Thursday, March 24, 2011

Several rockets fired from Gaza falling on southern Israel

The first strike hit a former headquarters of the intelligence services of the Palestinian Authority in the north of the Palestinian territory, and several people wounded, witnesses said. The second raid targeted a group of Palestinian fighters who were preparing to fire mortar shells at Beit Hanun, near the border with Israel, the sources said.

The third strike destroyed a rocket launcher in the Zeitoun neighborhood, on the eastern outskirts of Gaza City. Finally, the fourth raid targeted a training ground for al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas to power in Gaza, in the refugee camp in Beach Camp, also in the northern territory.

Nato, tearing of Germany withdrew from the Mediterranean Marina

BERLIN - Germany's Clamorous tear Angela Merkel and Guido Westerwelle against the partners of NATO and the European Union in crisis Libyan Berlin tonight announced the withdrawal of a cold shower Bundesmarine, that the Navy Federal, the operations of the Atlantic Alliance in the Mediterranean. And some sources and observers, including even the choice comes down to the extreme, that is, the physical removal of heavy Bundesmarine two modern frigates, support ships and personnel of the German military in the Mediterranean.

Syria promises to lift state of emergency in force since 1963

Syria promised to lift the state of emergency in force since 1963 and to introduce political reforms to meet the demands of protesters shortly before threatened to intensify protests held for six days. ''I'm happy to announce the decisions taken by the Baath Party, under the auspices of President Bashar al-Assad, including studying the possibility of lifting the emergency law and licensing of political parties,''said an adviser to the Syrian president .

WHO recommends that food from Fukushima veto

The World Health Organization (WHO) called on Japan to ban the sale of food from Fukushima and three neighboring provinces due to high radiation levels. WHO reported that the impact of radiation is more serious than initially thought. The earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated Japan's worst nuclear crisis caused by 25 years due to constant breakdowns at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

U.S. command transfer operation in Libya

.- The attacks against Libya could decrease in coming days and the United States quickly transmitted to other control of the operation. "My feeling is that unless something unusual or unexpected, we see a decrease in seizure frequency "said General Carter Ham, who leads U.S. forces in the Libyan operation, told reporters in Washington.

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, said his country, whose air campaign have joined Britain, France, Canada and Italy, among others, planned to transfer the military leadership in the short term. Britain and France led the intervention orders. "We anticipate that this transition will take place in days, not a matter of weeks," Obama said at a news conference in Chile, where he is on an official visit.

The escalating violence in Gaza stirs fears of Israel incursion

A week of intense Israeli bombardment of Gaza, Palestinian rockets rain on Israel, civilian deaths in Gaza, accompanied by an increase in threats from armed groups and policy makers have woken up in the last hours of Operation Phantom Cast Lead, the Israeli incursion that left 1,400 Palestinians killed as they pass through the Gaza Strip during Christmas 2008.

Israeli aircraft launched an attack today against the northern fringe, where he claims to have destroyed an arms cache belonging to Hamas, hours after two Grad rockets fired from Gaza slammed into Israeli territory. This is the most serious clashes in the Gaza Strip two years ago and produced in a time when negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis are at a standstill for seven months and in which the international community's attention is focused in the Arab revolution.

General Apicella: "In Libya, the situation at risk stalling"

"In Libya there is a risk stalling. And then a stall comes only with the intervention by land. " E 'opinion of Franco Apicella, Italian Army General no longer in service. "Even if we now talk about no-fly zones or assistance to the population, the current one is already a war. Targeted neutralization of Gaddafi's air defenses, at first, and then the neutralization of its potential logistical conventional deployments of units on the ground ".

"We will continue air strikes" in Libya, "said Alain Juppe

The international coalition led by the United States, France and Great Britain will "continue the air strikes" on military targets in Libya, said Thursday, March 24th the head of French diplomacy, Alain Juppe. "We focus on military and nothing else," said the minister on the radio RTL. Asked about the civilians who might have been affected by the firing of the coalition, Alain Juppe said that "this is exactly the opposite" is true.

There is agreement on NATO. Measured blood reappears the dictator: "We laugh your missiles"

ROME - Four days of the operation Odyssey Dawn, the fourth day of missiles and bombs on Libya. The incursions of the Western coalition began in the early hours of the day, hitting Tripoli, Zintan, Misurata, Sirte, Sabha and the area east of Benghazi, in the latter case causing the retreat of the loyalist forces.

Hit the base of the navy Bussetta, ten kilometers from the capital, ports and airports in Sirte and Sabha, both political and military stronghold of the Colonel. On the diplomatic front, after the controversy of recent days, Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron have reached an agreement on the need for NATO-led operations in Libya.

