Wednesday, August 10, 2011

China reaffirms its military power with the first aircraft carrier

China's first aircraft carrier today launched its maiden voyage from northeastern Dalian port, a fact that ends the country's effort to reassert its military might. After a long process of repair and updating, and ending years of speculation in the media, the military vessel has departed from this port in Liaoning Province (northeast) and did a brief tour before returning to the dock.

It was initially speculated that the ship would have open water baptism on 1 July, during the commemoration of 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, but apparently a number of technical problems delayed the exercise. Also toyed with the August 1, day of the Chinese armed forces, but again probably be delays associated with the arrival off the coast of Dalian typhoon Muifa.

The carrier, which was bought by China to Ukraine in 1998, began to be built in 1985 by the Soviet Union, who christened the ship as Varyag. The name will be changed to Beijing, but has not yet been made official the new name. After the fall of the USSR, the ship became the property was acquired Ukraine and China as it did before with other old Soviet aircraft carrier, although the former were used as museums or tourist attractions.

The Chinese government has longed for since the 40 build a vessel of this type, considered the culmination of a modern navy technology. Military experts from around the world, mainly U.S., consider this step as China's military today, the world's largest number of troops, wants to show his rise and growing military power in a time of growing conflicts within the limits of Chinese territorial waters.

In the waters off the northern coast of the country, China has kept tensions with South Korea for naval maneuvers with the U.S. last year, further south in the East China Sea, there is increasing friction with Japan over sovereignty the Senkaku / Diaoyu. In the South China Sea there are similar claims sovereignty over the Spratly and Paracel islands, which face increasingly to China, Philippines and Vietnam in recent months.

To "guarantee peace with a defensive character" The Asian giant was the only permanent member of UN Security did not have this type of strategic vessel, and the question troubled Beijing, and that he considered unacceptable in the light the large size of its army (two million soldiers).

So far the only countries in Asia that had this type of vessel were India (Viraat, with more than half a century and acquired the UK) and Thailand, whose aircraft carrier Chakri Naruebet, which was assembled in the shipyards Spanish El Ferrol. The official announcement last month that the vessel was being set-up, the MoD was quick to clarify that the carrier will be used primarily for "scientists, experimentation and training." However, authorities also noted that the carrier would be available to guard the national coasts and "secure peace", always with a defensive, not offensive.

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