Thursday, July 28, 2011

Accident in China is due to a failure signal

Train accident that has killed 39 people  in eastern China is due to a problem of signaling equipment hit by lightning, said Thursday the office of Shanghai railway, quoted by Xinhua new. The signal system "could fairepasser the green light to red", causing the train crash that has shaken confidence in the reliability of Chinese high speed trains, said An Lusheng, head of the office.

The Chinese government, increasingly criticized for his management of information about the accident, promised Wednesday an investigation "open and transparent" with results "published." In the same effort to calm public opinion, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, visited on Thursday morning at the scene of the accident.

The government ordered an "urgent review" of security of the rail network and announced that he would pay 500,000 yuan  in damages to the bereaved families. Three officials of the Bureau of Shanghai Railway, on which Wenzhou, were also sacked the day after the collision. The Business Council of State has finally named a list of investigators composed mainly of officials of the rail industry but also with academics and experts from the Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering.

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