Wednesday, July 27, 2011

78 people die in plane crash caused by fog

A total of 78 people, including soldiers and civilians, died in a plane crash near Guelmim, in southern Morocco, near the Western Sahara, Moroccan military sources said. The victims, which must be added two injured are members of the Moroccan armed forces, over 12 relatives, they said local sources in the province of Guelmim.

King Mohamed VI of Morocco said hours after three days of national mourning starting yesterday, with the flag at half mast on all public buildings. The plane, a Hercules C-130 troop transport, with a maximum capacity of 90 people with 80 passengers on board, came from Dakhla in the south of Western Sahara, and went to Kenitra, 40 km north of Rabat as early versions.

However, a later statement of the Royal Armed Forces said the plane was traveling Guelmim-Dakhla Agadir, ie from north to south. In any case, due to the dense fog that enveloped the city of Guelmim, the plane lost visibility as it approached the airport in the city and crashed into a mountain, they said local provincial government sources.

Landing on Guelmim was within the expected flight, the same as a landing that had occurred earlier in Laayoune, the sources added. Provincial authorities, with the governor at the head Amimi Abdallah, went immediately to the scene, a mountainous area on the outskirts of Guelmim, to take charge of the rescue at the head of military equipment and civil protection .

On the plane trip, plus nine crew members, sixty soldiers and eleven civilians, but it is unclear so far if there were children among the victims, because the information is leaking out in dribs and drabs, and almost all sources refer to the military reported.

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