There are already more than nine thousand dead in Japan quake

The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami on 11 in Japan rose today to the nine thousand 79 people while 12 000 645 others are missing, according to the last count of the Japanese police. Eleven days after 9 degrees on the northeast coast of Japan, the worst natural disaster after World War II, the fear is still to increase the victims while trying to restore infrastructure to cater to the victims.

The UN will discuss on Thursday the attack on the Libyan regime

The Security Council agreed today to hold a meeting next Thursday to discuss the international military intervention against the regime of Moammar Gadhafi, approved last week by the world body. Diplomats said the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, will report at the meeting of the developments in Libya seven days after being released for the use of force.

"The secretary general informed of the situation, and so will other countries on how they have implemented the resolution, "said a Western diplomat. Today's meeting of the Security Council was convened, in charge of the presidency, after this weekend to receive a letter from the Libyan foreign minister, Musa Kusa, calling for an emergency meeting of the agency to stop International bombings against Gadhafi's regime.

Who stand on the other side?

While the rising flames of the fires raging in much of North Africa to Egypt, promising to spread in the Arab world to the east and south, the immediate question arises: whose side you stand? For whom up to be a liberal Democrat and Republican in the West? Sure, it's easier to answer where not to. Certainly not the thieves with the autocrats or dictators Mubarak butchers its own people like Gaddafi (but attention to his Yemeni counterpart, the brute Saleh).

After the bombing in Jerusalem, Israel wants to defend itself "with an iron will"

Israel will defend itself "with an iron will" against the attacks, said Wednesday, March 23, Binyamin Netanyahu after the bombing that killed one person and over thirty wounded in Jerusalem. The attack, unclaimed for now, is the first bomb attack since the arrival in power of the current Prime Minister in 2009.

It occurs when deadly clashes oppose five days since the Israeli army and Palestinian armed groups in Gaza. After a few hours delayed his departure for Moscow, where he had talks with Russian leaders, the Israeli prime minister said: "They (the Palestinian armed groups) are trying to test our will and determination, they will discover that this government, the army and the Israeli people have an iron will to defend their country ", just before departing for a tour of twenty-four hours in Moscow.

Tanks against the house, killed two children continue air strikes on Gaza, 17 wounded

GAZA - It 's taken the relentless tension between Israel and the Gaza Strip. At least four dead in Gaza City, two of them children, after an Israeli tank hit a house injuring eight others. Palestinian medical sources said. According to eyewitnesses, the four were hit by shrapnel while playing football, when the tank fired at a nearby house.

The fire apparently Israeli fire in response to the firing of four rockets into Israeli territory, took place today. The border area between Israel and the Gaza Strip is a few days the scene of a strong resurgence of exchanges of fire between Israelis and Palestinians. The first, which made the night air strikes against five different targets, they opened fire on Palestinian militants today who wanted to launch anti-tank missiles at troops across the border.

Gaza Strip fired rockets into central Israel

Palestinian rockets struck targets in central Israel, near urban villages south of Tel Aviv, while Israeli jets aimed at targets in Gaza, in an increasingly heated dispute that has sparked fears of another war. Israeli police said the long-range Grad rockets fired from the Gaza Strip ruled by Hamas, hit Ashdod and an area north of the Mediterranean port.

There were no immediate reports of casualties. Emergency services said one of the rockets landed near Yavneh, a town about 45 kilometers from Gaza and about 20 kilometers from Tel Aviv. This area was bombed between December 2008 and January 2009 during the war in Gaza. Violence on the border of Gaza has worsened in recent days and a bomb attack Wednesday in Jerusalem, which Israeli police blamed on Palestinian militants, left a woman dead and 39 wounded.

The base is attacked Qala i Naw without causing injury

.- The base of the Spanish forces in the Afghan village of Qala i Naw was attacked today by two rockets fired by an insurgent group and have not caused personal injury, as reported by the Spanish Ministry of Defense. It was in the afternoon when the Spanish base "Ruy González de Clavijo" has suffered the attack.

One of the rockets landed inside the base (northwest Afghanistan), causing only minor damage and without any military were injured, according to Defense. The other rocket hit outside the base and near the runway of the airport of the Afghan city. After the incident, the Spanish military stationed there continued their activity without incident.

NATO fails to resolve differences in exclusion zone

NATO failed to resolve differences over whether the alliance should take over the implementation of a no-fly zone on Libya if the United States gives up its leadership in the operation, diplomats said. After weeks of deliberations, the ambassadors on Sunday approved an operational plan for NATO to help implement an arms embargo against Libya UN, so they tried to agree on its implementation and put the finishing touches to plans for the partnership have a role in the no-fly zone.

