Monday, July 18, 2011

Hugo Chavez: chemotherapy in Cuba

While the health of President vénézuléien been many questions for several weeks, the Venezuelan parliament has approved Saturday, July 16 unanimously Hugo Chavez to travel to Cuba for an indefinite period to begin chemotherapy. Hugo Chavez had surgery for a cancerous tumor a month ago. During his absence, some of its powers will be delegated to the Vice President.

Chavez on Saturday expressed the hope that his absence would be brief. "I thank the National Assembly. I hope it will not last very long, I must return soon. That's what I hope and I'm sure it will happen like that," Chavez said during a cabinet meeting broadcast on radio and television.

"Maybe faster than they want," he said at his opponents. "I guarantee you that when I come back from Havana go much better than now. Let me assure you." The opposition insisted that the Vice President replaces the head of state in his absence, noting that Hugo Chavez could not govern from Cuba.

It argues that Chavez left Venezuela for personal reasons and not for reasons of state. Under the Constitution, Parliament must authorize any absence of more than five days of the president. Parliament must also order the temporary absence of the Head of State if it is less than 90 days and the vice president shall assume his duties during this absence.

If the President is absent for more than 90 days, parliament may extend the period of 90 days or order the new power vacuum. But Hugo Chavez wanted to reaffirm its role as the head of the country even further: "The authorization given to me for my leaving the country by keeping my duties as president," he said Saturday.

"The president is not asking permission to resign. He remains head of state and government and continues to perform all his duties as head of state anywhere in the world," said the Meanwhile a member of the ruling majority, Carlos Escarra. Hugo Chavez, aged 56, had said Friday that his treatment involving chemotherapy after removal of a tumor in the pelvic area.

In power since 1999, the Venezuelan head of state wants to be re-elected in 2012 as president for another term of six years.

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