, light fittings, bathroom tiles and even the stair railing. They took everything. And what have they could not have been set on fire. Last week, lived here in-law of ousted Tunisian dictator Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali.

Three ministers resigned from the new unity government between new protests Tunisian

Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghanuchi, said this morning on French radio Europe 1 that "all parties will be allowed to participate" in the elections to be held within two months "equal", yes provided that "meet the rules required by electoral law." "As of today, there is a strict separation between state and party", has promised the prime minister, who remains in the position he held with the dictator, the Abidinde Zine Ben Ali, fled on Friday after three weeks of riots .

Afghanistan, wounded two Italian

Murderous attack against a recruitment center for police in Iraq

At least 50 people were killed and 150 injured Tuesday, January 18, in an attack in Tikrit, 160 km north of Baghdad. "A suicide bomber detonated his explosives belt in front of a recruiting center for the police," said a police official. This is the deadliest attack in Iraq since Oct. 31, when an armed commando stormed the cathedral during mass Syrian Catholic in Baghdad, killing 44 worshipers and priests.

In Egypt, the exasperation against the regime remains confined to the Internet

Cairo, Special Envoy - It was raining in Cairo, Monday 17 January morning, when Abu Abdel Monem, who owns a sandwich shop, was doused with petrol before Parliament, transforming into a human torch. To journalists, relatives have said he could no longer feed them. In his village of Qantara, in the Nile Delta, there is no bread.

Muni coupon subsidy, he went to the distribution center nearby. But it refused to give him, accusing him of using the bread for its sandwiches and not for his four children. A strike by lorry drivers also had his private business, located on the highway, its only customers. He had gone to the capital to find a solution.

The new Government Tunisian League for the return of Islamic leader in exile to "a law of amnesty"

Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghanuchi, said this morning on French radio Europe 1 that "all parties will be allowed to participate" in the elections to be held within two months "equal", yes provided that "meet the rules required by electoral law." "As of today, there is a strict separation between state and party", has promised the prime minister, who remains in the position he held with the dictator, the Abidinde Zine Ben Ali, fled on Friday after three weeks of riots .

The Tunisian Prime Minister defends the maintenance of ministers of Ben Ali

After the presentation in Tunis of a transitional government, three days after the leak of former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi faced criticism from opponents who believe that the new cabinet gives too room for executives of the former regime. The ministers who served under Ben Ali and have been maintained have always acted to "preserve the national interest," Mr.

A resolution against the Israeli settlement in the Security Council of UN

United Nations (New York), correspondent - A resolution condemning the Israeli settlement should be formally filed Tuesday, January 18, from Lebanon - on behalf of Arab countries - the Security Council of the UN. The text, sponsored by the group including non-aligned countries and the Organization of Islamic Conference, has been circulating since December 21 in this mix and could be voted in the coming days.

Palin adds: "You will not kill me to silence"

For the first time since Arizona's assassination has Sarah Palin said in a TV interview. But the conversation at her U.S. home Fox News was degraded to PR application. Once again she was allowed to maintain its image - as a martyr for the rights and arch-enemy of the left. No trace of self-doubt. An interview that was barely.

More a polite conversation between two like-minded people. Or a commercial in which one plays the Stooges and the other his rehearsed "talking points" get rid of - for free of course. The cues in this case was Sean Hannity, one of the sharpest conservative polemicist of the U.S. cable channel Fox News.

Major police operation against ETA's supporters in Navarre and the Basque Country in Spain

At least ten people were arrested during a police operation on the night of Monday 17 to Tuesday, January 18 in Navarre and the Basque country of Spain, to circles close to the Basque armed group ETA, officials said Hispanic media, citing sources of terrorism. The operation was conducted by order of a magistrate of the Audiencia Nacional - including the Madrid court in charge of terrorism cases - Judge Fernando Grande-Marlaska.

Tunisia took the first step towards stability

The Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi, appointed several opposition figures in a new unity government, seeking political stability after violent protests in the streets did fall to the president. Ghannouchi said the government was committed to the release of political prisoners, and that anyone with a great wealth or suspected of corruption would be investigated.

He also said that all political parties upon request must be authenticated. Previously, about a thousand people took to the streets to demand that the Democratic Constitutional Rally (RCD) of former President Zine al Abidine Ben Ali left office and some said they would not accept members of the previous government on the new Executive.

A terrorist attack is settled with YMS 42 dead 100 injured in Iraq

At least 45 people were killed today and more than a hundred injured in a suicide attack against a recruitment center for police in Tikrit, 170 kilometers north of Baghdad, according to police sources have reported that locality. The same sources have told Reuters that the terrorist detonated the explosive charge was attached to the body inside the building where many volunteers gathered to join the Guard.

