Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last survivor of plane crash in Morocco dies

The final number of dead after the accident last Tuesday a military plane near Guelmim, in southern Morocco, rising to 81 after the death of the last survivor, said the Moroccan government. Communication Minister Moroccan government spokesman Khalid Naciri, said in Rabat during a press conference that "now there is no survivor." The last survivor, a soldier in his thirties, was under intensive care at a military hospital in Guelmim, near the Western Sahara, while the other passengers were killed immediately or hours later.

A statement from the Moroccan army announced the day of the event that a total of 78 people, including soldiers and civilians, died in that crash and three passengers were injured, all members of the Moroccan armed forces or family members. The plane, a Hercules C-130 troop transport, lost visibility as it approached the airport in the city and crashed into a mountain due to heavy fog enveloped the area around Guelmim at 09:00 am last Tuesday, sources said the local provincial government.

King Mohamed VI of Morocco said Tuesday the same three days of national mourning which ends Friday. According to local media, the military aboard the plane crash on their way to Kenitra to participate in the ceremonies of the Feast of the Throne, on 31 July, and particularly for several of the soldiers, graduates, presented to King Mohamed VI oath of allegiance.

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