Friday, July 29, 2011

Serbia threatens to end the Kosovo dialogue

The simmering border dispute for days between Serbia and Kosovo will become a heavy burden for the two countries: The government in Belgrade now considering a halt to the dialogue with Pristina, which the EU had taught. Belgrade - The borders between Kosovo and Serbia now control the KFOR soldiers, but the conflict between the two countries is so obviously far from being resolved.

The Serbian negotiators Borislav Stefanovic now threatened with an end of the talks between the two countries: "If the situation at border crossings is not returned to their previous state, there will be no dialogue anymore," said Stefanovic of the Belgrade newspaper "Blic". Already on Thursday, the Serbian negotiators had demanded that the NATO-led KFOR security force to allow re-Serb officials at the two disputed border crossings.

In contrast Kforr Commander Erhard B├╝hler had announced there to assist customs officers and border guards in the future the central government in Pristina. Serb extremists were disputed between the Serbia-Kosovo border crossing Jarinje burned down after the post of special units of the Kosovo Police Service had been occupied.

At the outbreak of violence came a Kosovar police officer killed. Meanwhile, the KFOR border crossing and the equally disputed border point Brnjak has taken over. The Serb minority has announced on Friday that it would paralyze all traffic for 24 hours in the north of the country with roadblocks.

The blockades of logs and gravel would "defend the bodies" against soldiers of the KFOR international security force. The KFOR had already claimed the day before to remove all barriers. The UN Security Council had to learn in New York on the situation in Kosovo. The situation is due to the KFOR deployment calm but unstable, it said after the meeting, had traveled specially to the Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic get no access.

Even on Friday could be the most powerful UN body to demand from Russia's ally Serbia deal again in open session on Kosovo. That would be the last working under the German presidency, which ends on Sunday.

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