42 dead in suicide attack on Tikrit and a hundred injured

BAGHDAD - A suicide attack against police in Tikrit, northern Iraq has killed at least 42 people dead and at least one hundred injured. The sources said Iraqi police. According to reports from the Arabic television Al-Jazeera, the suicide bomber struck a center for volunteers wishing to join the Army.

The attack was executed at 10:30 am local time (8:30 in Italy) in the headquarters of the police in Tikrit, hometown of the late former President Saddam Hussein, about 160 km north of Baghdad. There are no claims, but security sources tend to attribute responsibility for the attack to the Iraqi branch of Al Qaeda.

2010 record year for maritime piracy

A record number of sailors were taken hostage in 2010 in the world, mostly off Somalia, by heavily armed pirates, announced on Tuesday 18 January, the International Maritime Bureau (IMB). A total of 445 attacks have been identified worldwide, 10% more than in 2009, according to BMI, located in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), in its annual report: 53 ships were boarded by pirates, who have 1181 hostage sailors against only 188 in 2006 and 1050 in 2009.

The wave of suicides to bonzo worries the Arabs regmenes

The inspirational power of a single gesture, brave and desperate can change the lives of many people at one stroke, his way of dealing with injustice and to the destiny of a nation. In an increasingly interconnected world and the media, seems capable of switching up the fate of many nations at once. That's three North African countries in which men have blown themselves desperate to bonzo following the example of Mohamed Bouazizi, young Tunisian lawyer who committed suicide in December after local police burst the street stalls of vegetables with which he earned life because they did not have a license.

"Those responsible for the repression they will answer to justice"

TUNIS - Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi reply to criticism about the permanence in the new government members of the regime of ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali said that the ministers confirmed they have "always act to preserve the national interest" and "have clean hands." Speaking on French radio Europe 1, has announced that "all those" who have played a role in the repression of popular protest, "they will answer to justice." In an interview in which he analyzes the reasons for the revolt and escape of the head of state who was in power for 23 years, Ghannouchi said that "he had the impression" that in recent times, "at the end of the kingdom", Tunisia was "managed by the wife of Ben Ali, Leila Trabelsi.

Mohammad Yunus of Bangladesh to court for defamation

Mohammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize and a pioneer of micro-finance, appeared Tuesday, January 18 Bangladeshi court for a libel case dating from 2007. Last week, the Bangladesh government has ordered an investigation into the Grameen Bank, a microcredit organization that he founded. A Norwegian documentary had in the past, highlighted poor financial practices.

The Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, has since accused Mr. Yunus to use a "trick" to avoid paying taxes, claiming also that the loans "were sucking the blood of the poor." Sheikh Hasina, accusing Mohammad Yunus of Grameen Bank to his personal fiefdom, was first opposed to the "Banker to the Poor" in 2007 when it created its own political party, which has fizzled.

A family addicted to quick

Many Tunisians felt humiliated when, on certain days of the year, the government of dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali laid down the days of solidarity with certain groups of Tunisian society. Important to make some money. Just in case. Abdelaziz Belkhodja is a prestigious Tunisian writer who has devoted time to look into the excessive corruption of the regime deposed on Friday.

The family, especially his second wife, Leila Trabelsi-hoarded a huge economic power. There was hardly a sector of the economy that does not insert their paws. Pure robbery. Belkhodja explains in his report, by way of preamble, that the list of companies owned half a dozen families closely related to Ben Ali is incomplete.

Rio Brazil .- The authorities ordered the evacuation of more than 1,400 residents of the mountain

BRASILIA, 18 Rio authorities have decided to evacuate more than 1,400 residents of 18 villages of Nova Friburgo, whose homes are located in an area classified as highest risk by the high probability of occurrence of new landslides due to Torrential rains have fallen last week on the state of Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil.

"We have prepared an action technical reports showing that they are areas of risk and according to federal, state and municipal, should never have been built there," said the promotions coordinator for state collective care, Vinicius Lela Cavalheiro, the while indicating that neighbors who refuse to leave their homes will be evicted by court order.

The sacrifice, the ultimate act of desperation left-nots

Two men attempted to set themselves on fire, Monday, January 17, Mauritania and Egypt, bringing to eight the number of people who wanted to kill himself publicly in African countries since Wednesday. In Mauritania, an entrepreneur of 43 years stopped driving before the Senate, in Nouakchott, the capital, then tried to set fire to his car while he was still inside.

