Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norway in shock, more than 90 dead Confess "Christian fundamentalist"

 The number of victims of two attacks which yesterday plunged into a nightmare, the quiet and open Norway, in Oslo - where a car bomb has killed 7 people - and the island of Utoya where a killer disguised as a police officer has rallied hundreds of students participating in a summer camp for young people Labour, killing at least 85, maybe more.

The assailant arrested by the police, Anders Breivik Behring, has confessed, is a man of 32 years, Norwegian, who in his Facebook profile and online describes himself as a Christian fundamentalist, conservative, tied to the far right, anti-Islamic orientation . And 'responsible for both actions, according to police.

Budget victims growing. The country is in shock: they are now 92 confirmed victims of what the Labour Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has called a "national tragedy", the "worst since the Second World War", but the toll could still worsen. A dozen wounded were in serious condition and four to five people still missing Utoya, while buildings in Oslo devastated by the bomb - which was inside a vehicle, police made it clear - there are still bodies .

The yellow of the accomplice. After the arrest of Breivik, the police are now investigating possible accomplices, many of the survivors of the attack to Utoya island about forty miles from the capital, reported that they would be shooting at least two. Insufficient evidence of the presence of another person, the police said today at a press conference, but the possibility is not completely ruled out.

Difficult, in fact Breivik think that may have acted alone. Premier: Struck our open society. Today, Prime Minister Stoltenberg and the Norwegian royal family met with the survivors. Stoltenberg, who called them "heroes", noting how many of them have saved several friends, also said that the Norwegian authorities are working with foreign intelligence agencies to ascertain any international involvement in the attacks.

And Europol has a crisis unit immediately began to cooperate with investigations. Norway, the wound in his myth of security, "must rise again," Stoltenberg said resolutely. "They attacked our open society," continued the Premier, but now you need to "remain united". Even the King Harald V has made its voice heard, stating that "fear will not defeat the freedom of our country." In turn, the foreign minister said: "Norway's the nature of democracy, that Norway is the world, our commitment, our resources, our ties will not change.

We will not have that luxury to the person or persons , who committed this terrible act against our fellow citizens, "said the minister. The terrorism alert level was raised, but there have been moments of fear when a new guy with a knife was arrested as he was approaching the prime minister had just arrived on the island of Utoya.

He then said to be a young Labour, who had the knife to defend herself. The profile of the aggressor. As always slips into the background of the runway of Islamic terrorism, which he had spoken immediately after the massacre yesterday, new details emerge about the personality and actions of the one arrested.

The same police described him as "fundamentalist Christians" with right-wing political sympathies. Until a few years ago Breivik had also played for Progress Party, a formation of the extreme right and was a member of the Swedish neo-Nazi forum. Doubts about the dynamics. It is still not clear the murders in the heart of the Norwegian capital, where the car bomb devastated the headquarters of a tabloid near which are also the office of prime minister and some ministries.

Police have revealed, however, that the bomb exploded yesterday in downtown Oslo was built in the farm owned by Rod Anders Breivik Behring. The attack may have been designed and tested right there: in recent months Breivik had bought six tons of fertilizer for the farm, which could have used the bomb.

In the area of the attack, in Oslo, according to investigators, there would be other unexploded bombs and that the area was evacuated. Also - did the police know - the buildings are unsafe and affected by the explosion of research bodies remained trapped are extremely difficult. The stories of the survivors.

Chilling reconstruction of the carnage Utoya, according to the stories of children survivors, gathered on the island for a summer camp of the Labour Party. Dressed as a police officer, Breivik "fell from the car and the documents showed. He said he had been sent to monitor the security measures, it was a routine check after the terrorist attack in Oslo." He gathered the boys and began to fire, coolly, that should all die screaming.

Many have tried to escape into the water, others are hidden, someone's fake death to escape the murderous madness. "He walked slowly across the island and fired at all. Then he approached to the place where I was sitting and opened fire, killing ten people at once. The strange thing is that he was so calm.

I managed to save me because I jumped in the water "is how a young survivor of the shooting yesterday Utoya Norwegian island, during the gathering of young Labour Party, told TV2 television the massacre. At first many of the boys, aged between 15 and 25, have not realized that they were in danger.

Nicoline Bjerg, 21, told the newspaper Dagbladet that he had initially thought of fireworks, then "when people started running and screaming," I realized "that something serious was happening." Nicoline was hidden in a pit along with other among the rocks of the island and could not help those who remained outside, at the mercy of Breivik.

"We felt that shooting people close to us. Pursuing them and we could not threaten to reveal our hiding place. We have heard many times go, "he said, adding that the fire set off volleys of shots from every ten seconds. Hatem Ali al, 17 years, told NRK television that he had thrown to the ground when he heard a shot and fire passed over his head.

Then, he added, "I only have the course, course, and I hid myself on the shore of the island." Breivik was arrested after firing on the island for an hour and a half: it has the opposite resistance. His apartment was raided in Oslo. The mourning of the Pope: senseless violence. While the country is grappling with its September 11, the messages of international solidarity continues: today, the Pope Benedict XVI did get his solidarity and his condolences to King Harald V.

Benedict XVI said he was "deeply saddened" by news of the great loss of life caused by "acts of senseless violence perpetrated in Oslo and Utaya". The Pope offered "fervent prayers for the victims and their families, invoking God's peace upon the dead and divine consolation of those who suffer," praying for all the Norwegians, "which feels" spiritually united ".

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