Monday, July 4, 2011

Fox News on Twitter: "Obama is dead" 'the attack of a hacker

For a few minutes, from his tweets, Fox News has rocked the planet. "President Barack Obama is dead. It was shot twice. Unknown bomber." This was the message in the day in which the United States celebrate their most important national festival, the Independence Day.

The message, released at 2 am local time has immediately reached 33 thousand followers of the network by Rupert Murdoch. Fox was the victim of a hacker attack. "Struck by two bullets." At the first message was followed by others with more details: "About 45 minutes ago was hit by two bullets in the pelvis and neck," and soon pointed out yet another message: "Barack Obama struck twice in the restaurant in Iowa Ross ".

"Good luck to Joe Biden." A hoax, of course, the work of a hacker managed to manipulate the U.S. broadcaster's account, that in the next tweet has revealed the "joke". Fox News has not yet commented  the incident.

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