Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Horn of Africa: Hungry people are at least 12 million

A famine is affecting East Africa. Hungry people are at least 12 million, of which only 3.7 in Somalia. To address the food crisis was held today in Rome, FAO, the UN agency that deals with agriculture and nutrition. The emergency meeting was desired by France, President of the G20, represented by the Minister of Agriculture, Bruno Le Maire, who returned yesterday from a mission in Kenya in some of the camps that can accommodate tens of thousands of people fleeing hunger.

The UN says 1.6 billion dollars needed to address the famine in the region. The FAO has called for $ 120 million for urgent interventions in the Horn of Africa, including 70 for Somalia. In his speech at the conference, Le Maire said that the international community "has failed to build food security in developing countries."

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