The radioactivity in the water in Tokyo is located at levels suitable for consumption

The tap water in Tokyo does is harmful to health. That is the message that the Japanese authorities do not stop repeating to the public to stop buying bottled water, according to Kyodo news agency. Following the recommendation yesterday in Tokyo that babies under one year do not drink tap water, panicked and Tokyoites people took to the streets to expand its stockpile of bottled water.

However, the amounts of radiation in the water and fall within the permitted, since the radioactive iodine levels are below the 100 becquerels per liter, so that the Japanese authorities have insisted there is no danger to health, either for adults or infants. Still, stocks in supermarkets becoming scarce.

Obama's tomb Romero

The photos to the newspapers tomorrow will go down in history of the Americas: President of the United States in prayer at the tomb of Bishop Romero's assassination (March 24, 31 years ago) in the name of the "war on communism" ordered by another president from Washington annoyed Church who defended peasants abandoned the death squads.

Reagan years, years of Obama. Romero is buried in the vaults of the cathedral of San Salvador, the last step of Obama's long trip to Latin America. 31 years ago the church was engulfed by fire on Sunday and distressed by the homilies of a bishop. He read the names of students, intellectuals, trade unionists led away by military boots of the generals in Argentina as P2.

Libya: the impossible-offensive against rebels

More than a month after the start of the insurgency in eastern Libya, and five days after the bombing began by coalition aircraft, neither side has managed to take over. Gaddafi forces were repulsed from the city of Benghazi, but the insurgents, mostly civilians, young, whose number has never been accurately established, struggling to regain the territory they had snatched a few weeks ago.

Wednesday, March 23, they were still stuck on a front line drawn by the firing of mortar troops Gaddafi, ie about ten kilometers from the city of Ajdabiya. Further west, in Misrata, Western Aviation has come to the aid of insurgent fighters, unable to cope with tanks Gaddafi. The opponents were unable to advance, both by the acute shortage of ammunition, heavy weapons and vehicles as the lack of communication and military organization.

President Saleh: "It's coup, there will be a bloody civil war"

SANAA - Those who want to "gain power through a coup d'etat should be aware that this will lead to a" civil war, a bloody war. " The stark warning comes from the Yemeni president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, after the defection of several generals, including the powerful Ali Mohsen, who decided to join the cause of the demonstrators.

Speaking in front of some military commanders, the Yemeni leader, for weeks the target of protests, called on the military 'rebels' to "carefully consider" the risks of a possible coup. The Yemeni army divisions are "disastrous" for the whole country, said the president, who yesterday met the National Council of Defense.

Repression in Syria leaves 15 civilians dead

Activists defy riot police on the streets of Deraa. At least 15 civilians and one soldier were killed during protests in this city in Southern Brazil. "Akhbar Al Sharq", website opposing the Syrian regime, reported that between 15 and 18 people died while trying to disperse the Syrian security forces those attending the funerals of those killed during the demonstrations in that city.

As for the military dead, a member of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that he was assaulted by his teammates by refusing to attack the Al Umari in Deraa, which allegedly sheltering about 300 protesters. Syria has lived since 1963 under emergency law that prevents public demonstrations.

Japan detects radioactive contamination in sea water

The Japanese authorities detected unusually high levels of radioactive substances in seawater near the nuclear plant accident by the earthquake, said Tuesday the operator Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO). The level of iodine 131 and cesium 134 are respectively 1267 and 24.8 times higher than the standards set by the Japanese government, TEPCO said.

The substances were detected in seawater picked at random on Monday, about 100 meters south of the plant in Fukushima N.1, TEPCO said a spokesman. The level of cesium-137 was also 16.5 times higher while the cobalt-58 was lower than the norm, said Naoki Tsunoda, noting that these levels pose no threat to human health.

UN expressed his''outrage''by killing in Ivory Coast

The Security Council UN expressed "indignation" over the deaths of at least 30 civilians in the bombing last Thursday in a market in the Ivorian capital, Abidjan, attributed to the forces of Laurent Gbagbo's ruling. "This kind of crimes do not remain unpunished and those responsible must answer for their actions," the highest organ of international security in a statement read to reporters by China's deputy ambassador, Wang Ming, which holds the rotating presidency this month .

The evidence of central European response incluirn great sesma

Resistance tests that Europe will impose on its 143 nuclear power plants yesterday gave his first steps with the proposals of the Nuclear Regulators Association (WENRA, for its acronym in English), meeting in Finland. Among the seven measures agreed by the regulators, including analyzing how a plant would exceed an earthquake or a flood that exceeds the original design basis of the plant, prolonged loss of electricity supply or the deterioration of the conditions of the pools that store the spent fuel.

