Friday, July 8, 2011

Freedom Flotilla, French vessel intercepted by the Greek coast guard

The Greek coast guard intercepted the French 'Dignity at Kaname' who was heading for the Gaza Strip. The boat was discovered while she was refueling at a small harbor on the island of Crete and was then towed to the largest port of Sitia, on the same island. The activist Manolis Pleonis sai.

Under pressure from Israel, the Greek authorities prevented the departure from the past few days in its ports of ten ships of the Freedom Flotilla II, who wanted to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza. Dignity, carrying a dozen Palestinian activists wire, set sail from Corsica at the end of June.

"The crew of the French ship is waiting for the go-ahead from the Greek coast guard," said Pleonis, who continued: "Logically, since the French government gave the green light for the trip to Gaza, there is very that the Greeks can do. " Today in Israel, five pro-Palestinian activists from Belgium and France have been detained upon their arrival at Ben Gurion airport, and returned home.

The authorities are preparing today to curb the flow of hundreds if not thousands of activists who will try to land in Israel in protest after the ships of the Freedom Flotilla were stopped at the start. Meanwhile, the UN rapporteur on nutrition has been publicly opposed to the contents of a report in which the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recognized the legality of Israel intervened against a flotilla assigned Gaza last year.

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