Sunday, July 10, 2011

Japan, quake 7.3 quake in the north-east

Japan shakes back and relives the nightmare of the tsunami: A strong earthquake of magnitude 7.3, felt from the capital of Tokyo to the island north of Hokkaido, was recorded in the morning in the Pacific Ocean, about 200 km off the coast of Miyagi prefecture, bringing the alarm tsunami with waves up to 50 cm.

Not much, when referring to the tsunami until March 11 to 40 feet and head of the devastation in the northeast of the country, but different enough to push local governments to arrange the evacuation "of residents immediately" to minimize the risk to residents. Currently there are no reports of injuries or damage caused by the earthquake.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), which had initially estimated the magnitude at 7.1 and the depth of the epicenter 10 kilometers (later taken over 30 km), has just issued the tsunami warning along the coasts of the three prefectures, while - as was the case in March - the public television NHK has begun to make a direct real-time updates, starting from 'Evacuation of personnel involved in the securing of the wrecked nuclear power plant in Fukushima n1.

The Meteorological Agency has canceled the tsunami warning at 11:45, almost together with assurances of Nisa, the Agency for Nuclear Safety, which had no plant or reactor showed abnormalities not only in Fukushima, but also in Onagawa (Miyagi). According to the Jma, the earthquake is now considered one of the strongest aftershocks of the earthquake / tsunami of 11 March, as recoverable in the future.

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