Brasil/China.- Embraer expands its agreement with China to finance aircraft for 1.056 million over five years

MADRID, 24 Mar. The Brazilian manufacturer Embraer has extended its agreement with ABC Leasing, a subsidiary of Agricultural Bank of China for the financing and sale of aircraft worth $ 1,500 million (1,056 million euros) for the next five years, as reported on its website the Brazilian entity. The agreement, whose aim is to sell equipment to China and other countries in the region, demonstrates the "financial community's confidence in Chinese products Embraer," said executive vice president of the Brazilian company, Paulo César de Souza.

An old world at war

Write something meaningful about the war in Libya is difficult. And it's hard to write something meaningful in general on a war like this, now more than ever. You could perhaps do the eve of the first post-Cold War military intervention, Iraq and following. But now, weighed down by these experiences, we can only read and reread the article by Massimo Fini, published newspaper and taken up by the fact MicroMega, and find substantial agreement with him.

"The insurgents see the dream of cities held by Gaddafi to rise"

In a chat on cnn. fr, Remy Ourdan, Special Envoy of the World in Libya, said "the enthusiasm of the rebels vis-à-vis Western intervention, which has clearly saved Benghazi. Some shabab who face the Libyan army blame these soldiers do not show enough enthusiasm for the revolution, and some even suspect them of playing double game regards the level of coordination between rebel forces and the international coalition, I ignored.

Man sets himself on fire in Sidi Bouzid on the day of the visit of Ban Ki Moon

TUNIS - Tunisia A 33 year old died after being set on fire this morning in Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia's central city and a stronghold of the revolution, the day on which the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, is visiting the North Country Africa. Medical sources said. The man, Khaled Ezzafouri, was rescued and was taken in the regional hospital in Sidi Bouzid, and then be transferred to Sfax, due to the severity of her condition, but did not have it done.

Violence displaces 27.5 million people found

The number of people around the world forcibly displaced within their country due to conflict or violence has increased to 27.5 million, the highest figure in the last decade, according to a new report released Wednesday. Center the text of the Internal Displacement Monitoring, based in Geneva and established in 1998 by the Norwegian Refugee Council at the request of the UN, said that about three million people in 20 countries were newly displaced by conflict or violence 2010, including 1.2 million in Africa.

Perceived stability of three nuclear reactors in Fukushima

The U.S. nuclear regulatory authority (NRC, in English) said on Monday that the situation "appears to be stable in reactors 1, 2 and 3" Fukushima nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan, after the devastating earthquake damaged suffered the country. "Today the situation seems stable for units 1, 2 and 3 (...) by injecting sea water to cool them," said Bill Borchardt, NRC's executive director, at a public hearing.

Libya exclusion zone will be extended to the capital

The allied forces which have prevented their attack forces advance on Benghazi Libyan regime, extend to the capital, Tripoli, the no-fly zone, said today a U.S. commander. With this measure, the air operations of the allied forces could attack the Libyan regime troops stationed in the capital. During the weekend these attacks took place only in the city of Benghazi.

Gen. Carter Ham, the head of the Unified Command U.S. Africa based in Stuttgart, Germany, said in a press conference that since the beginning of the allied operations "no activity is observed aircraft (military) Libyans." U.S. forces and the United Kingdom have launched 12 Tomahawk guided missile attacks and military vessels from France, Spain and Italy "patrol the region to prevent illegal arms shipments to and from Libya," he said.

The earthquake in Japan and added 9,700 dead and 16,501 missing

As usual since the devastating earthquake of magnitude 9 on the Richter scale and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan for almost two weeks, every day new and missing toll increases. The new figure offered this morning (Spanish time) by the National Police Agency has risen to 9,700 dead and 16,501 the number of missing data so the total number of victims could exceed 25,000.

While the death toll has not risen greatly (yesterday was 9408), the number of missing has increased by almost 1,500 people (information provided on Tuesday spoke of just over 14,700 people disappeared). The majority of fatalities and missing persons are concentrated in the three prefectures most affected by the earthquake and tsunami: Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima, an area that is still subject to evolution in its nuclear power plant.

The first casualty of war is truth

End transmission. The Humanitarian La Russa has decreed that "you can not follow the war minute by minute" ... so good night to the players ... we will never know, for our peace of mind, how many civilian casualties in the coming days we will be in Libya. The scheme strillerà we are dead, maybe even women and children, but you know, Gaddafi is a Bedouin liar ...

and makes use of human shields ... sorry, but the humanitarian war must go on until the elimination of the madman in Tripoli true purpose of the current, even if not explicitly provided for by Resolution No. 1973, but a broad interpretation is always possible to protect civilians, in the end, it is legitimate to kill those who kill, or not? The thoughts of the Arab League, China, Russia, Germany, etc..

