Sunday, July 24, 2011

"I have enough material for 20 explosions" The last 82 days before the massacre

"November 2010, shooting training, necessary to obtain the license for the Glock." "December, started the cycle of steroids, never been in better shape now, I've gone from 86 to 93 pounds and I have increased my strength. Serve. " January 2011: "Purchased $ 550 of ammunition by a small American distributor, which in turn is supplied by another dealer." These are some of the chilling pages of Anders Breivik Behring that reconstruct each month, even day by day and then all the stages of preparation of the massacre on Friday.

And just Friday, at 12.51, stops the diary: "This is my last entry." In the midst of the 1500 pages, between nationalist delusions copied from the Unabomber, there are months of something that would be simplistic to define madness: studies in order to extract the acetylsalicylic acid from aspirin, refining, fertilizer for explosives, the accumulation of material "sufficient for 20 explosions.

" "Failures logistics: I have to rethink the question of the silencer, I contacted the importer has canceled all orders private. I do not want to overheat the weapon, maybe I have to think of a bayonet. 'Marxists strung' would become a brand. " Between a step and another time to appreciate his progress in the Masonic society, comments on foreign policy, the reflections on its economic survival, and especially that of the project.

Whose back quickly: "I think of a strategy to escape, no more than ten minutes, survival kits, weapons, ammunition." The ending is a crescendo: the last 82 days of preparation are narrated one by one. Because, says Breivik, "if I had known before what I know today, it would take me 30 days and eighty".

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