Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New hacker attack against Obama on the official website

Obama and hackers, part two. The site for re-election of the president was stormed by a group of pirates who managed to get the application for mobile phones and directing the supporters of Barack to two mirror sites. "Politicians lie," read on web pages that the president certainly would never have authorized.

"Politicians will say what they want to hear." The blitz seems more Dada than criminal operation. But it shows the incredible permeability of the system. And above all, comes just days away from fake tweets from other hackers had done on behalf of the user's Fox announced as breaking news of the tragic death of President.

The "joke" by the Washington Examiner discovered this time is not as cruel as the previous one. But the multiplication of attacks is the sign of a real war broke out in the network. Hacker against Sony. Hacker against Bank of America. And hackers against hackers. The last attack was motivated by a group of hackers, which is self-A team, right up against another group of hackers, lulz, that command of the web that gave off a sort of internet guerrilla.

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