Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Egypt, Hosni Mubarak on trial

It opened today in Cairo, Hosni Mubarak on trial, accused together with his sons Alaa and Gamal for corruption and murder. The 83enne former Egyptian president was airlifted from Sharm el-Sheikh, where from April was hospitalized for heart problems, and the airport has been taken to court in an ambulance.

Mubarak, who risks the death penalty, following the trial of the defendants in the cage, where it is lying on a stretcher. In the cage, his sons, dressed in white overalls of the detainees. The representative of procuraegiziana, who is making his submissions at the trial of the former Rais, accused former Minister of Hosni Mubarak 'Interior Habib el Adly of premeditated murder against protesters during the revolution of January.

The process takes place between tight security involving 8,000 soldiers, coordinated and supported by 200 officers of the armed forces. Outside the headquarters of the Police Academy in Cairo, where the process takes place, there were clashes between supporters and opponents of the former Rais.

According to reports sent to the al-Arabiya satellite television, the police were forced to intervene several times with the agents in riot gear to separate the two groups that continue to throw stones and to the clash. Hundreds of people following the trial from the square in front of the Academy.

To the last there were doubts that Mubarak will be presented at trial. This is the first appearance before a magistrate of the former Rais by his dismissal, on 11 February. Are processed together with Mubarak the former interior minister, Habib al-Adli, six senior police officers and a former businessman close to Mubarak arrested in Spain.

In recent days had suggested that the process to Mubarak and the two children, could be held in Sharm-el-Sheikh because of health condition of former president who refuses to eat for days.

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