According to a reporter that he had contacted before committing this act, he was "dissatisfied with the country's political situation and anger against the regime." Members of security forces and bystanders were able to extract the vehicle and was taken to hospital. Cairo, Egypt, is a restaurateur who tried to end his days in the same way.

The violence is officially 78 dead

The violence in Tunisia during the popular revolt that precipitated the fall of the regime of former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Friday, Jan. 14, were 78 dead and 94 wounded, according to the Interior Minister, Ahmed Fria. The previous official death toll, announced on January 11 before the change of power, reported 21 dead.

The unrest left at least 66 deaths announced on his side last week the president of the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH), Souhayr Belhassen. Most victims were killed during the fierce police repression of the uprising that began in mid-December in the central west of the country disinherited.

Greece considers its alleged terrorists in great confusion

Athens, correspondence - The trial of members of the Greek anarchist group of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire very nearly exploded from the first day, Monday, Jan. 17. The first day of hearings taking place in the prison of Korydallos, a suburb of Athens, was marked by many incidents before a judge who seemed very quickly overtaken by events.

The nine defendants present, only two of which claim membership in this group that claimed responsibility for several bombings in early 2008, including sending parcel bombs to several embassies and European officials have asked that the public can freely access the hearing. They were surrounded by many friends who were shouting slogans at each recess, but they had to leave their ID at the entrance for them to be photocopied.

In Brussels, a judge put a stop to the prison director

Brussels Correspondent - A sharp contrast incident on Sunday 16 January, a judge at the guards and the warden of the prison of Saint-Gilles, Brussels. The case resulted in the arrest of the director and two staff members. Wim De Troy J. investigating drug trafficking and wanted to interview a "mule", that a smuggler who swallowed pellets of drugs to try to evade controls.

Demanding to penetrate with his personal vehicle in the school premises, the magistrate has been argued that access was, for reasons of security, reserved for vans, which are subject to due diligence. After an argument, the magistrate ordered the police officers accompanying him to make three arrests.

"Talking to Julian is intellectually exciting"

Jennifer Robinson wants Spanish wine. Jennifer opens and widens his eyes when he speaks. Jennifer tells you and takes your arm. His way of relating to others is the opposite, never better, the british way. Is sharp, funny and Australian, very Australian. It has brought the Frontline Club, London Julian Assange shelter, the first site that met the founder of Wikileaks.

Come hungry and want two dishes, no salad to share. Second, ribs, we rather chop. At 29 years and has behind him an amazing experiential curriculum. He has traveled half the world, has fought for human rights NGOs in West Papua, has interviewed exiled Iranian victims of torture, has been arrested and deported from Indonesia ...

Franco-German photographer wounded died in Tunis

According to information provided by his employer, the European press photography (EPA), based in Frankfurt, the Franco-German photographer Lucas Mebrouk Dolega, 32, seriously injured Friday in Tunis, died Monday, Jan. 17. The agency said the information taken from the French embassy in Tunis and the family of the photographer.

The photojournalist, born in Paris of a German mother, journalist, and French father, a doctor, covered the events in Tunis before the Ministry of the Interior, when he was hit early Friday afternoon by a tear gas drawn "point blank" by a police officer, as a colleague, Julien Muguet. Hit in the eye and the left temple, he was operated on in the evening at the National Institute of Neurosurgery of Tunis.

Insulza left to the electoral court of Haiti's political crisis RESOLUTION

The secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS) Jose Miguel Insulza, who arrived in Haiti on Monday to discuss the election crisis in the country since the last elections of November 28 has left the resolution of the dispute to the Electoral Council (PEC). Insulza said the regional body only made recommendations in the report was issued, which indicated that there had been electoral fraud and Jude Celestin recommended to exclude the second round.

The post-Ben Ali told by users of Monde.fr

Around 18 pm 30, Friday, January 14, Tunisia taught the fall of Ben Ali after twenty-three years of a reign without a tie, the President left the country in an emergency. Internet World. en tell the first three days post-Ben Ali, three days during which the pride and hope have gradually given way to uncertainty, fear of looting and atrocities committed by militias loyal at the deposed president, supply difficulties.

Congresswoman Giffords progressing well after a new operacin

Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was wounded in the head in a shootout during a public ceremony last day 8, has responded positively to a new operation, according to the latest medical report. The staff at the Hospital of the University of Arizona explained that on Saturday the Arizona lawmaker was subjected to an intervention in the right eye to repair the fracture which caused the bullet that pierced his left brain.