Monday, July 11, 2011

Israel has expelled 36 pro-Palestinian, 82 are still pending

Thirty-six pro-Palestinian activists from Europe and allowed to enter Israel were expelled Sunday, July 10. 82 remained in detention pending deportation. These expulsions involve 22 Belgians, 13 Germans and a Spaniard, she said, adding that a Belgian couple had been returned in the night. The 82 activists still pending are held in the prison Ela Beersheva in southern Israel, and that of Guivon in Ramle, near Tel Aviv. The majority are French, but there are also Americans, Belgians, Bulgarians, Spanish and Dutch.

"We hope to send them home within 48 hours. This will depend on availability of flights departing," said Haddad. Israel has managed to block from Thursday's coming hundreds of activists who wanted to land at the airport in Tel Aviv to visit the occupied West Bank, either upon arrival or upstream by discouraging airlines from the board.

However, Israeli authorities have given to repress four militants, two Germans and two Dutch. According to Haddad, they "are committed in writing not to cause disturbances in public places and avoid clashes" between security forces and Palestinians. The news website Ynet reported Saturday, however, some fifty pro-Palestinian European activists had managed to cross checks Friday at Ben-Gurion and to visit the West Bank.

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