Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Anonymous, 21 arrests in the U.S. and Europe

Sixteen people in the United States in Europe and another five were arrested by the FBI as part of investigations aimed at blocking the famous hacker group Anonymous. The arrests were made in several states of the union. In Europe, an arrest took place in Great Britain and four in the Netherlands.

According to CNN, federal agents also raided several houses in the district on Long Island and the Bronx in New York, where they confiscated computers and other materials. In all the searches have been 35. After a first moment in which the FBI men had refused to confirm or deny the arrests today about just the Anonymous group, the bureau has also confirmed that the investigation relates to a cyber attack against the website claimed by Paypal group 'Anonymous'.

Anonymous has also been linked to attacks against the CIA, Sony, Fox News and as a consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. The group is accused of having blocked service to the websites of companies and public institutions and Anonymous that has repeatedly claimed responsibility for acts of piracy, as in the case of Paypal, when the hacker group had talked about an operation of retaliation against the online payment site that had blocked the account of Wikileaks, after the arrest of its founder Julian Assange.

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