Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Moscow, jazz protest against Putin

A song against an abuse. Ten steps in 24 hours, at the end of each edition of the news. A constant that has turned into an obsession. In the post-Soviet Russia, as embodied by Vladimir Putin, there are various ways to protest without attracting attention and avoid the harsh intervention of the police apparatus, and services.

The arrangement proposed by the radio is played and sung by the prime minister of Russia, and strong man of the new century. On 11 December 2010, Vladimir Putin had agreed to get on the stage set up in the living room of a great hotel in St. Petersburg during a charity event organized by "Federatiya", a foundation that takes care of children afflicted with cancer.

A generous decision for a good cause. The hall was packed with stars and entertainers. Foundation President, Vladimir Kisselyov, considered a "buddy" of Vladimir Putin, had done great things: he had managed to gather in the city and narrow whitewashed by a frost that touched 30 degrees below zero, actors and actresses such as Sharon Stone, Mickey Rourke, Gerard Depardieu, Monica Bellucci.

Putin was sitting at the table of honor, alongside Ornella Muti. Knowing his passion for rock and metal bands, the band playing at the Prime Minister has asked to go on stage and put on the floor. He agreed, and before starting to press the buttons somewhat 'embarrassed, he apologized: "Like most people I know neither sing nor play, but I'd do it." Cheers of encouragement and then down with the first notes of Bluberry hill.

Among the growing enthusiasm of the audience, Putin also grabbed the microphone and sang without a splint. A real success. The effort, moreover, was due. The event aimed to raise funds for the city hospital that treats children with leukemia for years the Russians. Not only that: there are hundreds who come from Kiev disastrously due to radiation from Chernobyl.

But the funds raised, we talk about hundreds of thousands of dollars, have never reached their destination. Disappeared, swallowed up in the pit of scams that the Foundation - it turns out now - would have scored several times on different occasions. Vladimir Putin was personally committed to the destination of the money collected.

The case became public after the denunciation of the mother of a sick child who had been refused hospital care due to lack of funds. The direction of the hospital has denied receiving them and the whole story is over the network.

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