Monday, July 25, 2011

Ireland, the Holy See responds to allegations pedophile priests, calling back the nuncio

The Vatican Secretariat drew the apostolic nuncio in Ireland, Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza, for consultations following the publication, on July 13 last year, the report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Dublin government abuses committed against minors by priests of the diocese of Cloyne, south of the country.

The Secretary of State and other Vatican departments should develop a formal response to requests from the Irish government about the Vatican's involvement in the cover and cover-up of cases of sexual abuse committed by members of the Irish clergy. This is the first Vatican's response to the harsh indictment delivered in Parliament on Wednesday by the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, that "the commission's report has highlighted the attempt of the Holy See to block an investigation into a sovereign, democratic and Republic no more than three years ago, not thirty years ago.

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