Friday, July 22, 2011

Departure from Belgrade: Hadzic on the way to UN tribunal

The transfer of the former Serb leader Goran Hadzic to The Hague is revealed. A police convoy had left with lights flashing and sirens, the prison in Belgrade - Hadzic must be before the Dutch UN tribunal to answer for alleged war crimes. Belgrade - The Serbian war crimes suspects Goran Hadzic is on its way to the UN tribunal in The Hague.

The Beta news agency reported on Friday in Belgrade. The 52-year-olds, the most serious crimes against humanity in the Croatian civil war (1991-1995) is accused have the morning to leave the prison in Belgrade, it said. On Thursday lawyer Toma Fila Hadzics had said it was "realistic" that his client was transferred to The Hague on Friday will.

The former leader of the Serbian minority in Croatia will first visit his ailing mother in Novi Sad, north of Belgrade, the agency continued to write. Then he would of flown to Belgrade from the Netherlands. For his transfer to The Hague had in the last instance, the Serbian Justice Minister Snezana Malovic with the signing of the decree giving the green light.

Hadzic was arrested on Wednesday after years of fleeing. Be the former president of the so-called Serbian Krajina in Croatia fallen to the area of the Serb minority, including one of the most serious war crimes charge in November 1991. Here in the eastern Croatian Vukovar more than 200 Croats were murdered.

The Croatian army had recaptured the Krajina at the end of the war. More than 200,000 Serbs were expelled.

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