Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The legendary Yellowstone River polluted by an oil spill

A pipeline from Exxon Mobil has broken, Saturday, July 2, near the town of Laurel, Montana State, the United States. According to the oil 750 to a thousand barrels (between 120,000 and 160,000 liters) of crude oil spilled into the Yellowstone River - river iconic American Northwest. The tanker has deployed hundreds of workers to collect, along the banks of the river, the oil can be recovered.

According to the Federal Agency for Environmental Protection (EPA), this will affect only a small fraction of oil released. The extent of damage was the subject on Sunday of conflicting assessments. "Oil was discovered five miles (8 km) downstream from the location of the pipeline and other reports are being investigated," says Exxon said in a statement released Sunday at midday.

The effects on wildlife are not at all. Downstream of the leak, water withdrawals in the river were halted and a share of farmers in eastern Montana.

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