Water babies prohibited Tokyoites

Katzav sentenced to seven years for rape

TEL AVIV - The former head of the State of Israel Moshe Katzav was sentenced to seven years in prison for rape, plus two years' imprisonment on probation and fined 100,000 shekels, about 20 000 €. In December, Katzav, 65, was convicted twice of raping one of his employees when he was tourism minister in the late nineties, two episodes of indecent exposure, one of them using of force, and sexual assault against three employees to the ministry and then to the presidency after his election in 2000.

Thirty-nine people injured is the balance of explosion in Jerusalem

A woman died and 39 others were injured as a result of bombing in front of the International Convention Center Jerusalem, near the central bus station, official sources confirmed. The only fatality was a woman of 59 years of age, who died as a result of injuries sustained by the strong blast, at a time when it was taken to hospital by emergency personnel.

Police confirmed that 39 people were injured, including three seriously and two pregnant women. The bombing of the first of its kind since 2004 in Jerusalem, according to a report in the online edition of the daily Jerusalem Post. According to initial investigations, the explosion was caused by a bomb, apparently left in a phone booth in front of the International Convention Centre, near where he hoped to stop a bus full of passengers.

Takes seven lives and collapse traps 45 workers in coal mine

Rescue teams recovered the body of one of the seven workers killed after an explosion at a mine in Soajganj, near Quetta, Pakistan. Besides the dead, it is estimated that at least 45 people trapped in the coal mine, it would have collapsed after a series of gas explosions, told the private channel "Geo" the president of the Federation of Workers in Mines Bakht Khan.

The same channel quoted another official source said the few chances of survival for miners trapped since the explosion collapsed the mine and sank a thousand 200 meters.

They released four journalists from the New York Times

The four New York Times journalists detained in Libya have been released and handed over to the Turkish Embassy in Tripoli, said Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, while a spokeswoman for the newspaper said that apparently in good condition. "Thanks to the Libyan authorities and their cooperation, the four journalists from the New York Times were delivered to our embassy just now, "said Davutoglu to the press.

The former general Luciano Menendez was sentenced to life imprisonment sixth

BUENOS AIRES, 24 Mar. The former head of the Third Army Corps during the last dictatorship in Argentina (1976-1983), General Luciano Menendez was sentenced to life imprisonment sixth, this time on charges of murder with two aggravating circumstances and violation of the home. The federal court in the province of Tucumán (north) has been held responsible mediate the death of Maria Alejandra Niklison, Fernando Saavedra, Juan Carlos Meneses, Peace and Atilio Eduardo González Branseny, members of the Peronist Montoneros.

Argentina 200 criminals have been tried by the military dictatorship

In Argentina it is the Day of Memory for Truth and Justice. 35 years ago, on 24 March 1976 a military coup with support from civil society, established a repressive regime that forced the disappearance of 30,000 people according to human rights organizations. The anniversary is a great majority of Argentines joined in the repudiation of that state terrorism and in defense of democracy, albeit with some deficits on this system is still restored in 1983.

Libyan crisis, humanitarian emergency in Misurata

Human shields, gunmen in civilian clothes Gaddafi, hospitals that lack everything from milk to anesthetics to the staff. Emerge at this time with greater accuracy the situation in Misurata, the western coastal town, 200 km from Tripoli, the center of the largest and most dramatic military operations during the last hours.

According to hospital sources, there are 40 dead (including 4 children), and 189 wounded in the fighting. The strategy of attack of the measures and initiatives at the Gaddafi on Friday. In this city, the richest and most culturally advanced of Libya, were introduced hundreds of militiamen in civilian clothes.

A Otsuchi and Taro, martyrs villages north of Sendai

Salt level radioactive Fukushima aftershocks, the ground shakes again

TOKYO - A 11 days after the devastation in Japan, the earth continues to tremble. Today at 16:18 am local time (8.18 in Italy) an earthquake of magnitude 6.6 on the Richter scale was recorded off the coast of Honshu. According to reports from the U. S Geological Survey, the epicenter was located at a depth of ten kilometers.

At 18:44 local a second earthquake of magnitude 6.2 was felt especially in the prefectures of Miyagi and Fukushima, with an epicenter about 200 kilometers off the coast of Iwate, in the waters of the Pacific. At 17:33 it was the turn of Ibaraki prefecture, where she encounters a shock lighter, with a magnitude of 4.7.