Monday, July 18, 2011

Murdoch's empire at risk, if the American will be opened

In addition to the political earthquake that disrupts decapitates Scotland Yard and London, Rupert Murdoch's incumbent on the collapse of its American empire, now much larger one of the UK subsidiary. And not just because the victims now between sprout two star excellent espionage (the actor Jude Law and footballer David Beckham) that perhaps were intercepted on American soil.

FCPA is the acronym that may mark the end of Rupert Murdoch. FCPA, are the initials of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, legislation which prohibits American companies all sorts of corruption, making them liable not only for offenses committed on American soil and abroad. This is the reason why the illegal wiretapping scandal in England, obtained by corrupting public officials, has already entered its "second episode" in the United States, where Murdoch has moved for years the economic center and the registered office of his group, the News He himself Corp. has acquired U.S. citizenship.

All logical decisions from the point of view of business: America is a much richer market of Great Britain, and Murdoch will have racked up significant achievements by the giant Fox (TV and film) to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal. But the Americanization of his media empire will prove a fateful decision, if it makes Murdoch the most vulnerable.

In the United States does not lack enemies. The most important of all is the White House: Barack Obama after taking office as president in 2009 decided a long time "interviews strike" against Fox News, to punish the partisanship in the service of right. Now, they are much more severe punishment than that the president could be applied to Murdoch.

The Minister of Justice, Eric Holder, said that "the Department is examining the possibility of opening a formal investigation with the use of all relevant agencies". That are at least three: the FBI as a criminal police, the SEC is the agency overseeing the grants (News Corp is listed), the Federal Communications Commission, which oversees the media.

Among the lines of inquiry appears espionage against the victims of September 11 and their families: in this case the victims were U.S. citizens.

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