Sunday, July 31, 2011

The King of Morocco calls for early election of a new Parliament

A month after the adoption by referendum of a constitutional amendment reinforcing the power of the Prime Minister, the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, called Saturday, July 30 to the early election of a new Parliament for a future prime minister is appointed. "It is important to start with the election of the new House of Representatives" for a prime minister can be appointed head of the party in the elections, said the sovereign in its Speech from the Throne, but without specifying a date.

In this speech, Mohammed VI said that any "postponement risks to mortgage this dynamic of trust and squandering the opportunities of the new reform." The constitutional amendment increasing the powers of the Prime Minister while preserving the rule of the king was adopted more than 98% of Moroccans in the referendum of July 1.

Mohammed VI has also spoken out for the reopening of land borders with Algeria, closed since 1994 and a full normalization of relations between the two neighbors in the Maghreb. "We want the beginning of a new dynamic is open to the settlement of all outstanding issues as a prelude to a full normalization of bilateral relations (...) including the reopening of land borders," he said .

The land border between Morocco and Algeria was closed in 1994 after an Islamist attack in Marrakech (southern Morocco) and Rabat were charged to the Algerian secret services. Rabat and Algiers have exchanged over the last month visits of ministers, suggesting a warming of relations, long frustrated by the still unresolved problem of Western Sahara.

Rabat occupies the former Spanish colony since 1976 and offers Sahrawi autonomy under its sovereignty. The Polisario Front, supported by Algeria, calls for a referendum on self-determination under UN auspices, which would allow the Sahrawi three options: independence, autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty or integration with Morocco.

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