Sunday, July 24, 2011

Israel lives two angry demonstrations this weekend

Jerusalem would be less and hundreds of people have marched on Sunday to the Israeli parliament after Saturday's mass demonstration in Tel Aviv. They have demanded the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, decent housing for all "We want social justice," has been one of the slogans chanted by hundreds of demonstrators have marched Sunday through the streets of Jerusalem.

Concentration has started around 7.30 in a square near the Jerusalem municipality with Gan Havradim to the park, right next to the Knesset. So there you have wanted to move outraged to convey a message to Netanyahu. "Here we are, your government has to give us a solution now," said Arelina, a professor at a community center, while the deafening sound of whistles and bongos only communication allowed less than five feet, the dreaded troops Yamam (units National Police Special) by observing a few meters from the demonstrators.

The collected so outraged by Netanyahu launched his glove for a week at the beginning of the demonstrations in Tel Aviv, where Prime Minister encouraged them to move to Jerusalem to make their voices heard, and hours before the Cabinet vote on the two measures promised to resolve the crisis to end the monopoly of the state agency that manages more than 90% of the land in Israel and remove the bureaucracy of the local and district committees, responsible for issuing building permits, which often take between one and two years.

Moreover, Netanyahu has said Sunday in a statement issued after the weekly meeting of his government tax incentives to builders who build faster and empty homeowners who want to rent or sell. "The land of Israel must be for the Israelis," said the prime minister in the same text, ensuring that he already knew the problem for years.

The property inflation has soared since 2007. The price of housing in cities such as Tel Aviv has risen 67%, according to the newspaper Haaretz published. Before the families had to pay an average of 87 points to pay for your house, now the number has risen to 143, in a country where until a few years ago where everything was subsidized and pay 400 euros more expensive rent.

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated on Saturday until the wee hours of the night to protest rising prices, which started with gasoline and extending over the house. The day ended with 43 people arrested, police and organizers, but most were released hours later. "Israel has gone from being a social democratic country to have a savage capitalism," he said on Saturday a Jewish resident of Tel Aviv.

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