Monday, July 25, 2011

The author of the killing this morning of Norway appears in court

The far-right Behring Anders Breivik, 32, confessed author of the massacre of Norway, was completed shortly after 14.30, CET, his first statement to the judge three days after the double attack that has shocked the Nordic nation and rest of Europe and killed 93 people. The hearing was closed by decision of the judge, Kim Kim Heger, and without the presence of media.

So far, unaware of the content of their appearance, but the judge is scheduled to make a statement in the coming hours. The police have asked for eight weeks detention renewable twice the usual time. According to Geir Lippestad forward, defendant's attorney, Breivik believes that the crimes were "appalling but necessary" and believes he does not deserve any punishment for them.

His lawyer said before the hearing that Breivik intended to plead "not guilty" of the charges he faces. Images taken by Norwegian television showed the arrival of the accused in a black sedan. In the back seat inside, next to a police officer sat Breivik, who could not attend as claimed in police uniform-short blond hair and wearing a red dress.

He confessed to the killing has gone quiet and could not speak to reporters, stationed in front of the garage where it came from. An hour before the gaze turns to the court, Norway has given a new tribute to the victims of double attack with a minute of silence. From the steps of the University of Oslo, the Norwegian royal family led by King Harald, accompanied by the prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, has presided over a moment of silence that has united all the Norwegian capital.

Cars and buses have stopped their engines to comply with 60 seconds to remember the dead, broken only by the flight of seagulls. Police this morning reported that it could be revised downward the death toll in the double attack, now 93-seven by a car bomb explosion in downtown Oslo and 86 in the shooting of the island of Utoya.

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